Startup guidance and planning services

Why consult for Startup setup?

The startup ecosystem is a dynamic and energetic way of doing business and it’s a breath of fresh air in the traditional business space. Startup owners either launches a new product and services never heard about or launch services which are served in an inferior way by existing ecosystem. So a Startup is basically a company which is trying to solve world problems with unconventional tools and no sure shot guarantee of success however when they succeed they succeed big. Startups are either funded by the founders or by investors who invest in the idea and gains when a company becomes successful.

How SemiDot can help

  • Semidot can prepare your idea to become the next big thing by becoming a technical partner as well as use all our experience in refining your product.
  • We can suggest excellent SEO/SMO techniques to bring your product to the right audience.
  • We can prepare a marketing report of your major competitors so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Semidot can connect you with potential investors who might be interested in your idea, we can assist in the business plan documentation as well.
  • Startups provides a good growth opportunity for both its investors and its employees.
  • Startups can solve major world problems as corporations sometimes don't have the time to deal with specific issues, this is where Startups can thrive.

Keyfeatures of Startup

Our toolkit changes constantly as does Startup industry. Right now
we use the following technologies to bring our projects to life