If you are looking out for an open-source programming language to build a scalable web application, then I would recommend you to hire a Python developer. There are a few other reasons that make us prefer Python compared to other languages like C++, Java, PHP.

Python is the oldest and most effective language. This language helps you to improve the present functionality and build functioning prototypes with less coding. This indeed helps in saving time and money.

This language helps with ideation and is highly trusted by developers as it helps them to come up with better ideas along with custom web apps, active websites and desktop applications that indulge a whole lot of creativity.

In today’s post, we will discuss what a Python developer does and how to hire a Python developer who will be a perfect fit for your company.

Let’s get started!!!

What are the characteristics of a Python Developer?

Above and beyond the developer skills like developing, problem-solving and implementing algorithms a python developer should possess the following,

  • Skilled in working with Python Framework
  • Understanding the syntax and semantics of Python
  • High-level expertise in fundamental Python concepts
  • Skilled in front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 etc.,
  • Experienced in server-side templating languages
  • Proficient in building python applications
  • Competent with Unit test and debugging skills
  • Clear knowledge about the aspects and process such as security, authentication and authorization, design principles and creating database schemas

A python developer needs to be familiar with the following technologies to be suitable for a top-rated Python development company:

  • Linux, Windows, Apache and Nginx, AWS, EC2, S3
  • HTML/CSS, jQuery & PHP
  • Git, SVN Client Tortoise SVN
  • REST and MVC Architectures
  • Redis, Elastic Search
  • Open source Relational Databases like MySQL, SQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Responsive interfaces, Bootstrap, and Materialize Designs

Steps involved in Hiring Python Developers:

There are a few steps that need attention while interviewing a python developer. You need to be very clear in understanding the project in which you are planning to deploy the developer. As the hiring process involves the contribution of both the interviewer and the interviewee.

If you are the interviewer, you need to be prepared for the process as the candidate might ask you questions about the project and its scope. Make sure to produce developers with a correct verbal description that clearly describes your project and also the practicality that has to be enforced. The job description ought to embrace needed skills, qualifications, and skill of a Python expert.

Your own technical consultants will produce an inventory of technologies and APIs for candidates. Having this list can assist you to examine developers quicker, as clear necessities can help project managers and COOs to find the most effective folks for the project. If you would like only 1 or 2 developers, then a software system development partner will offer you only one or 2 people that will work on your project and report back to a project manager.

Don’t retreat if candidates begin expressing their ideas concerning development solutions. This discussion will be a symbol that they need to boost your product and provide a helpful technical recommendation or improve the logic of your project. Their comments are probably delivered with years of expertise. An interview process can be a chance for you to ascertain however a team conveys their thoughts and whether or not they will maintain a robust work ethic. Interviews will assist you to nail down your call and establish an affiliation between you and a possible development team.

That said, you must feel comfortable when you try to approach your developer. Therefore, you would like to settle on a technical person with sensible communication skills.

hire a Python Developer

Do’s and Don’ts while hire a python developer:


  • Run through the developer’s resume to know what they work and who they work with.
  • Ask for some of their recent past works to know better about their technical skills.
  • Been informed about their status on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social platforms.
  • You can ring up to their previous company and ask for the candidate’s feedback or even run a candidate background check.
  • Schedule a call or meeting with the candidate to know how they respond.
  • Check for the candidate’s portfolio to know about their recent capabilities or any other certifications if they have obtained.
  • Hear it from the candidate if he/she is willing to work with the company and if they could provide you valuable insights on the project.
  • Get to know if the candidate has worked on the technology previously and to know how quickly they can get the work done.
  • Request for their similar projects from the previous companies they have worked, that you may know their claims are true.


  • Do not hire a Python developer based on the salary, because cheap doesn’t mean a high standard.
  • Do not trust claims from the candidate they can embrace all technologies at a time.
  • Don’t hire candidates who tried to skip voice or video calls because it reveals that they are not interested in working with you.
  • Do not hire the ones who are just bothered about getting the job done and leaving the company as soon as they get a better opportunity. They may not be concerned about your goals and the future of the product.

Wrap up:

Python is one of the most considered open source platform and the most preferred web frameworks, graphic design applications, gaming, etc., Hence it is important to consider expertise, the adeptness to latest technologies and loyalty to deadlines.

This guide helps you in finding the right and skilled python professional for your company or organization. Make sure that you stick to the above-mentioned steps that you may find the best professional for your company. Do not skip any of the mentioned points, this may affect your company and its development.

Especially when it comes to the Do’s and Don’ts you need to cross verify the points once or twice to make sure the candidate clears all of them. You can even go for a background check about the candidate to wisely choose a person who can travel with you, in the long run, understanding the goals of your business.

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