Making an Android app could be an ongoing task in which you will need to update your app regularly with new technologies and data. If you wish to develop an Android App for your existing business or you have an iOS App but now want the attention of the Android users, then you’ll need to hire android developer for these tasks. Moreover, only an experienced Android developer can give you the best software solution with his top-notch skills.

Now, your primary concern would be how much does it cost to hire a top android app developer. For this, you have to understand the whole hiring process by focusing on various things like- what kind of tasks an app developer will need to perform, what basic requirements your project will demand etc. Actually, there are so many factors that affect the hiring cost. Read the full blog to know what those factors are.

What tasks an Android App developer handles?

Starting from scratch, know the important tasks that are associated with an app developer. A developer must-

  • Create a blueprint of Android app that has an excellent UX/UI design;
  • Design & make a cohesive software plan for your app;
  • Write the code and integrate it with back-end components like a database, middleware, APIs etc.
  • Perform various testing such as Unit testing, Functional testing, integration testing and many other types of testing, to improve the quality of your app;
  • Make your app release-ready & publish it at Google Play Store.

Note: Developer task-list doesn’t end here. He has many other things to get involved in.

Completely Write down all the features you require in your Android App

Write-down your Android app’s description completely. Mention your app’s basic requirements and needs in your description. This prime-documentation is much needed to calculate an accurate cost of app development. After reading this, your developer might have additional queries, once resolved, he can tell you an accurate app development cost.

Read the basic tips to write-up your android app’s description. Include the following things in your description-

  • Whether your app will need a user-login or not? If yes, then think whether it will be via his mail-id or his social profiles? Pen it down.
  • Mention any kind of security that your app will need. For example- 2-factor authentication or 3-factor authentication.
  • Any kind of specific design you want? Does your developer also need to create an app icon? Yes these small things matter, so write it down.
  • Whether your app will support e-commerce or not? Will customers be allowed to give reviews and feedbacks over your listed products? Make it clear.
  • Does your app require any back-end integration with specific API’s?

Every Android App development company will ask you to define your app project thoroughly when you contact them to hire an Android App developer.

Cost to Hire Android App Developer - Semidot infotech

There are a few other aspects as well that will directly affect the estimated hiring cost such as

1. What is your project timeline? And what kind of product you are looking for?

Before you hire a top android app developer, dig-out your desired android app’s features and deliverables. This will be helpful for the app developer to determine the exact timeline required to complete your project. Once your developer gets to know what you exactly want in your app, then only he can tell you when he will hand-over your app to you like- in six weeks or in three months or maybe he will need some extra weeks…

2. What should be the developer’s skill level?

Another thing that directly affects hiring cost is- a developer’s total work experience. Research the app market and know how much money android developers generally charge to make an average Android app. A highly-skilled developer will charge more as compared to a less-experienced developer. You will also find that freelancers generally have lower rates, but their project success rate is also lower. Have a glance on typical development-rates charged by android app developers in the following table-

Typical Development-Rates Demanded by Android App Developers*

Types of top Android App Developer

Basic Android App Developer

A Basic developer generally has good knowledge of Android app development fundamentals including wire-framing, storyboarding, Android SDK, Android Studio IDE and Java. Average Hourly Rate is between $15 – $30.

Intermediate-Advanced Level Android Developer

Along with basic fundamentals, a mid-tier developer also has expertise in one or more frameworks such as Ionic, Material Foundation and Corona, etc. They are Skilled in bug-tracking systems (like Jira), dependency management tools (like Gradle), & also know version- control with GitHub. Their Average Hourly Rate is between $35 – $55.

Android App Developer With With Expert skills

Experts in performing traditional app technical designing. For example- Producing quality screen visual mockups, and can also proficiently work on Android Material Design, typography, etc. Average Hourly Rate is generally above $70 per hour.

3. Determining the complexity of your project.

Sometimes, a simple mobile app doesn’t need any kind of server-side integration. But, if we talk about the real-world mobile app, then API integration & database are the major concerns for a developer.

Determine the actual scope and complexity of your app project, by using the following table:

Less Complexity Medium Complexity Highly Complex
Work on existing app: fixing bugs,
adding new features or patches if
Basic App New App with lot of
Design Changes New-version with new
patches for re-submission
Requires complicated
API Integration
Load Testing UI design’s updates Security
Database Integration

In general, android app developers charge less money for projects that have less-complexity. They follow the concept in which development price rises with the rise in complexity of a project. Another point to notice is that highly skilled developer charge more but can complete the tasks in lesser hours so the cost will remain the same for the end client.

Note: As a rule of thumb, hire the best Android developer you can afford. Most of the times, they are worth it, your app will have lesser bugs, faster speeds and ultimately will give you more business revenue.


Writing down your project’s requirements in detail is essential before you search for an android app developer. This basic documentation will provide a base on which a developer can determine your project’s actual timeline and cost.

If you want to save time and cost, then hire top android app developer from a reputed company who has good reviews. Choose the best possible developer and enjoy building your App!

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