Python and PHP have long been the contenders for the glorious crown of the top spot in back end web development. Python vs PHP is explained at many places but none could draw a firm conclusion about which one is better. Being a top web development company, we have faced a similar situation many times, and have made the best choice depending on our clients’ requirements. Before we get started on how to make the right choice, let’s introduce you to both PHP and Python, and then do a Python vs PHP.

What is PHP?

PHP, also called hypertext preprocessor, is one of the world’s leading server-side scripting language for web development. Being one of the top PHP development companies, we have made use of PHP for website development for all business niches and industries.

PHP is an advancement from HTML, it lets us code the server side, unlike HTML which loads on the client side. It has been applauded a lot amongst industry users, it is being used by Slack, Tumble, Wikipedia, and many more. PHP makes things simple, but most complex businesses require top PHP developers to make it worth using PHP for the project.

And, what’s up with Python?

Python is a general purpose and high-level programming level. We are all well aware of uses of Python over and above web development, including GUI applications, web applications, and many more. Python also boasts fairly simple syntax rules, very similar to the English language, this makes it easy for people to learn and implement it. Python is also used in complex numerical applications, making it an all in one solution for almost everything on the web.

Now here are the major differences, let’s begin, Python vs PHP

Here are the things which make up a language as the best language for web development. Python vs PHP has to be considered with respect to your business needs, in fact, both of them are good enough for every business need. But since we are here to find the perfect language for your business web development needs, think about what suits you, rather than what’s best.


Both PHP and Python are convenient and easy to learn, however, due to simpler syntax, Python takes the spotlight here. It now comes down to the complexity of the web application, if you need something simple, PHP should be your first choice. If you need something much more complex and flexible, Python should be your go-to choice.

For a fact, only a truly complex application would make it feasible to use Python. Another thing to consider is, if you would ever want a mobile app, PHP won’t make it through, you will have to use Python under any circumstances. We aren’t saying you couldn’t get a website/web app developed in PHP and later, get a mobile app developed in Python, but it’s extra cost and effort. So weigh in your needs and requirements and consider the future of a mobile app, then scale your website/web app accordingly.

Community Support

Both PHP and Python are backed by the champions of the internet, both of them are open source and under constant development. You won’t ever find yourself stuck at a wall if you use any of these languages because someone, somewhere, has already been stuck there and the community came in with a solution. Same goes with bug fixes and errors in code, with support from the community, things are smoother than ever for both PHP and Python.

There is a very high probability that no matter your business niche or the scale of your app, they have already been worked upon by someone. There will always be developers supporting you with their experience around the world.

Giants using Python vs PHP

Python vs PHP has to be considered with respect to your business needs, in fact, both of them are good for every business need, but we are to choose the best. Python vs PHP has to be considered with respect to your business needs, in fact, both of them are good for every business need, but we are to choose the best.

These top tech companies prove that both PHP and Python are worthy contenders for the web development crown, but you should choose one by consulting both a top PHP web development company and a Python web development company before making the final choice.

Python vs PHP in 2019 - Semidot Infotech

Recent developments

Both Python and PHP get regular updates and new frameworks rapidly seem like there’s no stopping.

The latest in PHP right now is the version 7.3.5, it has added new functionalities and omitted a lot of bugs.

Top frameworks for PHP currently are,

Laravel | Codeigniter | Symfony | Zend | Phalcon

Each framework opens up a new world in PHP, a top PHP development company will take care of it and guide you about the best PHP framework for your business needs.

The latest in Python right now is 3.7.2 for Python 3.5, and 2.7.6 for Python 2.0. The reason why Python is running two different versions is for the fact that a lot of code exists in Python 2.0 and so, it’s support was raised till 2020. There are three types of Python frameworks, Full Stack, Micro, and Asynchronous frameworks.

Top frameworks in Python are,

AIOHTTP (Async) | Bottle (Micro) | CherryPy (Micro) | CubicWeb (FS)

There are many more frameworks which make everything possible on the internet world, a PHP development company will guide you on the type of frameworks and the framework which will be best for your web solution.


So do we have an answer for who wins the Python vs PHP?

We think not, but we hope you are now well versed with which one is best, depending on your needs and requirements, so when you hire web developers, you will know exactly what they are talking about. If you want a free evaluation, you can send us in your requirements and we will guide you on which one is the best between PHP and Python for your website/web app development, along with a free price quote.

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