Before we talk about Mobile SEO, you need to know about SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a common technique that is used for achieving better traffic on a website by the help of a practice called search engine result pages or SERPs. The important thing is that any application will require a separate management and SEO development unit for efficient working.

Now, when we talk about SEO the major thing to keep in mind is that most of the browsing is done via mobile phones. This data was confirmed by Google itself that the usage of application and web pages has a significant amount of mobile phone users. Mobile users outrun other users such as computers and laptops. This brings to the development of an application which is SEO rich. The application should be as such that along with increasing the rank of the application, ut should also be user-friendly and easily accessible.

SEO and app discovery:

SEO improves the rank of the application the same as it helps at the time of web development. Recent studies have shown that the market of retail and travel both have been improved via an application that is browsed by mobile phones mostly. The important thing to keep in mind is that if the app is not visible on the top searches it won’t be found.

This implies the fact that SEO is really very important for application discovery and growth. If a mobile app has all the good data but it can’t reach to individuals, there won’t be any profit. User attraction on mobile can be achieved by search engine optimization.

SEO makes the availability of something that an individual requires and the proper app development can fulfill so easy. Only a single search can lead the individual to your app by the keywords that they need and the mobile app can serve. The search on mobile is hence very important. The Google Play Store is majorly used for this kind of search. It is important that an individual find your app for their requirements.

Potential traffic gain

The commonly used source to reach any app and installation process via mobile is the play store. A recent study conducted showed that only 40% of traffic is coming from play stores. This brings up the question, where is the rest of the potential traffic coming from? The study portrayed that almost 27% of traffic is via search through a search engine. There are various search engines out there. The most popular one is Google. As the search engines can bring 27% of potential traffic to your application when operated via mobile, it is important to make your application SEO developed.

SEO ranking factors

1. Keywords: This comes under app store optimization as well. App store optimization also helps improve the ranking with the help of keywords. Keywords are the words that can be highlighted for the search engines. For example, if a person searches in the search engine “ books” and your mobile app contains books for retail, you can add books to keywords that will improve it’s ranking and show it on the top searches. Keyword placement must be strategically planned. The application name and description should give a clear insight into mobile users about themselves.

There are tools available in the market and online that can help in choosing and planning the right keywords to attract attention. Some examples are google keyword planner and app radar.

2. Ratings and reviews: This is also an important factor. While surfing for an app via mobile, individuals look after the ratings. There are so many apps that are similar to each other in their functionality. The apps with high ratings are chosen more often and come at the top in the search. Therefore it’s an important aspect of search engine optimization.

Reviews are built by individual usage and experience. In google play store the ratings of any app are based on the reviews it received from people using it. This means the SEO is strictly associated with reviews and ratings of the application.

3. Quality backlinks: A backlink is a deep link associated with the application in the download page. This link is essential as it also helps in improving the SEO ranking. The amount and quality of backlinks are directly proportional to the ranking and improvement of mobile SEO.

4. App packs: According to studies one in every ten searches is an app pack. App pack is a group of application that appears on the top. This app pack shows a group of an app similar to the keyword search. For example, if you search a fitness app, the search engine might show 6 similar apps in a group with their ratings on the top. There are more apps when clicked on “more”. To reach these recommendations your app must have good review, ratings, and keywords. The SEO improves when the factors associated with it are improving.

Why Mobile SEO is important?

  • Mobile SEO means “mobile search engine optimization”. There are many applications that aren’t mobile-friendly or sites that take a longer duration to load and hence have less SEO ranking by Google. Mobile SEO is important because it allows making your site mobile and the quicker hence it makes your app SEO and performance improvement. It leads to the achievement of a higher place by google in SEO searches.
  • Mobile SEO helps you improve organic traffic, which is traffic coming to your site from search results. When it comes to mobile SEO, Google is the most significant one. Google does not rank you on where you plan to be later, it ranks your site the way it is today and to improve the ranking of your site it is essential to focus on performance, user experience, and content. Mobile is significant right now.
  • The addiction of people towards the usage of mobile phones for every search that is being increased incredibly fast every year is a reason why SEO optimization is really necessary.

Mobile traffic has now eclipsed desktop traffic. Day by day, increasingly more and more people are discovering the vast advantages of the Smartphone. Our whole lives are practically in these devices. Many people call it an extension of themselves and something they can’t live without.

  • Mobile searches for product reviews have increased by 35% over two years
  • People have spent the equivalent of 50,000 years of watch time looking at video reviews
  • Mobile searches including the word “best” have grown by 80% over two years

This is all-important for mobile SEO and must always be kept in mind for a good ranking of application via using a mobile search.