Web development accounts for one of the most important aspects to grow your business in today’s world. Almost everything and everyone is now a part of what we call the Internet. For increasing your business’s outreach and to make it grow, you will need a website. A website is your business’s portfolio in the online world, there are also options like a mobile app, but websites are still an absolute must-have.

The choice you need to make is how to proceed, how much to pay, and of course, which technology to use for your website’s development. Even if you plan to choose a web development company, they will present you with choices and prices. It will still be better if you give them a choice rather than letting them make decisions. The widely popular choices are PHP and Python, along with smaller manifestations of them and automated CMS software. JavaScript is widely popular too and can be used in conjunction with Python and PHP.

The things you need to know are that there is client-side/frontend, the machine where the website will be opened. And there is a server-side/backend, where the website will be pulled from. To create a website, you will need both a frontend and a backend code to make it work. Of course, you can use different web development languages for either and you can even go for full-stack web development.

So, that was just a mild introduction to web development, let’s get to the point about why PHP and Python rule the web development world.

1. Ease of learning

Ease of learning is the MVP of Python, and that can be claimed for PHP too if you have a certain level of expertise in HTML and CSS. Both languages are known to go easy on the developer, but Python takes a lead through its simple semantics. While making a choice for web development, the top priority for developers is a development language’s development capabilities, along with its customization capabilities.

Python is by far one of the most capable development languages of all time, making it the perfect choice for web development. The scalability was never a question, and the great applications it can be used for it to give an edge over the others. The reasons to choose Python or PHP over others are simple, both have them has enormous advantages over other competitors. Python is also used for futuristic scientific development, which will be easier to conjunct with your website if you decide so.

PHP is known for its simplicity, and as you know, it is an essential part of the world wide web. PHP is used along with HTML and CSS, and together they account for a very large number of websites on the internet being built with them. The only downside to PHP is its learning curve, which is a bit steeper than Python and yet much smoother than other development languages. PHP is a necessity for those who want to customize WordPress websites, and for those who want a fully customizable simpler website.

2. Community support

Community support is very important when you consider things that involve going ahead of general usage. When you are considering a website that goes ahead of what you see with your competitors, you are definitely going to face some walls. The community is so large, you can know for sure that someone, somewhere, has already faced the issue. You will find solutions to all your problems through veteran developers and forums.

PHP has one of the largest communities in the web development world, which includes top PHP developers that had been working in PHP since the dawn of the development language. The community, however, is now showing a negative growth trend due to the focus shifting towards Python development. But you can assume it goes hand in hand, and things might change, and however, the people who have been working in PHP will still have the knowledge even if they shift.

Python is showing a 20% YoY adaptation growth, which is really commendable for any development language. Soon enough, Python will be the top development languages of all time. But, however, a lot of developers choose Python for web development to become python experts, and given its capabilities, you do just as much do anything with it. Python is ironically simple, it gets complex when you don’t want it to, that is why community support is essential. Python has massive community support by the veteran developers, you will find help with whatever you are looking for.

PHP & Python Rule over Web Development

3. Popularity

Both languages are widely popular for the fact that they offer a lot as a package. They are easier to learn and comprehend, giving them an advantage over the competitors by huge margins. All this leads to PHP and Python topping the popularity charts of web development languages. Everyone out there knows their demand and people are much eager to learn them for the same fact.

More and more people are choosing Python development services to be their primary choice of learning the language. PHP, on the other hand, has been massively popular already but has somehow stopped growing in popularity because of Python’s capabilities in other development areas. The web development revolves around frameworks, and both of these languages are finding a lot of people working on new frameworks every single day.

4. Frameworks

Frameworks are a very important aspect of a development language, it makes things easier and smoother. Even web development companies prefer frameworks over building from scratch to reduce development time and effort. Obviously, framework availability and development play a huge part, to include custom options on your website. Both Python and PHP have a plethora of web frameworks, and many being developed for more. Anything you want to explore with these development languages, there is a framework for that. Here, you can find the list top PHP frameworks for web development & here is an introduction to the top Python frameworks.

5. Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support could be the most essential of the lot depending on your requirements and business type. It is in fact, one of the main deciding factors when choosing between in-house and remote developers. Both Python and PHP are great for support and maintenance, they are both integrated, making it easier to find and sort bugs for both languages.

In a worst-case scenario, if the people who developed your project abandon you for support, you can always find developers who are in and out experience in Python and PHP development services. The advantages to it are easier support for life, and both languages could extensively support versioning. In the case of the competitors, you won’t only find a hard time looking and employing developers, but you can’t really be sure how deep they know the language.


These factors may seem small if you aren’t actually into developing a website, but they are the ones that count. Every point we have mentioned is in favor of Python and PHP, giving them an advantage over other web development languages. Choosing a web development language can be difficult, the toughest choice would be choosing between Python and PHP.

But worry not, we have got you covered with Python vs PHP. Have a read and choose for yourself, and if you want, we can evaluate and recommend the perfect path and developers. Just send in your requirement and we would reach you back with a free quote for your project.

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