When someone searches for a professional web or app development, then I am dead sure that he often faces a turmoil while making a selection between “Freelancer developer vs Android app development company”. Which one is a better choice? We start presuming certain thinks like- offshore companies must be more reliable; why I should hire a whole group of professionals when I can make things done by hiring a single person (freelancer); which one of them will end-up giving really great results for my business etc.

As you know that there are always be two sides of a coin. This law will remain unchanged for these twos too. They both have their own pros and cons. Let’s put aside your presumed thinks and know what indeed the advantages and drawbacks of choosing top android app development companies or independent freelancer are, though this blog. Shall we start? Huhh…

Ok… Let’s Begin

Check-Out The Pros & Cons Of Hiring A Freelancer Developer

The Pros

 Lower Rate Card

Usually, the hiring cost of freelancer top android developers or so-called independence contractors are slightly lower than the hiring cost of a web development company. If you have a start-up company which needs a mobile app to pitch your buyers, then freelancer developers seem to be a cost-saving deal for you. They will easily fit into your low-budget app project.

Higher Level Of Flexibility

Flexibility issues? No, not around freelancers. They are much flexible as they don’t restrict themselves under any business hours. They can also work on odd working hours. It’s completely up to them. Simply tell them what kind of project you want from them and what your project timelines are. And let them start their job asap.

Offer Swiftness

The third advantage of hiring a freelancer developer is- they offer affordable android apps to their clients, FASTER. Actually, they are motivated to offer a quality product quickly. So they deploy your app without wasting their time in office gossips and other unnecessary things.

Specialization In One

Generally, it has been seen that freelancer developers are specialist of one specific technology. They are so best in building mobile apps using that technology so that they don’t even need any other programmer or designer to help them.

The Cons


The major drawback of working with freelancers is- they can disappear. As they are only connected with you through the internet. There is no valid and authentic presence of them so they can easily hide.

Confidentiality Issues

While working with freelancers, you need to take care of your project’s confidentiality. Ask your developer to sign the NDA before handing him your project details and requirements. But still, it must say that it is a risky thing.

No Maintenance Services

Freelancer Mobile App Developers doesn’t offer you maintenance services for your app.

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Check-Out The Pros & Cons Of Hiring An Android App Development Company

The Pros

Better Organizational Skills

While working with Android App Development Company, you will see that your app project evolves with time following a systematic and well-aligned approach. Web development companies have to maintain their standard, so they work in a systematic way. They also work on the minimal things by using their dedicated team of top Android developers’ preciseness and develop a standard end-product for their clients.

Collective Expertise

Offshore web agencies hire developers who are experts in different technologies for their company. So what product you will get lastly- is a collective effort of multiple expert programmers.

Diverse Work Experience

You can take benefit from hiring a web development company. As they have a strong portfolio in building mobile apps for different business verticals. Their versatile experience helps them to make a robust and scalable android app for your business, too.

Strongly Backed By A Well-Tuned Group Of Experts

When you work with an Android development company, then not only hire a single company but also get a well-tuned group of expert programmers hired who work collectively to make a brilliant app for you.

Unlike freelancers, you will never face any legal issues with a web development company. You can check their portfolios, testimonials and customer’s reviews. Once you are fully satisfied with their strong portfolio then only make your further move.

The Cons

Little-Higher Rate Card

When you hire a company, then it straightly puts effect on your pockets. As their hiring costs are somewhat higher than hiring cost of a freelancer. Well! This is quite obvious as instead of hiring a single developer, you are hiring a group or bunch of professionals. This is a prime disadvantage of hiring a company. Although it is quite worth to invest your money in getting a top-class, standard web app product for real.

Extended Project Timelines

Companies follow a well-planned, step by step web app development processes. So it will take a little longer time for them to develop a mobile app.


In case of working with a web development company, miscommunication can happen. As you share your dream concept with one of their analysis, then it is developed by other developers, designers and testers. Hence, there can be a setback of your thoughts and ideas.


Should you go for hiring a freelancer developer or for a reputed android app development company? It is hard to say that which one is best. As the numbers of freelancer businesses are growing very fast with each passing day. On the other hand, web agencies or companies have still perceived as the most trusted place to invest your money.

My personal choice is – “going for a web development company.” They have a team of experienced developers who know how to get your business objectives undone using the latest technologies and trends. They make a robust, scalable and secure web app product for their clients.

Check out our top Android developer’s portfolios. Their unmatched professionalism has something that will let you touched by seeing their successful past-experiences. Click here to go to our main website.

Your Dream Shall Remain Your Dream Until You Will Take This Initial Step Undone.”

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