Since the last couple of years, we have noticed that hiring a talented and reliable developer (especially react native developer) has become the most tedious task for web development companies. Typically, if your React JS Development company is located at middle and western side nations like the UK, the USA, Denmark, Netherlands etc. then you might have realized how tougher this hiring job is.
As an entrepreneur, you need to hire best out of best. I mention some “pre-defined hiring skillset” written in this blog. Use this comprehensive guide for finding great developers. Then only hire react JS developers who best fit into their roles & your company work culture.

A Comprehensive Guide to Hire React JS Developers

However, the experience I have gained during working with SemiDot since three years back, based on that, I came to know that your company sales completely depend on how much great talent you have. An excellent team of top software developers, designers and testers collectively make a solid base on which you can ripple your hard work.
Hiring a developer is an utter process which I have mention below in the form of a pre-defined hiring skillset. Please read.

  • What talent you are looking for?
  • Is any kind of tool, you need to use for hiring great React JS Developers?
  • How does your recruitment process look like?

By following these steps, you will definitely find top React developers for your company. Rolls up your sleeves before entering in this knowledgeable tour.

How to Hire Top React JS Developers? A Step-by-Step Scrutinizing Instructions

Step 1. Do Candidate Research Properly.

Ahead of all, go hand in hand with your HR team and do the candidate scrutiny by exploring his resume.

Put your uncanny sight on two important things in his CV, which are-

His portfolio

What kind of app projects he has worked on? See, what his role was in his previous projects? Were those React projects? Also read his testimonial carefully if he has any.

His area of expertise (in our case, it should be “React JS”)

How can you utilize his React JS app development experience in your current project? Which frameworks and technologies he has worked on? Has he developed any similar app in his previous company? Put a glimpse on his previous company status too.

Although a candidate who has pretty-much experience in necessary technology (like- React JS), doesn’t ensure him as a potential React developer for your project. You have to dig-out his true potential by asking a few important React questions in the next interview round.

Step 2. Get Prepare For Interview Session.

Do some homework before you go to sit with your interviewer panel. It is essential as it is not just a candidate who prepares for his interview. The interviewer should also be prepared to ask necessary questions regarding specific technology. This is the only way to dig-out one’s real knowledge.

Read some essential interview questions listed below, that you must ask a React JS developer:

1. What are pure functional Components?
2. How will you use keys in React?
3. How will you use refs in React?
4. Describe the significant role of keys?
5. Compare the different React Component lifecycle processes. How can you use them in creating a certain interface or feature?
6. How will you build HOCs (Higher Order Components) in React?
7. What is Virtual DOM? Explain it.
8. Compare forceUpdate() & setState() functions.

Add a senior React developer in your interview panel. He knows the best tricks that you must consider during the candidate screening. No matter how much total work experience ones have, it all goes in vain if it is not what you are looking for.

Step 3. Evaluate the final result and hire the perfect candidate.

Lastly, after testing a developer technical competency and soft skills, evaluate the final result. Hire React JS developer who is perfectly fit in your company work culture. Remember to discuss all the term and conditions in details with someone whom you want to hire.

Hire React JS Developers - Semidot Infotech


Tools, we need to use for hiring great React JS Developers?

The fact is- there is no secret ‘magic wand’, I am sharing with you. Apart from the tools a web development company generally uses, this is only your consistent hard work and the hiring process which help you to find out a great developer.

Catch the insight of tools, ‘SemiDot’ (One of Top React JS Development Company) uses:

Communication- Phone calls, Gmail, Skype, messages.
Follow-ups (CRM) – Google Dashboard.
Prospecting – LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, GitHub, Facebook Groups, local classified ads, Paid Advertisements.
All-Inclusive Tools- Recruitee,  Workable, Personio.


Touching The Final Chord- Find A Perfect Partner

I can ensure you that using these tricks and tips, you can easily find-out ideal React developers for your company. But it would be better if you will get partnered with a web agency or with a top React JS Development Company like us. As a dedicated recruiter, we already have a compact team of professionals such as HR, senior developers etc. in our company. It seems to be a great alternative for you as you can utilize this well-established hiring process at its best with us. No Confusion, No Chaos! We are proven dedicated recruiters who typically come out with the perfect result of a hiring process.

Click Here To Make ‘SemiDot’ Your Perfect Software Partner.

If you feel like to go ahead with your hired external partner (like us), make sure you clearly discuss few points which are lined-up below:

  • Set the project deadlines to meet your final product and tell them not to give a try on newly hired developers as you don’t have that much time to test them.
  • Proclaim you only need a faster React JS software development for this project’s time-bound. Therefore, there is no need to hire a big in-house React-squad.
  • Talk about your concern about silly hiring mistakes as you don’t have much hiring experience.


The main aim of this write-up is to help you make your all-star team made-up of exceptionally talented people. Build your own in-house React team or hire an external react development partner!
Not sure about these two options, then feel free to ask us. We are listening!

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