While sitting on my desk last night, I was wondering – Why this new term named full stack web developer is trending on tech websites and job portals? The more I read about this topic, more I discover new arena of website development. After digging popular websites for a couple of hours, my curiosity in this phrase has increased to the next level. Now, I am ready to share with you a concise write-up to bring you closer to this trending technology stack. But before we start, just keep a cup of coffee with you to keep it more intriguing.

What is a Full Stack Web Developer?

A full stack web developer is a programmer who is an expert in handling ‘front-end web development’ and ‘back-end web development’ altogether. Here, front-end web development involves the user-interface of a website and back-end web development involves the internal coding written for databases, web servers, and applications. Traditionally, these aspects were handled by different developers on every level. In other words, you can say that a full stack developer is someone who can completely handle the project on his own without any other external help.

While putting the concept of full stack developer into a single formula, we will get the exact phenomena running behind this new trend. See the formula right below-

The skillset of Full stack web developer= Technologies used in Front-end development + Technologies used in Back-end development (include the technologies used in various database platforms).

A full stack web developer’s skillset involves the complete knowledge of front-end languages such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript as well and back-end scripting languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby on Rail etc.

Front-end Web Development

The front-end web development deals with- How does your website look into the web browsers and mobile phones to the end-users? Well! Obviously, one who wants to make a website will surely have a desire to impress visitors with a beautiful look and impressive features of his website. He will also try his best to let the visitors stick to his website for a long run. Here, the term ‘front end developer’ comes into the light. The main task of the front-end developer is to give a brilliant look and to add user-friendly interfaces to the client’s website. As the name suggests, the front-end developer does the coding related to the website’s front-end, means on web-pages to give a better user experience.

For doing this, they should have a brief knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AngularJS, ReactJS, JQuery, SAAS etc. languages. To put the icing on the cake, they should also know how to deal with the UX and UI design elements so that they can make visually impressive websites.

Back-end Web Development

Now, let’s talk about the back-end web development. The back-end development involves the tasks and processes associated with the server-side scripting, databases and application. Here, the main task of the back-end developer is- how to deal with the data received from front-end and how to do the server-side scripting. Back-end developers are the programmers who are experts in various back-end languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby on Rail, Perl, C #etc. and the database management languages like MySQL, MongoDB etc.
Note: MySQL, Redis, Oracle, MongoDB and SQLServer are the names of a few popular databases.

What is a Full Stack Web Developer - Semidot Infotech

Why it is beneficial to hire a Full Stack Web Developer for your Business?

Hiring a full stack web developer is similar to getting a bundle of developers who are experts in different programming languages. To make it clear, I would like to give you an example of a shopping mall. Think, you need to buy some groceries for your daily needs such as fruits, vegetables, soaps and a new pair of foot wares. If you will go on the specific market to buy each piece of your shopping list, then you have to visit the fruit market first, then vegetable market, then some general store and lastly, to the footwear store.

After visiting here and there, then only you will get your shopping done. Instead of going to various markets, if you will go to a shopping mall, then you will find all the items on your shopping list, under one roof. By this way, you can save your precious time and energy. Similarly, if you will hire a full stack developer instead of a team of 2-3 developers, then you can save your time and energy. Think about it and search for a full stack developer for your business today.

Other than this, some other advantages of hiring a full stack web developer are given below:

1. No communication gap

What happens normally is- when a project comes, then there are multiple developers who work on it. But if you have a full stack developer then he alone can work on multiple parts of the projects. That’s why it’s best to hire full stack because if a single person handles everything, there won’t be any communication gap. For e.g. there is a PHP developer when work is done. Sometimes, it goes to front-end developer then it goes to database expert…..but if you have one person that is full stack developer then a single person can manage all these 3 parts.

2. Cost efficiency

Although the rates of full stack developers are on the higher side. But still, to get affordable website design & development hiring a full stack developer is more cost-effective for your business than hiring 2 or 3 developers separately. In short, it is cheaper than hiring 2-3 developer for a project

3. Efficiency and reliability

Normally a full stack developer has higher aptitude and skill level. Such qualities help them to easily deal with the technical challenges that can come in their way of building a web application. He can proficiently work on both sides of the web development (either front-end or back-end) so that he can help you to build your website more efficiently than a team of 2 or 3 developers.

Apart from that, he will be the only person who will deal with the project, so he will also be aware of each loop-holes in the project. In case, you will get stuck somewhere, then he can help you out immediately as they have throughout knowledge of the project. Due to their work-efficiency and reliability, they are the perfect choice for quality web development.

It will be smart to hire a Full Stack web developer for your application if you can find and afford one. He can manage all the core aspects of your business and you can have a single point of communication for increased efficiency and reliability.

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