In 2018, there are more than 3.5 billion mobile users worldwide and this number is constantly increasing as top Android App development companies are pushing the industry hard every day. Android is the clear leader in terms of the total number of apps with more than 8 million apps available on Google PlayStore. Apple App Store is second with 2.2 million available while Windows Store apps are close to 669K.

These numbers make it quite clear that the mobile app market is big enough to sell your products/services to masses. It will be fruitful for any business who is thinking of entering this domain with their mobile app. It is the easiest way to reach out to your potential customers. One advantage with Android is that there are a greater number of Android users than of IOS and Windows combined. So, your target market automatically becomes much bigger. That’s why It’s a good idea to hire top android app developer for your product so that it has maximum efficiency and outreach.

Are you thinking of developing your first Android app for your business? Do you have any idea how would you implement this? Should you hire top android app developer for it? How would you choose the best among the wide array of top android app development companies?

These are few obvious questions that would come to your mind if you want to develop an android app for your business. Stop bothering yourself.


Top 10 things that must be known to you before developing your first Android app

1) Make a solid business plan.

First, set your business goal about what you have to offer and what you want to achieve with it. After that, make a full-proof business plan around it. It will help you to tackles any business problems you might face at a later stage. Also, you must be clear about your goals. Do you want to build an innovative app with a fresh idea or you simply want to give competition to the other fishes’ present in the market?

2) Know your target audience.

Understand your target audiences/buyers- to whom you want to sell your products and services. This step will play an important role to know the basic needs of your buyers. A best-case scenario will be having apps for the iOS and Android but if you have time and budget only for one then you should focus on the target market. For example- iOS dominates the North American Market while Android dominates South American and Asian markets.

3) Price your app correctly.

You should do the pricing of your Android app wisely. If your app is less known, then its unlikely people will spend a large amount of money to download it. So basically, your app should be free to download but you should strategically place “in App purchase” option somewhere in the app so that people can use the basics of your app but can’t use the advanced features of it without paying. This way people can try out your app and if comfortable then will do in-app purchases.

4) Mobile App SEO.

Yes, you have heard it right, Mobile App SEO does exist. There are many ways people market their apps to rank it higher on the App Store. If your idea is unique and not much competition is out there, then you will do fine but if your idea is not unique and there are several apps with similar functionality then you need to hire a professional marketing company like us to market your App on the App Store.

5) Your App should be bug-free and compatible with various devices.

We are living in the era of smartphones having 3G-4G connections. Mobile users download so many apps to their smartphones and forget to use them if they are not fully-efficient and accurate. Obviously, if your app is 100% efficient (in terms of data efficiency as well), then mobile users will frequently use your mobile app on their phones. Always remember the key-point – If your android app doesn’t work efficiently, then all your efforts go vanish. This is the only way to survive in the Android market.


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6) Work on speeding-up your mobile app.

Is your mobile app taking too much time to load? It is proven to be a fatal issue to keep your app users waiting. You can lose the users string and attention. It can also lead to the conclusion that your app is malfunctioning. One way to avoid this – Use the Animations and Loading Indicators smartly.

7) Decide the technology stack beforehand.

It is really important to pre-decide the technology on which you want to work upon. Your app functionality totally gets affected by the decision you made on technology. Don’t neglect this important step as your business goal totally get affected by this. If going the Hybrid way, then choose React Native as it’s the best platform for Hybrid Mobile application development.

8) Perform testing on a small set of users.

Create a focus group of team members which does the user testing of your app. This kind of real-world testing strategies always works as it gives you accurate results. Try to perform the group discussion on daily basis. This whole process ensures that you are developing a kind of app that fulfill all your user-demands.

9) Identify the minimal solution set.

Instead of coping with your business problem as a whole, try to identify the minimal solution sets. These solution set will be helpful for you to tackle any issue. Launch a basic version of your app in the market, then take the advantages of upgrades to refine it again and again. It will make your presence noticeable in the target market. Also, you can get user reviews and feedback which play an important role to make additional upgrades.

10) Plan the marketing strategies beforehand.

Marketing strategies must be in place before hitting the market. So, start creating buzz around communities. This is the only way to survive in the android market. Keep doing variations in your marketing campaigns so that people will find them interesting and listen to you. You can also hire a marketing manager for this purpose. No one can suggest you the interesting marketing ideas better than a marketing expert.


It is essential for every business – to showcase their product to more and more users. Undoubtedly, making a mobile app is the smartest decision for any business/product to increase their client base. These were the top 10 points that you should keep in mind before building your first android app. We, SemiDot InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. are one of the top android app development companies. Our developers are having a rich experience in mobile app development. We have completed more than 150 android projects and we believe in serving the best digital solution for our clientele. Hire top android app developer and/or hire ios app developers for your business, today.

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