Developing a great website is a piece of art, and only a few can actually master it. However, a Full Stack Web Development Company has a challenge even further. Full-stack web development involves developing both the front-end and the back-end together. There are many advantages of full-stack web development compared to the generic approach of developing the front end and integrating it with the back end, the gaps will always remain with the latter.

The full-stack web developers are also called the jack of all trades, which means, they can develop both the back end and the front end of your website. Since the same person develops both of them, fusing and integrating the back end and the front end is much smoother. Also, since a full stack developer realize what’s possible on both the ends of the spectrum, a lot less time is wasted on pushing things on other ends which eventually will turn out not to work at all. The quality of work in full-stack web development is significantly higher compared to combining the works from the front end and the back end.

Technologies and practices that make a good full stack web development company, a great one.

The technologies a full stack development company has to have masters of, for creating an exceptional product.


HTML and CSS are the building blocks of the web, whatever we see and use on the web is in one way or the other, based on these technologies. HTML has been the essential tool for building up a website since the inception of the world wide web. Things might have changed now, but it still remains the most essential element of the entire web. CSS is for styling your webpage, things have advanced and yet CSS is still the most preferred choice for website designing.

When you are searching for a web development company, make sure they are excellent on the HTML and CSS part. As it matters a lot, about how your website would appear to anyone who chooses to visit or comes across your website.

HTTP and REST are used in web services development. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, and REST for REpresentational Transfer Protocol. The basic difference between the two is complicated, and mastering both and using them together is as tough as it gets. Simply told, the worldwide web can’t work without HTTP and REST, you need to master at least one to put up a website. A good full stack web development company needs to master both, all while mastering all of the points above.

2. Back End programming languages

For database operations, user authentication, and application logic, back end languages are like the backbone of a website. While the particular mastery in a single language doesn’t matter, you need to see if the company you are hiring has the masters of the language they use. It’s very necessary to get a hold of a particular back end language to manage things that happens on the back end. A PHP development company has to work on several things, while a Ruby oriented one may not have to. There is no perfect back end language, but as a full-stack development company has a wide pool of experts in every back-end language, they would make sure to use the best fit for your project.

Node.js | Ruby | Python | Java | PHP

3. JavaScript

Even after all the backlash in the world, JavaScript still remains the number one choice of language for the front end, back end, as well as full-stack development. The reason for that has widely been the overall feasibility of JavaScript as a scripting language. Also, note that only JavaScript can run natively on internet browsers. The DOM in javascript remains one of the very first technologies of its kind, along with JSON, it’s a major reason for the popularity we associate when we hear the name javascript.

Searching for an expert javascript developer can be a bit of a tough job, but most full-stack development companies have at least one expert. And if the company you choose has one, things will go as smoothly as ever.

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4. Databases

Big data has taken the world by storm, and why not?

The huge number of devices in our smart lives are now generating data worth more than anything else in the entire world. Bigdata, as its name suggests, is a huge collection of data(bases). Mastering Bigdata is a must for a full stack web development company and even if your business doesn’t require to dig into small insight for customer behavior, databases still remain absolutely necessary for any type of web development.

Generally, the popular databases these days have an excellent structure and are ACID compliant. But, of course, there is a lot of difference in the databases you have to choose from. Since the many choices, the developers usually use a particular database and they usually choose it according to their own style of working. Make sure you tell them your particular choice so the development company can do it according to your special wants.

Types of Databases

There are over four different types of databases around the world, but the two types, Relational and Non-Relational are the most used and the most popular.

Relational (SQL Databases)

MySQL| PostgreSQL | Oracle | Sybase

Distributed/Non-Relational (NoSQL databases)

Mongo |Couch | Redis |Raven

Nevertheless, the database is an essential part of the website development process and is something, which you must weigh in all options of, before choosing. A good full stack web development company will guide and facilitate you with an array of choices and will help you with Bigdata for taking your business to new heights. They will explain to you the differences between relational and NoSQL databases, rather than just imposing on you, a database of their choice.

5. Web Application Architecture

The application architecture requires a lot and a lot of experience in the domain. With a huge number of great full-stack developers, a full-stack development company gains a lot of experience. The basic application architecture is easy, but things, like allocating resources and managing the application, is the part where even the best of the best full-stack developers fail. A company brings along a pool of such experienced resources which together can build the perfect web application for you.


Whenever web development is involved, there is a need for a widely experienced web design agency. While the full stack developers aren’t the masters of one, but the jack of all trades, a full-stack web development company hires them according to their overall expertise, to create a pool of the greatest of the best. The gaps in the front end and back end development can never even be identified by an expert in either of them. It can only be identified by a full stack web developer, who has the experience, and has worked, in both of them.

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