Python has been growing strong in popularity ever since it became mainstream. Advantages and disadvantages of using Python for different purposes vary accordingly. Python as a whole is an iconic development language, it packs almost everything to get through even the most difficult of the tasks. It is simple to use, object-oriented, and highly dynamic. After all, it is not so easy to rank as the number 1 in the development language’s popularity index.

There are many departments where Python excels, and it does dwarf a little in some, like mobile development. But to accommodate that, Python has excellent frameworks which allow us to work for iOS and Android. The capabilities of Python really shines when it comes to big data sets and complicated algorithms. It isn’t a simple coincidence that Python excels when it comes to working about anything related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Python’s simple semantics, uber capable system, and wide community support are few of the reasons for its popularity.

And then, there are few departments that Python won’t cut it. It’s not that Python isn’t capable enough, it’s just that the other development languages are a better fit. Python lacks a bit in speed, and the database problem is here to stay forever. In departments like gaming and enterprise solutions, Python’s frameworks can be used to get a superior solution. But using and learning a new framework for something that can be done using another language depends upon the depth of the project. We must never forget how different languages excels in different things, rather than focusing on how Python is capable of doing it all.

So, let’s get started with how and why you should, and shouldn’t, choose Python for your project.

Let’s start with the cons first.

1.   Once a Python developer, always a Python developer.

Developers accustomed to Python’s simple semantics and power can hardly move to other programming languages in the future. Some people see that as an advantage but fail to forget that it is just a phase, and with time, Python will pass. Obviously, we will long remember and work on Python, but it is just too good to be given up. All these things will cumulatively affect how our top coders think of new programming languages which might at some time, be more capable than even Python.

2.   Speed might be an issue for some applications.

In the gaming industry, the iconic development language is still a work in progress. The matter of fact is, Python isn’t too good for developing an application that needs speed. This is precisely where Python lags a bit behind other development languages. Weighing in the need for speed, and practicality, a Python web development company can ensure they can find the perfect balance. A lot of development languages are available these days, ensuring the best mix of speed and quality is maintained for all applications.

3.   Mobile native development

Even though frameworks exist to make this work, it is always going to be a disappointment. Python cannot natively work on Android and iOS systems, leaving it to be a no show in the mobile app development industry. The frameworks which can make it work are rather rarely used, mostly in the 1st case we described. Python is amazing, but its expertise and usefulness lie ahead of mobile devices.

It could have been much greater than what we are seeing with the mobile apps right now, had Python been natively supported. To fill the void Python is the one to use for AI and ML, which will power the apps that are ultimately going to be used in mobiles down the line.

Python Development

Now that we have discussed the cons, here are the pros of choosing Python for your project.

1.   Simplicity

The essence of Python lies in the simplicity of its semantics. Python is by far the favorites of newly budding coders, for its ease of learning and adorable simplicity. According to PYPL, Python is the most searched for language and ranks number 1 in popularity overall. The simple syntax makes obliterates the other programming languages to make Python easier to grasp in one go. Mostly, the basic knowledge to learn how to code in Python requires a knowledge of English, and that’s it.

2.   Libraries and plugins

The libraries are the ones which matter the most when talking about functionalities. The extensive libraries are what Python what it is, and gives it the stature of a do it all language. Not to mention, the frameworks this language has, there is literally one for everything you can dream of.

The top Python frameworks ensure the time to develop is reduced by at least 50%. The frameworks ensure you only have to work as less as matter, you won’t have to repeat things at all. The specialty of this language is indeed the wide support of libraries and plugins on offer.

3.   Extensive community support

With such wide popularity and ease of use, there’s another bonus to Python. Because of its simplicity and adaptability, and of course, the capabilities, a lot of developers work over a lot of different things in Python. Python web development is just a small part of the world of Python.

You will literally find everything on the internet forums, a solution to every problem when you are developing a Python web app. Along with that, ML and AI both, are pretty hard to figure out and work upon, so the community support is amazing. Python developers work as a family, if you ask for help, there is a good possibility someone has been in the same place as you are, and would be more than happy to help you.

4.   Support for emerging tech

Emerging tech includes everything that hasn’t been mastered yet. Python is one of the languages with capabilities that extend without any limits. So, this makes Python a top choice for the development of emerging technologies. The extensive user base we are looking forward to with emerging tech can only be handled by something like Python. As discussed above, the community support is massive, and the hottest technologies have a whole lot of developers working on them already.

If you are looking forward to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development, you should choose Python over the other languages. The fact remains that the technologies require massive brains on the R&D part. With Python’s simple interface and extra capabilities, combined with frameworks, Python is certainly the best bet you can place.

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