About Semidot

About Semidot

We are a premium software development company that delivers truly outstanding solutions to our clients. We provide top-notch web and mobile app development services by using and improving latest technologies that are out there. Anything coming out from SemiDot is of the highest quality and second to none. We have a handpicked selection of the finest web & mobile app developers, who always believe any task can be done more smartly, and any existing system can be challenged, and ultimately, improved.

Our services have always been client-oriented, we value your happiness and business more than anything else. It has been so, since when we started as a team of 3 enthusiasts, to right up until now, and we hope for it to be the same way for years to come. Our team consists of likeminded individuals, who believe in treating clients as their priority, that’s actually the first thing you will notice when you start working with us, small things being done without any intimation from your end.

We offer various engagement and hiring models, so we could serve our purpose to various businesses, ranging from startups which are in the planning phase, to the businesses serving millions of multitudes of users. You can check our portfolio and see how vivid it is, in terms of types of both mobile apps and websites, we have worked in almost all niches, across all industries.

Principles and Values

Our purpose to enter this space was to make lives easier, and to help clients grow their businesses to the next level.



Our history dates back to 2011, it has been more than 10 years since we carved our way into the web and mobile app development space. Since the beginning, we haven’t only gained experience and reputation, we have gained clients that love how their businesses grow with the solutions we created for them. We began as a team of 3 visionaries and now have grown to have over 80+ employees in this company, we consider them as our family.

Our repeat client ratio has been about 75%, which means that every 3 of the 4 clients we have served, have come back to us for working on their current or new project. This is all thanks to the quality with which our team creates their websites and apps, along with our client-centric approach. Our core team has been the same, and there were only new members added, we not only like to keep our clients happy but our team too.


Our aim is to deliver the best possible solution and build your product on a strong foundation, so when it actually goes mainstream, it can handle the massive user load. That’s why we prefer experts rather than Jack of all trades which makes us a one-stop solution for your mobile application and web development needs, our web development company is eager to work with young entrepreneurs like you and be a part of the next big thing.

Apart from the things mentioned above, our mission is to deliver what you imagine, and that is what SemiDot is truly known for. We have enabled things ranging from huge business revenue improvement to setting up platforms for startups to grow upon. We hope to always ensure maximum client satisfaction, no matter the business type, and it has only been possible through our vivid experience of our team, in all niches.




There are 2 things we have stayed true to, client’s satisfaction, and a vision to make lives simpler than before, as quoted by most of our previous clients, when they were asked about the reasons why they love us. We strive to provide the best services to our clients, while ensuring the users' lives, are made much easier with the products we create. We have R&D facilities for a lot of emerging technologies and are continually developing them, to all possible extent.

A major part of our revenue goes into research and development of both core and emerging technologies, the rest goes into keeping the employees happy and motivated. We aspire to be a truly balanced web and mobile app development firm, where both our clients and our developers remain truly satisfied. We hope we keep them as satisfied as they are right now, and be able to do everything, to improve their satisfaction even further.

Industries We Serve

Our Mobile and web development expertise extends to various popular industries, you can find a few of them below.








Real Estate



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