Let’s begin with what is JavaScript and why is JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the top scripting languages ever created. JavaScript is considered one of three building blocks for the world wide web. The websites as we see them have highly benefited through JavaScript and are so because of it. The weakly typed and multi-paradigm nature of JavaScript has helped it in its achievements. The number of JavaScript developers has only increased since the language was created. You may use it for development too, but it certainly is the perfect fit for scripting only.

Why do you need frameworks and libraries for JavaScript?

They all say JavaScript is so simple and good, but some more ease has never discomforted anyone. The JavaScript libraries aim to ease the problem with repetition of code by allowing you total control over already written code to be used again. The frameworks are aimed at different concepts that bring about the best of JavaScript in each and every field. JavaScript’s MVC capabilities combined with the specialized frameworks and libraries can be used to create highly capable applications.

Frameworks are unit which instead of just having pre-built functions like a library, can define the whole application. The inversion of control is a common trait associated with frameworks in general, which makes users bound to work as per the framework. It is so important to choose a great framework for your application; a lot of things depends on it. The frameworks are many in number, for the fact that they carry different functionalities and styles. Choose the one which suits your signature, rather focusing on the best. 

Let’s get started with an explanation of each of Angular vs React vs Vue Javascript Framework and compare them at the end.

Angular Javascript Framework

What is Angular?

Angular JavaScript framework is a client-side framework and aims at making pages more dynamic. It helps in implementing an application which can be created without repeating any of the code. The data binding is another great feature that is embedded in Angular and which gives it the stature of one of the most downloaded JavaScript frameworks. The redundancy of code and code repetition is almost zero when you choose AngularJS, and the functions you create through data binding injection can be called very easily.

There’s a thin line between a library and a framework when it comes to JavaScript. This fact remains with almost all frameworks that are created for JavaScript. Angular took the stage in 2012 and was aimed at creating the best of the best SPAs (single page applications). The project was very successful, with how Angular was able to extend HTML capabilities, it was a hit among the developers. Angular is still one of the most downloaded JavaScript frameworks and is still going strong so you need to go for an AngularJS Development company to start your project with this framework. 

Advantages & disadvantages of AngularJS

Angular’s main advantages:

  1. Extends HTML with new attributes. 
  2. Can create some of the best SPAs.
  3. Is highly capable because of its data binding injection feature.
  4. Angular is highly flexible along with an amazing UI design. 

Angular’s main disadvantages

  1. If you are only into JavaScript, you might have to learn more about Typescript to get a hold on Angular.
  2. Angular is best suited for SPAs and not the best choice for a multi-page application.
  3. Data object models are claimed to have performance issues.
  4. Since it’s written in Typescript, learning may involve a lot of work. 

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React Javascript Framework

What is React?

React was created by Facebook to aid the long going issue with libraries of JavaScript. React is highly focused on making the user interface better. It is a library rather than a framework but is open-source and highly capable. You can create great components using React’s features which aid almost every component related to the User interface. It is famously called a UI library for the very fact of the purpose it serves, creating projects that are absolutely stunning in the UI part by using React JS Development services

React does not contain all tools required to build an application, and is thus called a library rather than a framework. A notable feature of Reach is that can use flux architecture, which has many different functionalities from the generic Model view controller architecture. React in many ways, focuses on the view as in MVC, and is properly focused on creating excellent UIs. 

Advantages of ReactJS

  1. React Native library is something that none of the competition has. 
  2. It promises very high
  3. Performance.
  4. It has a fully component-based architecture. 
  5. The code written in it is highly reusable.

Disadvantages of ReactJS

  1. The fair learning curve as it’s written in JSX
  2. Some may be disappointed with the fact that it’s just a library
  3. Facebook might pose some threats to long term viability.
  4. Not everyone would be able to work with flux architecture, functionalities are lost when used with MVC

Vue Javascript Framework

What is Vue?

Vue is a JavaScript framework aimed at creating iconic SPAs with an amazing user interface. Vue was basically built to shorten on the flaws on Angular and to make a lightweight framework which had it all. It was built to downsize the heavy architecture of angular and only take the pieces required for the core development. Vue uses a data object model, just like react and some other JavaScript libraries and frameworks. 

Vue is best suited to create lightweight applications. When using Vue you get everything minus the heavy components of Angular. The pages built with Vue are highly dynamic, and it can be easily implemented on pre-made projects, unlike Angular. Backward compatibility is one of the USPs of Vue, even though it is taken from Angular, which isn’t backward compatible. 

Advantages of Vue

  1. Lightweight and faster than Angular
  2. Can be easily merged with existing projects and web pages.
  3. Fair learning curve.
  4. Makes great lightweight projects with ease.

Disadvantages of Vue

  1. It is fairly new and not very widely accepted in developers.
  2. Is only suited for small application development.
  3. Does not have everything that’s offered with Angular.
  4. Small community and hence, limited support.


For a simpler conclusion, React and Vue are both best for lightweight projects, whereas Angular is best suited for heavyweight projects. The comparison is based on the sheer capabilities of all three and keeping their performance in mind. The main reasons for the popularity of React and Angular is for the fact that they are backed by two of the greatest corporates in the world, Google and Facebook. Vue is relatively new and still gaining worldwide popularity. 

They are all highly capable, if you are a developer, we suggest you decide on the size of applications you would be working on, along with a thorough comparison of their learning curves. If you are looking forward to getting your project built by a professional web development company, choose on the scale of it, along with the best possible resource you have in mind. If your project is complex, we recommend React over Vue, for the community support React holds.  

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