Have a choice between two of the best development languages? Choose wisely depending on your business niche. Both the languages are equally popular and run the online world in full swing. It happens many times that you get a choice between Python vs Java, and most of the work they do is same, to find the best one is tough and getting a choice makes it even tougher.

According to TIOBE, Python takes the third spot on the popularity index, right after C at the second, and, Java at the first. Python vs Java depends on a lot of factors, one of the reasons for the same is how Java is the language to use for Android app development, while Python is somehow still limited to uses for web development and app development.

Python is the one which is used for its scalability and ease of learning, Python is also widely used for machine learning and data science. The iconic language can scale an app capable of handling millions of users like a breeze in the spring, and that’s the reason for why it is so loved in the developer community.

Java is the epitome every language aims to reach, it has the worlds most used mobile OS running, flowing in its very roots and every function and scape. Java is an object-oriented class-based development language, much like Python, the difference comes down to one being static and one being dynamic. The development process in Java is fast and easy for ones who know how to work in it.

So, enough on what’s what. Let’s get started on why you are here, Python vs Java

First, let’s talk about Python vs Java for web and app development.

Web development

In the era of RESTful web applications, Python has taken over what Java built-in years and years. Both are for the backend development, of how the applications run beneath the surface. Python is now being chosen as the top web development language by top Python web development companies, for its sheer capabilities in this section.

Java has long ruled over this space as the top web development language, but things have changed since 2014, and the popularity charts of Python has been higher than ever. The websites are becoming as complicated as ever, and Python is keeping up with everything it has on offer.

Game development

Python tends to get extra dynamic when compared to Java, one of the most important deciding factors in games. From our experience, we have used Python only for scripting in games, while Java can full-fledged be used to design games on its own.

Some of the most iconic games like Minecraft, a God of war, and some of the FIFAs were completely based on Java at their roots. The write-once use anywhere property of Java always plays an important and major part in it being the chosen one for game development.

Mobile development

Python is probably not the one to go within the case of mobile development, not for the fact that it is not natively supported, but the same things can be achieved with Java in fairly less time and effort. Java is natively supported by Android and can speed up the development process by a huge margin. While iOS supports Obj C and Swift as the native development language for development.

Choose wisely when it comes down to mobile development as a rich user experience decides if your user is going to stay. The competition is on the rise and increasing each day, with time to market being a huge factor, we recommend Java for developing Android apps.

Machine Learning

The world thinks Python is the best for machine learning, and they are quite right. Python’s capabilities extend where many can’t even think of reaching, new heights of scalability can be achieved with this iconic language. Data warehouses are best managed by Python, along with algorithms that can handle them, making Python the number one choice for every machine learning-related activity.

When we think about raw power, Python must win hands down, thanks to its simple semantics and uber capable processing capabilities. Well in well, you must choose to depend on where you begin. If you must create an algorithm for some big project from ground up, Python tends to be the best choice. If you want to get into something that’s half as complicated and need to be done quick, Java should be your go-to choice.

python VS java - Semidot Infotech

Now, let’s talk about which one of Python vs Java is better in general scenarios

Cost to develop

Let’s face the facts, the cost of development matters a lot when it comes to web and mobile app development. Both Python and Java developers are readily available in the market for a fair price, all you need to do is find one with the experience that fits your requirement. Best developers are already hired by top app and web development companies, make sure you consult one before hiring freelance developers.

Java developers can come in for less money, and the highly experienced Python developers move into fields of data science and machine learning. Both the fields of machine learning and data science are to be touched when you really require it depending on the scale of the project you are looking forward to. The cost to hire Python developers significantly increases when it comes to data science, and the cost of hiring Java developers increases when you talk about game development.

Community support

Community support is a very big factor to consider before starting on your project. The main reason for this is if somehow you get stuck at a wall, the community would be there to help. More than not, there would be someone somewhere who would have been stuck at the same place, and mostly, would have found a solution to the error/problem.

Python vs Java ties in here, both have massive community support. But, since Java has been in the scene before Python, the support is more on Java’s part. Python’s community is more bent on the ML part, and Java’s on the mobile development part, but you would find everyone in there, and they are all happy to help.


In some areas, Java might be a little faster, but in most areas, Python wins overall. The main reason for this is how the code is compiled, and how Python is dynamic, and Java is static. The interpreted nature of Python is the main reason behind the popularity of the iconic language, as we may call it. So, for most places focused on performance, like gaming, Java should be your choice of language to focus and work upon. But in case you need high performing web applications, you won’t find a better choice than Python.

Speed is a deciding factor for some business niches, while quality matter much more in some. Before making a choice, ensure you weigh in these factors and ensure that maximum functionality can be derived from your choice of language.


So, we are already at the end of Python vs Java, as said above, weigh in both, and then make a choice. Both are exclusive and highly capable development languages, make the choice depending on your business niche rather than focusing on which one is speedier or better than the other. The most basic requirement for choosing a development language, is you put your application first, rather than people’s advice about what is better in an ideal world.

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