PHP is an HTML embeddable scripting language, it is also called Hypertext preprocessor. It is basically used by PHP web development companies and coders for its ease of use in between the lines of an HTML code. The reason for PHP’s extreme popularity is the way it runs on the server and sends the instructions directly to the client. This process makes it impossible to know the original code and the script, which makes it virtually impossible to get to know the originals. In this blog, we will talk about the top PHP Frameworks.

Now, let’s get on the point to where this blog is actually headed.

First of all, let’s discuss what the best PHP framework actually is. To know what frameworks actually are, let’s compare it with the library. A library is a simplification of using pre-built instructions/functions as per your convenience, whereas, a framework has pre-built instructions and would only demand input from you wherever necessary. A framework is less malleable than a library, and you have significantly less control.

Technically, a library is a basic subdivision of the scale of a framework, and an inversion of control comes into play in frameworks. You are going to have limited control and you can write your code, but the framework would only come in play when the framework decides, unlike how, generally, the coder decides.

So, let’s start with the top PHP frameworks

1. Laravel

Undoubtedly, the most iconic PHP framework. Laravel is considered to be the easiest to learn the framework by the PHP developers, and yet, is most used by most advanced developers for extremely complicated applications.

Laravel is aimed at making web development coding a charm for the web artisans, it provides with more in less time and effort. The reasons why developers love Laravel is its flexibility and ability to control inversion of control, along with the MVC support.

2. Symfony

What lands Symfony at the 2nd place is how feature-rich it is. Along with features and flexibility, it also offers a unique way to code through its exclusive bundles and components. The architecture of Symfony is disintegrating, you can change different components without wrecking down the whole system.

Symfony is used by big companies all around, they include some of the top names like national geographic, bla bla car, TED, and many more. Symfony has proven reliability like no other firmware in the world, that’s one why of the reason why it has a community so big.

3. CodeIgniter

Once the most popular PHP framework, it now holds the 3rd rank in top PHP frameworks. But however, if you want a rapid development framework, Codeigniter is the fastest of them all. The source code of Codeigniter is something of a huge benefit too, the entire source code of Codeigniter is a mere 2MB in size.

Codeigniter is also fairly easier for those who are familiar with PHP in general, making it one of the most popular frameworks in the development community. Codeigniter has some of the most helpful developers who work to take it further.

4. CakePHP

CakePHP was one of the first frameworks made in PHP, it was developed back in 2005. The main advantages to Cake were its CRUD(create, read, update, and delete) development style that remains unmatched in other frameworks. Also, CakePHP is one of the finer frameworks security-wise, it has major security advantages over other frameworks.

5. Yii

It is the pure object-oriented framework in the PHP world. Yii offers everything that you would expect from an OOP framework, and it is very robust. The framework is generic, and can virtually create any and every type of web application. It is highly recommended, that you learn to work in an OOPL before getting started on Yii. Yii is especially suited for high performance and high traffic applications, for its simplicity and robust nature.

6. Zend

Zend is also called a component library, it is couplable with a lot more frameworks which are object-oriented like Zend. It helps develop high traffic scalable web applications with ease, it is also highly compatible with Yii. Also, Zend provides with an exclusive advanced MVC, that will help you to work applications and structuring.

7. Phalcon

One of the best full-stack frameworks in PHP, it allows rapid application development along with its simple usability. The framework is based on C and Coo but doesn’t require you to learn any of the C languages to work on it. The simplicity and ease of use are what sets Phalcon apart from other PHP frameworks, and it is one of the reasons for its huge community support.

8. FuelPHP

PHP Fuel was one of the first HMVC frameworks in the world, it uses one of the most advanced ORM in the field. The security provided in Fuel is one of the finest, it can be called as per need and some basics already comes implemented. Fuel also has an approval mechanism that pushes your code to the framework. But the thing in question is the community support, you might not find an answer to everything as the framework is relatively very new.

9. Slim

Slim is the fastest microarchitecture used to create micro applications. It is best for creating small, simple, and user-friendly web apps. It requires minimum add ons on the stock composer, the bit can be a bit tough to learn from the start.

10. PHPpixie

PHPpixie brings automation one step backward, which had always been a concern with frameworks, PHPpixie handles it full swing. With this iconic framework, you will be in charge, you will be in complete control, unlike other frameworks which have an inversion of control. Pixie offers huge modularity and security to add ons and features.

It has linear code flow and supports MongoDB, one of the first we have seen in PHP frameworks. it also supports various cryptography applications and security measures for an added layer of customization.


There are so many PHP frameworks out there, choosing one can become difficult for once. But if you have clear requirements, choosing the best PHP framework can be fairly easy. As we have listed the advantages of top PHP frameworks, you can choose depending upon how you want to proceed and what you are planning to achieve with your web app.

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