This weekend, one of my close friends came to my house with an excellent business idea. He wanted to start his online furniture store. I also found that his business proposal was brilliant as he was selling some unique items which are not available on other eCommerce stores. After spending hours discussing the technical strategy and capital raising options, we got stuck when I asked about his preferred programming language (that he will choose for his website).

There are so many options and he wanted to be absolutely sure about the technology. It was a serious challenge for both of us to figure out the best programming language for his startup. We figured out the Python web development will be best suited after a long discussion with the technical advisory.

I am pretty sure that after reading this blog, you will not get confused with the number of programming languages available and will choose Python web development for your startup business.

Top reasons why Python is the preferred Programming Language for Startups?

Python can handle a huge amount of data and users simultaneously. Also coding in Python is concise and it’s very hard to write bad code in Python, that is why the code quality is always good, which helps when we edit the current system for new changes. Yes, there are other powerful languages for your software development, but Python is more suited for startups. There is a good reason why Python has become the most sought out programming language for new ventures. But why?

Read the top reasons given by him to know why Python web development is the best software solution for your business:

• Python is quick in building an MVP. It can handle a larger number of users.
• Products built on Python are easy to edit for new features.
• You can easily integrate it with other web and mobile applications.
• Python generally follows a very high coding standard.
• It provides a scalable business.
• With Python, you will need to hire fewer numbers of developers.

As most of the startups have a limited budget and time, it is extremely important to think twice before choosing the right programming language. Considering the future possibilities, it would be great if you can go with Python. Semidot team further added that it has been proven that Python proves to be economical language in terms of budget and time. Read on to know what the other major benefits are of using Python.

Python is faster in building an MVP

It is crucial for newly start ventures to satisfy their investors. For this, they need to build a quick and functional prototype to test the results after each iteration. As startups find it hard to convince its investors to prove their business model profitable, So they will prefer the programming language which will give them a quick working prototype to showcase the actual potential of their businesses to its investors.

Unlike the core languages like Java and C++, Python provides rapid application development. It is a programming language that allows you to do quick iterations after getting each feedback. All credit goes to its pre-built modules & packages that make the product completion process faster. In short, it definitely takes less time to develop an MVP with Python.

Python provides a scalable business to its users

Do you know that the most commonly used search engine- Google and popular websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Yahoo!, Dropbox, Quora, Survey Monkey, Spotify, Bitly, etc. are built-in Python. The main reason why these tech giants are using this language is- Python makes it much easier to scale a business. It helps businesses to find out their actual business goals and also let them handle their rapid business growth comfortably.

The truth behind Python’s success is that it is simpler and more consistent than other core programming languages. So if a startup founder will choose this language than it will be easier for him to scale his business growth.

Python needs an agile development team to build a great product So, it is also cost-effective

Generally, for Python projects, you will need to hire fewer no developers as compared to other programming languages. This is because, in most of the cases, Python only needs an agile development team. Here, the “agile development team” means a group of cross-functional people who work together to complete a project. Obviously, hiring a greater number of developers will be a less cost-effective deal. So, Python allows the startups to be free from the extra burden of development costs.

Python Web Development Company - Semidot Infotech

Nowadays, Python is in demand by most of the developers. Actually, developers find it a very clear and spontaneous language. It has minimal codes that definitely makes it more appealing. So its popularity is continuously increasing by each passing day.

Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991, Wikipedia defines Python as an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. It was developed by keeping in mind the code readability issues that other programming languages generally have.

Python has an extensive set of useful libraries that are capable of making a powerful app or web product. Its excellent built-in features and characteristics make it a strong dynamic language.

Python’s readability & speed are the two main features that let the developers come back to it again and again.
I would like to demonstrate this with an example of printing “Hello world!” in Java and in Python.
In Java, the developer needs to write down the following couples of lines codes-
Public class A
Public static void main (string [] args)
System.out.printlln(“Hello World!”);
While in Python, he needs to write-
Print(‘Hello World!)
Woahh!! What more a developer can expect from a programming language. It is simply amazing.


According to the popular, Python has become the world’s fourth most frequently used programming language. Many tech giants are already using this language with a good success rate. If you also want to take benefits of this popular language, then hire python developers now.

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