You may have always wondered, what makes up a great website?

While a team of designers and developers set the building stones, there is so much more a top website development company offers. There is an amalgamation of different elements that create a perfect website, but what matters is, retaining and converting a visitor, to a client. Freelancers or small website development companies may create a fancy and flimsy website for you, but the visitor to client conversion could be negatively compromised in that case.

Basics for a Perfect Website

Website development is all about ensuring the balance of what creates a perfect website, a great website is supposed to be practical and yet subtly endearing. A simple design, providing value to the visitor, all while competing with so many imitators, makes it a job for a professional website development company.

Processes that go into website development, to ensure the visitor fills in the call to actions, with a smile on their face

Gather customer’s requirements

The first step towards website development is gathering the client’s requirements and checking their feasibility. Suppose you choose to have 4 videos running on the homepage of your website, if you go to any of the top web development companies, they will rule out the possibility of this for keeping the website fast.

The bandwidth makes up a big factor in deciding if the visitor stays or hops, the faster your website loads, the more is the probability of retaining the visitor. Read the factors below to know what else goes into how a top web development company could be better than the others for developing your website.

Planning the sitemap

The sitemap decides how the different pages of your website set up and what comes under which menu and page. The sitemap planning requires a wireframe, which is for figuring out the places where the information will be whenever the visitor seeks it. Sitemap plays a major part in how the customer accesses a page on your website step by step, or find something that they are looking for easily.

Design the layout

A simple and appealing layout is the lifeline of a website, in our personal perspective, this is what made Amazon the second company to reach a trillion-dollar valuation. The perspective of most visitors is to gather the information they were looking for, ignoring everything else on the website.

If you fail to lay it out how the visitor expects, they may hop to another website offering similar information, in the blink of an eye. Design layout also plays a major part in the users who are using their mobile devices to access your website. Make sure the website you get from the development company is compatible with mobiles and easily works on different mobile phones.

Plan and manage resources

While the world is catching up on Gigabytes of speed, for most generic users, the internet speeds aren’t half as great. The world is highly dependent on the internet and yet for most regions around the earth, a speedy internet connection remains a luxury. No matter who your target audience is, it’s very necessary to manage website bandwidth to reduce the visitor hop rate.

People may not have great internet connections, but all of them hate to wait. According to Google’s 2018 research, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53% of the users leave the website. That losing more than half the visitors without even getting an opportunity to show the quality content you are offering. Top website development companies manage the resources while keeping in mind, the need to keep the website low in size and high on value.

Top website development company - semidot Infotech

Setup an exceptional CTA

A call to action is the necessity that most people ignore, but for your project to be a success, it is one of the most important determining factors. A successful call-to-action is the basic difference between a visitor and in most cases the client, it usually comes in the form of logging in, or signing up for a newsletter or for your website.

All CTA’s requires intricate directional cues, too soon and it frustrates a customer, too late and the customers hop to another website. A perfect CTA can be set up by the website development company depending on your business, they make sure that it arrives just in time, which helps retain the potential visitor.


It is no brainer that the security is the most important segment for your website, it includes everything, from saving your website from a brute force attack to making sure no one can steal your users’ private details and data. A secure website facilitates the visitor with a peace of mind, it also builds up trust, which increases the chances of conversion through CTAs. A good website development company usually has a separate team of professionals for ensuring the security of the websites they create and maintain.

Create and maintain consistent branding

There is something about a brand which makes it different from the rest, it’s the branding that the user remembers over anything and everything. Consistent branding sets up a trust in the mind of a visitor as well as a repeat customer, the more the people remember your brand, the more likely they are to keep your website as their top spot.

A website development company understands these demands and sets up their work accordingly. Whether you are a new or an already established brand, the need for consistent design and logo remains eminent.

Content creation and assembly

Content planning for the website is one of the major steps in web development. The content that goes on websites is usually small but plays a major part in the website’s overall ranking on search engines.

While content is necessary for SEO, the content you offer is why a visitor is going to visit your website in the first place. While you may want to give your own content, refining it for displaying it on the website requires experience that only a web development company offers.


All these processes could be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet, but what a top website development company and a top mobile app development company has on offer, over and above, is the experience and an eye towards the intricate details. And, we believe, this is what’s going to make all the difference in the world where there are currently more than 1.8 billion websites.

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