2018 has proven itself a promising year for digital marketing services and trends. The way entrepreneurs and start-ups are embracing online marketing campaigns and techniques, we can say that only calendar is changing. Digital marketing will again clutch online trades and business plans with a new verve. Other than this, there is a lot more that you can experience in 2019 internet marketing tactics.

Let’s have a glance at the top 10 reasons that shall make you believe again in the true potential of digital marketing.

As per the popular saying, “Changes are inevitable.” It is utter truth for everything and everyone. Digital marketing trends couldn’t keep themselves apart from such ever-changing environment. Even top web development companies regularly make changes in their marketing plans. Therefore you should keep updating your marketing plans with new and mighty ideas.

See top 10 digital marketing trends that shall assure you to get guaranteed success. Read this checklist and try to add it in your future marketing plans for getting absolute results.

1. Smarter Chatbot

When we talk about a creative digital marketing technique, first thing that instantly comes into our mind is- Chatbot or live chat. Chatbots are smarter way to start an interactive conversation with your web users. It is an impactful way to indulge your web users to spend more time at your website or application. By using them, you not only give instant replies to the queries but also offer comfort to talk or to share the concerns to robots within no time.

The way chatbots gaining popularity and love of everyone, it’s pretty much sure that these quirky technologies are not going anywhere in 2019 as well.

Another popular trend of last year was- Voice search.

As per a report of Comscore, by the end of 2020, 50% of web searches will be voice-based. Seeing that top brands have started launching voice smart speakers into the market such as Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple Homepod etc., people are also taking this technological advancement hand in hand. Other than these voice speakers, if we talk about smartphones then software like Siri and Google assistant are there to give you immediate responses of your voice-based queries.

In short, 2019 comes with a challenge to make your website or app voice-search engine optimized. So that you can take benefits from this technology. Hurry up and immediately hire search engine optimization professionals because they only know how to make your website voice-search optimized.

3. Augmented & Virtual Reality Ads

Professional marketers often give verdicts of their successful marketing campaigns to augmented reality and virtual reality. They add AI and VR videos and advertisements to target their prospective customers. More interestingly, they use this technology to offer more realistic experiences to their customers. It is an untapped method to generate your brand awareness. Regardless of big brands, new start-up companies are also using the AI and VR technology for interactive advertising. So make a blueprint of your online marketing and embrace your business operations using AI and VR videos, ads etc.

This is not a new trend but it will be one of the most highlighted ones that will again rule in 2019, too.

4. Micro-Moments

Micro-moments are game-changer moments that can broadly affect the results of your targeted content & online advertising. But what those moments are? Have you ever used nearby option or added favorite shirt in your wishlist or mark check-in to a specific city or hotel etc. These are nothing but the micro-moments that you create in your social media handles and at other websites. You can use those moments to target specific web audiences and plan your advertisement accordingly.

Take help from best SEO service as they can help in to improve your website or app visibility based on the data collected by micro-moments.

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5. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The next tactic that lies in this top 10 chart is the use of AI and machine learning. While Google, Microsoft and Amazon like global brands are continuously extending their web resources using AI and machine learning, you should also use these technologies for your website and mobile apps. Tech analysists say that these technologies shall remain in market for a long run. You can anticipate your complete user data collected from such techniques and use it to determine real-time active buyers in your business.

Several industries such as restaurants, food and beverages, merchandising, salons etc. are making their mobile apps and websites using AI and machine learning. They take ideas from top Digital Marketing Services and apply them to get their business’s goals.

6. Live Streaming Videos

All thanks to YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook & other digital platforms where you can upload live content anytime (from anywhere). These live streaming videos allow marketers to captivate their sales leads in a quick-witted way. Cleverly choose your targeted audiences and regularly post interesting live videos in your newsfeed. The more fascinating videos you will post, the more chances you will get to increase your followers. So keep posting live content for enhancing your web-reach.

7. Push Notifications

Although push notifications have entered into the realm of your web browser since the last couple of years. It has been predicted that you will again see this useful feature in the future. These notifications are typically worked well to improve the conversion rate of your buyers. You might have also noticed that when you put something in your shopping cart, then your web browser’s push notification reminds you to complete your purchase again and again (until you clear your cart).

Use this feature to give a powerful impact on your web audiences and make way for your business growth.

8. Email-Marketing

E-mail marketing has become an undetectable part of today’s internet marketing. Several businesses and industries target their potential customers and send them close-knitted e-mails based on their products and services.

It is highly recommended to pitch your newly-launched products and services. One who gets registered to your e-mail subscription, a regular content feed may add that person into the list of your loyal customers (if you are successful to impress him with your great e-mail content).

9. Mobile Payments

A growing trend of mobile payments will remain significant in 2019. As mobile is in reach of everyone, people frequently use their smartphones for making any purchase or for other online transactions. You should offer various mobile payment methods at your website or app which are user-friendly and fully-secure.

An easy to use and secure mobile payment methods are the prime-needs of your online business to gain the trust of your customers. It enhances your business’s certainty and makes it a credible choice of your specific domain.

10. Personalized Content

All feet never going to fit in your shoe’s size. So you need to understand what to serve and to whom. Only the right content can boost up your marketing plan with positive responses. So you should serve your customers a bit more personalized content that is more relevant to them.


Just like- two peas live in a pod, you should always merge your business plans with a solid digital marketing plan. Add the listed top 10 digital marketing tips in your “2019 to-do” business marketing calendar. These tips will surely make you amaze with excellent sales results. Start working on it.

For more useful tips and tactics offered by Digital Marketing Services, keep reading our upcoming blogs.