Recent times have shown us, trust is a virtue. Even the greatest conglomerates have been involved in major data thefts, it is obvious, isn’t it? Data is the new world order, it is expensive, as expensive as it gets, but the control and mind games you get with personal data are worth so much more. In this blog, we will discuss data theft & how to protect yourself from it.

Every year, we hear new news about data of x million users being stolen, from major tech giants. But do we have no other choice than to submit to the tech giants and see our data being smuggled? We do have a choice now, with advancements in cryptography and invention of the Blockchain, things will change.

What does Blockchain even has to do with data theft?

Data theft has been a major issue since the inception of computers, so much so, there have been numerous advancing encryptions, but one thing that stays common in all of them is that they have all failed. Data is something which will affect retail, politics, and everything, that happens in our society. Through targeted ads for those looking to quit smoking or drinking, big companies can potentially ruin their plans to quit. Data like this is usually sold at a price higher than gold. Every MNC of every sort is looking forward to only one thing, profits.

The times have changed from when retail actually cared about their customers, things have come down to slitting the customers’ throats and make them bleed money. Not everyone is potentially bad, but everyone collects data, and they can’t protect it. There have also been numerous instances when data was typically ‘stolen’ from big companies, whose fault is it then?

It all comes down to the greatest problem of the world, centralization. The world has craved a decentralized system. The greatest of human society there has ever been, with Blockchain we are closer than ever to accomplishing it. The Blockchain era started with the buzz around cryptocurrencies, and yet, most people still know all about bitcoin’s price, but nothing about Blockchain.

“Blockchain is going to be the best thing to ever happen to mankind since we discovered fire.”

In the world of the internet, we realize ok? Data will always play a part, Blockchain, or no Blockchain. But it can make a subtle difference which will, when implemented globally, make everything right.

Are data breaches really that big of a problem?

Well is there someone who doesn’t like finding on the internet exactly what they were looking for?

Most people do, until all they do is crib about their how their valuable data was stolen for ‘free’. We don’t say data theft is right but certainly believe without data being put to good use, our lives would turn black and white. Targeted election campaigns and fooling people is wrong, and it needs to stop. But it’s not about we want, it’s about what the criminals, and greedy people want.

Even after so many advancements in cryptography, data can easily leak when an insider is involved. There have been numerous cases, we believe were inside jobs, done by some greedy employ with a high-level security clearance. This is what Blockchain is particularly going to change, along with making it impossible to change the actual data. It helps top blockchain development company to protect their data.

Data Theft: How To Protect Yourself?

So should you start pumping Blockchain?

Blockchain’s global arrival can be called inevitable at the least. Things have slowed down for the distributed network but it’s the calm before the storm. There have been very little implementations of Blockchain in the world right now, but they are enough to disrupt the data smuggling industries’ roots. There is no need to do something about it, but if you really feel there is something you can do, you can’t. Here’s why:

1. They already have all of it

Even if you choose to go offline and dump all your electronics connected to the internet, the predictions of your choices can be made for the next 10 years, easily.

2. Your ‘personal’ data doesn’t matter

Data is only worth when it’s big, that’s why data theft usually happens in large quantities(over 1million users). The reason is simple, data analysis takes a lot of effort and it’s not at all worth, for small data.

3. Every single device collects data.

In the time of IoT, every single device is now capable of fetching tons of data on a daily basis. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, but what’s important is, IoT works on data, and without it, it’s nothing. So you need to look for an expert IoT development company for any solution regarding this.

4. Marketing won’t be, without data.

The whole digital marketing industry has data in its roots. There have been bad scenarios with targeted marketing but there has been a success for small brands through it too.


A data breach is unacceptable, but we need data to push us forward and to make life easier, this dogma will probably go on forever. But at least, we can put a bit of hope on the decentralized systems, be it Blockchain or the others. On one hand, we need to accept the fact that we need to share data to complete the world, on the other we need new systems which can potentially reduce data thefts. We believe Blockchain will solve all of it, all and for once.

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