We are living in the digital era where having an online presence is a must. Businesses find that having a website is the smartest way to showcase their services to a worldwide audience. For this, they are ready to invest time and money to build their website. But the point is- Where to invest and which technology to go for? The technology that is simple and affordable and is sufficient for most users, is- PHP. It’s the most popular programming language for developing websites and there is a good reason for that. In this blog, you will find tips for choosing the best PHP development company.

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used to develop highly functional web applications. Many companies recommend PHP web development services to its clients as it is a very useful programming language. As this language is so popular, you can easily hire PHP developer for your website. But How to choose the best PHP development company among so many choices available? Read on to get the answer.

Choosing the right PHP Development Company: A Complete Step by Step Guide

When I decided to make a website for my business, I had lots of confusion in my mind, as it’s hard to figure out which company best suits your requirement. After spending three weeks analyzing those companies thoroughly, I made a quick and easy guide to find out the best PHP development company.

If you are also searching for a PHP development company, then before to finalize anyone, you should consider a few important factors that I will mention in this blog post. This guide will help you to shortlist the best PHP Development Company for your business website.

Step 1: Check the company portfolio, first.

The company portfolio may tell you many things about a company such as their abilities to complete a big project, their area of expertise, previous types of projects of the company, etc. Check the portfolio, it gives you an idea of whether this company is relevant to you or not. Make sure, the company that you have shortlisted must have an excellent work portfolio in PHP.

Step 2: Go to their website.

Have you visited the website of the PHP development company you think suits your needs? A PHP development company must have a brilliant website. If they have a team of good PHP developers who know how to play with PHP codes, then their website should be good and appealing. These coding experts try continuously to showcase their skills on their company website. So, check out different PHP development companies’ websites. Observe their looks, features, functionalities, content, graphics, animations, user-friendliness, and compare them. In the end, pick the best one.

Step 3: Read the testimonials.

Testimonials are nothing but a reflection of customer satisfaction. The positive feedback from past customers gives you an assurance that the PHP development company (to which you want to stick) serves top-class services to its clientele. Read all the testimonials carefully. Try even contacting them and you should get an idea about how much work-satisfaction the company provides to its customers.

A reputed company’s website always leverages with positive reviews and testimonials. Take your time & read them thoroughly.

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Step 4: See the total work experience, they have.

This crucial step will let you determine whether a company is capable enough to complete your project on time. If a company has pretty good working experience in PHP web development services, then you can comfortably rely on that company. Check the relation of how work experience relates to customer satisfaction by the formula given below:
More Experience -> Wider Skills-> More Reliability-> More Satisfaction

Step 5: Ask the methodologies they work on.

Each company has its own style of working. Ask them about the methodologies they work on. These methodologies are nothing but the work-processes they follow. Once the project is approved, ask them for workflows and milestones of the project. To get great results, they should use the latest and most advanced PHP frameworks and JS while doing website development.

Step 6: Get the Questionnaire from the company.

This is another important step that should not be overlooked. A superior company will never forget to give its clients- a questionnaire. A questionnaire is something in which you need to fill your business details, your requirements, your expectations, etc. This is a standard way to get client information and their requirements. By using the questionnaire, the web development company will get the base idea of your project. This is an essential step as this ensures that you and the company are on the same terms. Top-class PHP Development Company ensures that this step is properly followed.

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Step 7: Are they fitting in your budget? Request a quote.

Once you have completed the above steps, make a final decision by checking their service cost and hourly rates. After all, you have your own budget to keep in mind. So, the company should fit-in your budget without compromising on the quality. While making the final decision, also check the modes of payment they accept and hourly cost if you decided to change the scope of the project and give more work to them.

Step 8: Check their customer support service.

Having good customer support is the way to win the heart of customers. Yes, for any company, it is very important to be prompt in customer support to its clients. Because it is the only way by which a customer will stay connected to its developers. In case, you will have a query, then the customer support should be there to answer your query. Ask them about their customer support service like- which kind of support, they are offering. For example- via email, skype, or over the phone. At what time zones they will be available etc.


While some companies use multiple technologies in web development, some are purely PHP development companies that ensure your business website to be outstanding. Use this comprehensive guide to choose the right PHP development company for your business. You will not regret it, and your online presence will surely increase your brand value and bring in more customers.

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