Every business vertical deserves a great Android app, not that it promises success, but ain’t having one promises losses. The world has moved way forward from the times of websites, it’s now time for Android apps that are fast, flexible, optimized, and reliable. As a top Android app development company, we have seen the ups and downs of the Android community in FPP. Our expertise and experience are why you should hire Android app developers from us.

Hiring top Android app developers can get really exhausting, for the sheer number of them in the industry. But there are many things that draw the line between a good Android developer and a bad one. It’s not only about the experience but also about things that reflect when a person has been working in the industry as an Android app developer.

Here are 10 Tips to Hire Top Android App Developers in 2022

Technology has advanced in recent years, and so are people’s expectations with Android apps. Make sure your customers get the best possible experience when you get an Android app developed. And while a good requirement specification and idea plays a part, it’s the Android app developers who take charge of actually making the app worth using.

1. Innovation is a necessity for tomorrow

If your idea explores the unexplored, you would know if the Android developer you are explaining it to, then and there. You need to check how much interest the developer has in exploring new implementations and ideas through their zeal to know more about the idea.

Next time you do it, ask for innovative projects the developer has worked on, before making a decision and getting them on the team. It will tell you about how much your chosen one loves working on new technologies, check out the latest trends and ask them about it. If they can fluently explain the new tech in 2022, you have your developer right in front of you.

2. Cost to hire Android app developer

Cost is a heavy factor in mobile app development. Everyone, every single person, looking to take their business online on the mobile app has this question. Am I paying the right money?

Cost is something that will highly vary when you are hiring top android developers. The more the experience, the more the cost, but it isn’t so. Most top experienced people are being paid much higher in top android app development companies, think about it when the developer asks for an exorbitant cost.  

3. Quality should be your primary concern

Quality should be your top priority when you hire an android app developer. There are a lot of developers out in the market, make sure they maintain consistent quality in their development process. Check the developer’s previous project for the flow of the app, you will get an idea about the overall quality of the app.

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4. Previous works matters, a lot

The previous project of the Android developer you are looking forward to hiring speaks a lot about their skills. The previous works help you to get an actual idea of what the developer is capable of. In many cases, an NDA is signed and may bar the developer from showcasing his esteemed projects. This situation can get you in a corner as you will have to respect the fact that the person respects the NDA he signed with a previous organization or client.

5. Basics are the building blocks

If your chosen android developer has a clear understanding of the basics of coding, you might want to consider him at top priority. People who are good at the basics of technology are often better than the others who just memorize a particular code and keep implementing it. Things can take a flight if you find such kind of developers, the problematic part is how to identify them. Arrange a meeting where you can ask about the latest tech innovations in 2022, you will notice a zeal in their eyes if they are the clear basics’ kind.

6. Check out the Git profile

Almost every developer in the world works on GIT, you can check their profiles to see how they work and of course, their knowledge about things. Even though it’s not necessary that your particular developer has saved it all on Git, they may even be bound under an NDA, so don’t take it as a holy grail for making a choice.

Hire android App Developers
Hire Android App Developers

7. Previous clients might help

Most entrepreneurs are happy to help everyone in the same league. You can always ask the previous employer of the developer to give a report on him, they may have already gone through all that you are going through right now and give you a clearer picture.

Most people would love to help you and this would also help you get information from those who have signed an NDA. Top development companies hire top Android developers, and that’s a fact. So why not seek help from those who hire cream layer of developers and hire them for your project.

8. Cost justification is important

There will be a lot and a lot of Android developers who would offer you services for less money. They will make dirt cheap offers and will either not give you a quality product, or run away in the middle of the project. Beware of such scams and always make a budget, if the cost seems too low it probably isn’t a good idea to hire that particular developer. Most people who know their worth would never charge lower than at least the market rate, and that’s something to take note of. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t and will cost you much higher in the long run.

9. NDA and agreement

There are a lot of coders and Android developers who will sell the code written for you at various other places. Yours isn’t a white label development scheme when you get something tailor-made, you must own full right to it. Make sure you put these points in the agreement that is to be signed by your android app developer. Also, discuss NDA well in advance and put it up in the agreement, this will make things better for the future.

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10. Post-development support

Most freelance android developers won’t offer you post-development support, and the fact remains obvious. However, almost every top android app development company guarantees you minimum support for 3 months from the date of deliverance. This seems inescapable, but you can offer a bit more money to convince your app developer to provide support for your app after deliverance. Also, put up a point in the agreement stating obvious errors must be resolved from the app before final payment/installment.


2022 will be yet another year, in which more people would make a choice to be an Android developer, and more and more people would want an Android app developed for their business. So, for both developers and businesses, expect much more business to be yielded from Android in one way or the other.
Hiring developers may seem all too tough in the beginning, but you will eventually figure out exactly what you want in them when you pick up and evaluate the points stated above. The hardships even after hiring developers are too many, that was the idea behind starting our company.

You can outsource the hard part of your project to a mobile application development company and still be completely involved at each milestone in the development life cycle, thanks to our innovative collaboration and project managers. To hire developers or a mobile application development company is completely your choice, evaluate the cost at priority, and then evaluate the points mentioned above to make a correct choice.

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