What is agile?

Agile is not a methodology, It is a development scheme that promotes continuous iteration of Agile development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project/mobile application. Agile method proposes the incremental and iterative approach to mobile application development. In agile testing when a repetition end, shippable structures of the product is conveyed to the client. New features are usable right after shipment. It is useful when you have good contact with customers.

Agile assumes that the end users’ needs are ever changing in a dynamic business and IT world.

Why we use agile development methods for the mobile application:

1. Agile development methods provide early and ongoing delivery of the app module/software, within a few weeks.

2. Client Responses, opinions and modifications can we easily manage at the last stage of the development.

3. The agile development provides our clients with a continuous feedback loop.

4. Agile development support to an inclined and working model for the optimized development of mobile applications.

5. Agile development increases the reliability and leads to the continual use of mobile applications.

6. Agile methodology in the mobile development always supports to users experience in the way of quick, smooth, easy and seamless.

7. The Agile methodology enables rapid iterations based on real-world data.

Benefits of Agile development in mobile applications:

1. Optimized the development time

2. Decrease the project development cost & complications

3. Easily automation of project

4. Easily updateable and short release

5. easily updatable

6. Short life cycles easily updatable

How we use agile development in the mobile application:

A Requirement is the first stage of mobile app development. At this stage first, we identify the following things:

  • What exactly client want?
  • What is the exact goal of the client?
  • Which types of app client need?

After finalizing all such thing we go to the user stories or we can say user experience.

User Stories/Experience:

Before starting the implementation of the project we always embedded the User Stories/ Experience.

When we summarize the User stories/experience, we found some other updates in the requirement section and these update decrease the development iteration/loops and decrease the development cost. Sometimes we gathered new update from user story/experience like following given below:

  • Add another payment method
  • Add another filter for searching

Sprint Schedule:

We divide the project in the small no. of piece module and make a schedule for each one. During the sprint planning meeting, the scrum master describes the highest priority features of the team. Sprints are basic units of mobile application development. Scrum master takes care of these small modules. A sprint goal is a short, one- or two-sentence, description of what the team plans to achieve during the sprint.

Daily scrum meeting:

Daily scrum meeting is considered to be one of the most renowned parts of Scrum framework. Few benefits of having daily scrum meeting are listed below:

  • Let’s the team to be in sync with how things are going
  • Agrees for improvements in the sprint.
  • Structure faith between team associates
  • Cheering personal planning
  • High visibility of progress
  • Self-organization in team

Product release:
The product quality is our main bone of contention. Whatever comes from SemiDot work desk is QA tested and assures word class quality.


The mobile application is different. They essential to be regularly revised to encounter end-user prospects, and this agile development process especially requires operations to be on top of infrastructure and systems to support frequent mobile application deployments and pushed updates. We are top android app development company.

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