The internet is one of the most important parts of our lives today. Your business may be in any industry or any niche, but you can be sure that almost all your users use the internet for some purpose or the other. The use may extend to research, or just strolling on social media, but the important part is, if they use the internet you can reach them through multiple ways.

So, let’s assume you reach your customers for once, what do you show to them? Where do you bring them to?

Your website, of course. A website is an online portrayal of your business or the services you provide. You can even make and upload a collection/gallery of your photographs if you are a photographer. Almost everything can have a website made for, and be taken online to a wider audience. The enormous reach of the internet will ensure that the investment you made pays its fruits in due time.

Coming to that, what’s the cost to build a website? Exactly what kind of investment are you looking up to?

Just like other commodities or services, you will find a wide range of costs to develop a website. As discussed above, the website can be made for a plethora of purposes, the cost for making the website, however, completely depends on the developer and the complexity of the website. You can, however, make your own website through drag and drop website builder, and that completely cuts down the cost to the basics.

Once you have made up your mind, that you need a website and it suits your business to have one, we move on the next step.

There are 2 choices to make from.

You can either go the custom way or use the software built to create websites as an easy way. Obviously, the custom way is much more expensive than the DIY way, and you can also hire developers for much lesser money if you plan to go the website builder software way. Both choices vary widely on the basic grounds itself, one is completely up to you to design and one comes with templates. The developers too, for custom web development, need to be highly skilled. However, it all comes down to the size and type of your business, and what you expect from your website.

Popular CMS and website builders are easy enough to be used by someone non-technical. You can do it too, yourself and without any external help, this is also one of the reasons for the wide availability of low-cost web developers in this segment.

On the contrary, you need to assemble a team for custom web development or hire the best website development company for quality website development.  You can build everything you ever wished, the way you always wanted, if you go for custom web development.

average cost to build a website

Now, let’s evaluate the actual cost of both of these ways of website development.

First of all, let’s count the steps and costs you will have to take into consideration when getting a website made. A lot of things are common, the steep price difference is about the uncommon ones.

1.   Web design

You can go both ways here. You can either choose a website builder or get a custom made design.

Cost through website builder: $100 to $2000

The reason for this is, customizing an already purchased theme isn’t much of a hassle. A good theme would cost just about $100, and you can spend $500 to $2000 for customizing it in your own ways.

Cost through custom web design and development company: $4000 to $20000+

The cost may be fewer than $4000 for some companies, but quality work for a decent website starts at $4000. The upper limit isn’t really decided, it depends on the scale of your website and how much you want to customize the design.

2.   Website development cost

This one is indeed a bit complicated. Depending on the size of your website and the need for experienced developers, the cost will significantly vary.

Cost for development through website builders: $100 to $2000.

Since it doesn’t require a lot of experience, you can easily find people who can do the drag and drop for you. However, if you are planning to take your medium-sized business on this kind of system, the cost may significantly increase. It’s just about the experience after all.

Custom web development cost: $10 to $200 per hour

You will find developers working at $10 per hour, to developers working at $100+ per hour. A medium-sized web development company usually offers a $50 to $80 per hour for quality web development.

The things to figure out before heading out is the total hours and resources you would require for the development of your website. Small websites require fewer hours, while large websites may require intricate wireframing and 1000+ hours for development.

3.   Web hosting cost

Web hosting is loaning servers to ensure your website can handle the traffic and remain accessible 24/7/365. The competition is always fighting and has put up competitive prices. What you need to look forward is total downtime guarantee and the quality of support of the service provider.

 The cost doesn’t differ if you get a custom website or the one made through a website builder. It depends on the size of the website and the number of visitors you are looking forward to.

4.   Content cost

Like the hosting part, content cost also, won’t be different for the path you choose to get your website built. The ease of uploading might be a factor, but that isn’t what we are discussing. Everything that goes on the website as content needs to be perfect.

Expect to pay $10 to $100 per hour for quality content writers. The project will cost you around $200 to $5000 depending on the number of pages and quality of content you are looking forward to. Also, you would need to hire content writers for continuously posting at your website to increase search engine rankings. That is up to you to decide, and we will discuss that in the maintenance and future costs part.

5.   SEO cost

You will need SEO from the beginning, and the content writers and SEO executives will work for hand in hand. Most websites fail because they ignore this fact. The content that’s going on your website needs to be optimized according to search engines, to hold page rankings.

The best SEO practices begin as soon as you start thinking about the design. All those H1 tags matter more than you think. In general, the SEO for WordPress websites will cost significantly lesser for the fact that its manageability and plugins make it easier for the SEO to take care of things. Custom websites will attract more costs but are in some way benefited overall in google search ranking.

It would typically cost a few hundred to thousand dollars more than the SEO of your custom website. But, it will show many more effects on a custom website and the ROI will be much higher in all terms. The typical cost for SEO particularly depends on the availability of resources you have, there is no global average here. Make sure you check the previous works and their rankings when you hire an SEO executive, and work up with the money accordingly.

6.   Maintenance and future modifications

As we discussed, content and SEO will keep on running to keep your website in the top pages of search engines. The cost would be as we discussed, but you would typically find a content writer for much lesser money than what we discussed for website content. You will have to hire a team for SEO and content to maintain rankings.

Now, if you go the WordPress or website builder way, you can easily manage with SEO and writer who aren’t very tech-friendly. If you go for custom web development, you are probably going to need a web developer at all times you want any changes to your website. On the flip side, you can get your blog made on WordPress and integrate it with your custom website to ease your problems.

 Coming to the modifications part, there are a lot of things you may have to change. It includes everything you did while building a website. You may need to change images, texts, and what not?

For a website built through WordPress, that’s an easy task that someone without any experience can learn and do. But for a custom website, as discussed above, you will need a web developer to maintain and modify the website at all times required.


Custom web development

Custom web development involves hiring a team of web designers and developers, or a web development company to carry out the process. Web development and design is a vast field, but custom web development is the only thing that can help you achieve your signature brand website. Your business may be of any scale, but it is always important to build and maintain a brand image.

The costs for everything differs between your two choices and are given above. You would be looking at a lot more costly if you are a medium to the large-scale organization. But, what’s important is if you get it made the custom way, everything will be just as you wanted. Only you know the way your business would best work, and you would be able to do it all on your custom website.

The website through website builders

These will typically fit your budget at most points of time. The fact remains, if you lack the budget for anything, you can do it on your own. The hosting, SSL, Content, SEO, all these costs remain the same. For a small scale organization, these things may not even matter, and that’s where the website builders shine.

You lose control over design and other factors, but there are really a lot of things available in the market. The plugins you can use are a big plus point, and the reduced cost of building and operation is another.

So, which one should you really choose then?

Choose this on the basis that if you can make compromises, website builders are the way to go. But, if you are handling something big, things may require more intricate custom development. A top website development company can take care of both the ways for you. For website making associated with building a website for medium scaled businesses, a website development company will prove to be the most bang for the buck.

For the DIY way, we recommend you narrow your search to the companies which excel in this. The cost for these web development companies will be much lower, than the ones cheating you on money for websites built with website builders.

Another amazing reason to take in consideration a best web development company is that they mostly have a great team of SEO and content writers. This will significantly decrease your hassle to optimize and maintain your website. Apart from this, any experienced web developer would be suitable to work, but finding a perfect team for any of the choices you make, matters the most.

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