Top-rated Microlearning services

Why to go for Microlearning development?

Microlearning is a new way of learning which provides learning content in a specifc burst by creating sticky learning experiences. Due to increased use of smartphones and similar technologies, the average attention span of youth has gradually declined and they find it hard to focus on lengthy topics. For them we can make learning fun an effective by feeding them information in a short burst and allow them to absorb the content and provide another burst and so on. It is already implemented by many organizations as it saves time and along with interactive videos and adaptive learning is the future of learning industry.

Advantages of Microlearning

  • Using short burst mode learning enables people with short learning span to quickly comprehend the relevant subject.
  • Microlearning along with interactive videos provides next level learning by communicating useful information in an effective way.
  • It can improve the retention memory as it makes the content easy to remember by teaching them in a short burst.
  • Microlearning encourages the use of gadgets as its tech based and also holds weekly and in fact daily quizzes to improve learning.
  • It can enhance the learning experience not only in education industry but in almost every major sector like, corporate, travel, health, manufacturing etc.


Below are our current toolkit for Microlearning which materialises your ideas into a reality.
Beside these, Project managers and QA are involved throughout the span of the project.