We are living in the middle of the Blockchain revolution. Today, multiple businesses believe that digital currency will become the next frontier of money/finance. Well, yes!! They are not wrong at all. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an innovative move adopted by upcoming startup companies to launch their product and invest in their cryptocurrencies. You can get immense success by launching your ICO. That is why the ICO development services are attracting more and more entrepreneurs. If you also want to launch your product and looking for ICO software, then read the following tricks.


How Can You Launch Your ICO In Just 5 Days?

At first, you need a landing page and an ICO backend where investors can buy your newly created tokens with their bitcoin and Ethereum. We have a pre-built software solution which can get this job done in 2 days. After that, the main job will be to market the ICO. You can simply do it by performing these day-wise tasks, you can launch your ICO software in just 5 days. So, roll up your sleeve now and get ready to perform these tasks:


DAY 1 – THINK AGAIN whether the ICO is suitable for your business and work accordingly.

The first question that startups should ask to themselves be – Are they really need to launch an ICO for their business? Well! Launching an ICO doesn’t give you the assurance that your business model will also adopt the blockchain ethos, in the crypto world. It more depends on how well the ICO is integrated with your business. Obviously, there are so many hurdles in that way. Whenever a token is released in the market, it has to face tremendous speculation. The success of a token only depends on — a strong demand produced by real entities of the market.

The next crucial step is – to create an actual product. Building a real product is very important for the success of any ICO. So, take your time and build a solid, secure, robust & scalable product by using the Blockchain technology. Actually, it is safe for new businesses to make a little investment in creating a product. It will help their business to make more money as people are more likely to invest in an ICO who has a working product.


In the complete ICO process, the simplest part is – to generate a token. A token can be a security token which represents a portion of the company, or a utility token which will facilitate the working of the product. It’s the simplest yet the trickiest one because the token is the actual asset of any business. Any tradable identity/goods can be represented as the token for your business like digital coins, gold certificates, loyalty points, in-game items, IOU’s etc.

Decide the scenario in advancehow much money you want to raise from the ICO; how many tokens you need to issue; how many you need to retain and to sell etc.

Get the formal legal opinion before entering into the token market. As you are using the other’s money so it is good to know all the legal description and formal legal opinion of the token offering. The top 3 reputed law firms which you can follow, are- 1. Cooley, 2. Perkins Coie 3. K&L Gates. These law firms help you to know all the relevant laws & regulations (that must be followed to launch an ICO).


Launch Your ICO


DAY 3 – Write the whitepaper for your product.

Writing a white paper is not an easy job. The whitepaper is a complex documentation of your business plan, marketing plan and a technical prospectus (of your product). It is essential to write a proper whitepaper for your product and get it published. Hire an experienced content writer for this rigorous component.


DAY 4 – Participate in the community and create a buzz.

Create a buzz about your token. This is a very important step as you can’t avoid it. Think, what will happen if the investors don’t know about your token. Obviously, you can’t get your token sale in that case. You have to actively participate in the cryptocurrency community to mark your presence. Invest your time and resources into the following ICO marketing platforms:

• Forums

Presently, the most popular forum is Bitcointalk. The reviews that you will get here, will surely help your business in a positive sense.

• Reddit

Find your target investors by engaging into thematic subreddits. Additionally, you can also create your own channel here.

• ICO Calendars

Bloggers and tech gurus often follow the ICO calendar websites to create “the lists of best ICO’s”. Some of these websites are as following- coingecko.com, coinshedule.com, icocrowd.com, icocountdown.com, coinlist.com and many more.

• Quora Discussions

At Quora, you should actively participate in discussions on specific cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Also, don’t forget to do the back-linking of the landing page of your ICO.

• LinkedIn Groups

There are hundreds of groups at LinkedIn that discuss the ICO’s, such as Bitcoin Blockchain & FinTech Think Tank > Cryptor Trust, BLOCKCHAIN Professional Network and many more.

• Slack & Telegram

Potential investors present at communication channels on Slack & Telegram. So don’t waste your time and create your channel at these communication mediums.

• Facebook Groups

Facebook groups such as FASIS are another medium where you can find the ICO’s news. Creating a buzz about your ICO at such groups is definitely a good marketing strategy.

• Influencer marketing

The biggest barrier in the way of your ICO’s success is – trust. Find out a right influencer of your niche, incentivize him to do marketing for yourself and grow your web audiences.


DAY 5 – Start chasing token Exchanges.

Once the successful token sale has been conducted, you need to start reaching out to ICO exchanges to list your token. After the nod from the token exchange, the investors can buy/sell your token at the open market. It will be great to get accepted by the most established and trusted exchange such as Bittrex, Binance. If not, even the smaller exchanges will do for the time being.



There is no rocket science behind the success of any ICO project. You should hire professionals experienced in crypto space to help you in launching your ICO. We are among the top ICO development services provider. We have a pre-built ICO backend software for token sale which can be incorporated to your website in 2 days. If you need more information or any other advice, then please feel free to contact our experts. Our team is always ready to serve you with the best solution as per your business model.

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