How much it costs to develop a website in 2018? Where I can get an affordable website designer? On which top web development companies, I can rely on?

These are a few questions we hear every day in our IT industry. And it’s a fair and valid point that entrepreneurs should know about the cost before diving into any new venture, but the answer is not so simple. If you just want an online presence, then a website can be developed for less than $500. If you want e-commerce as well then prices will go up and so on so forth. Thousands of new websites are getting registered every day. If we go on by the numbers, then there are more than 19 billion web domains that are already registered on the internet. That’s why it is still the best way to market your product to the masses.

On what factors the total cost of website depends on?

The cost of website development is something that is highly subjective. But, there are few universal things which affect the total cost of every web development. Such key-things are given below:

• What kind of website do you want to build?

A simple information website can be developed for $500 if you use a WordPress theme whereas a customized website having the eCommerce functionality, faster speed and can handle thousands of users at a time, can cost up to one million dollars. So, it totally depends on what you are looking for. If you just need an online presence, then it’s not worth to spend much and you should go for the affordable website design.

• What kind of Domain Name and Web-Hosting Services do you want to opt for?

Generally, good domain names are expensive, but you can get lucky if your domain name is available at a cheaper price. Once you have selected your domain name, then you need to think about the web-hosting services on which you will host your website. You can start with a shared hosting if your user base will be limited or go for a dedicated hosting if you think it will be accessed by masses.

• What would be the technology used in developing your website?

Here, we are talking about the technology which will be used in the development by top web development companies. There are many to choose from like WordPress, PHP, Python etc. each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Here, we have listed the top 3 web technologies along with its prices. See them below:

  • WordPress – The prices start from $500
  • PHP – The prices start from $2000
  • Python/Ruby on Rails – The prices start from $3000

• Will you also add plugins, third-party services, API’s etc.?

In some cases, you are forced to buy third-party services which add up the cost. For example, you wish to integrate chat support in your website, so instead of developing the chat module which is very expensive, you buy it from a third-party vendor on a fixed monthly cost.

• How would you do the setup, design and development?

You can outsource different sections of your website but then the big question arises – how will you assemble those different sections all-together? At this point, you need to consult a full stack web developer. But before that, don’t forget to carry their pay-check.

• Lastly, how would you do the maintenance of your website?

Just making a website, is not the end of the project. You will need to maintain it continuously. Additionally, you might have to market the product through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC advertising, content marketing and social media etc.

Cost to Develop a Website by top web development companies

There are many possible solutions to help you out. Some are listed below:

Solution 1# Make it yourself

The most cost-effective way to build your website is- Make it yourself.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a strong programmer or not. There are many website builder tools available on the internet that can help you to make your website. Hosting providers like GoDaddy etc. provide similar tools. Shopify and WordPress can also be considered as they have a small learning curve. You can google the free tutorials to know- How to use them? But please note that you can develop only basic informationally websites with the above tools. It will be difficult to develop and maintain a high performing website if you don’t have the right coding skills.

Solution 2# Hire a freelancer for $500 – $2000 per website.

But what to do when you don’t have enough time or interest to make your website yourself? You hire someone to do it for you.
There are numerous websites from where you can hire a freelancer/developer at affordable prices, such as,, and many more. At these websites, you can easily find the freelancer that suits your requirement. Such professionals provide work on the hourly basis or on fixed-price basis. The average pay-scale will vary from less than $10 to $100+ per hour. In most cases, you will get what you pay for.

Solution 3# Work with a web development company

Solution 2 is generally used by individuals or small businesses. For entrepreneurs and large businesses who are not restricted by a limited budget, the best solution is – to work with a web development company/agency.

A professional company can provide you Full stack web development so that all your development needs like designing, coding, server hosting etc. can be done under one roof. The advantage will be enormous. Also, to develop a world-class product, you will require a team as freelancers cannot execute projects of that magnitude or complexity.

It is best to take your time to search one of the top web development companies that has a good portfolio in web development. They should have a certified team of software engineers having good experience in web development. They will suggest you the optimal solution based on the scope of your project.


We have tried to address the most common question that pops up in everyone’s mind. To summarize, predicting the cost of the website is highly subjective. It depends on your requirements and what lengths you can go to make your website stand out from its competitors. If you are searching for a Full Stack Web Developer for your business, then I would recommend you go to ‘SemiDot InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.’. We are among the top web development companies in the industry and have delivered world-class web development services to our clients. For more details, please visit our website.

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