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Create a unique and distinguishable non-fungible token platform with SemiDot Infotech. We are a reliable, leading NFT marketplace development company. Join the most creative way of digital item exchange with us.

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Non-fungible token development for your business

The most trending and upbeat non-fungible token is the technically secured and unique cryptographic token. These tokens are uniquely created and non-interchangeable i.e., they cannot be exchanged for any other token. We have expert NFT developers who create cryptographic tokens, which you can use to represent ownership over the real world or digital objects.

Getting deep down to the working of NFT, the NFT world is incipient but strong. NFTs are being used for anything which is unique and needs provable ownership. Being unique and secure, no one can manipulate NFT. Owners can hold the NFT forever to secure an asset in Ethereum wallet. NFT tokens have a unique identifier that makes them non-interchangeable with another token, unlike ETH. Also, the token is reliable because each NFT has an owner and the information is publicly verifiable. The NFT token breaths on Ethereum and can transact on any Ether-based NFT market, providing a wide scope.

Being a top-notch NFT development company, we have expertise in NFT token development services, where you get to earn royalties every time a token is sold. Opt your non-fungible token development with us and sell over any platform worldwide without any intermediate authority. We provide NFT development services for digital content such as art, music and videos, domain names, gaming items, investment, land acquisition, and other physical items that are unique.

Our non-fungible token development services

Being a top NFT token development company, our non-fungible token development services facilitate the digital assets to be tokenized for NFT collection. Majorly, we work on Ethereum NFTs, which are too popular in the market. SemiDot Infotech helps you to launch your NFT for all your business needs.

White-label NFT Marketplace Development

SemiDot Infotech provides effective white-label NFT marketplace development services that work as a profitable business opportunity in the crypto domain. Presently, businesses choose white-label NFT marketplace solutions over anything as it is much more cost-efficient and less time-consuming. These developed white label NFT Platforms assist ventures in embracing the trend of NFTs while getting the advantages of Blockchain technology.

At SemiDot Infotech, we have expert and skilled NFT developers who will provide you with the best white-label NFT solutions. They will help you launch your NFT platform for creating, minting, and trading your digital assets. The advantage of getting white label NFT marketplace development services is that the developed NFT solution will be similar to the popular NFT platforms such as Rarible, OpenSea, Foundation, etc. Being a top-notch white label NFT marketplace development company, SemiDot Infotech provides businesses with personalized solutions according to their needs. We can launch the white label NFT marketplace in approximately 15-20 days on different Blockchain networks with the help of expert developers.

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Features of NFT Marketplaces

  • Standardization

    You can create reusable, inheritable, and common standards for all NFTs. Begin token standardization of collectibles.

  • Marketplace

    The various NFT marketplaces are highly productive for NFT trading & unique ownership.

  • Ownership

    NFT tokens are immutable ownership of antique collectibles that eliminate unauthorized changes.

  • Bidding

    Trade in multiple marketplaces and bid over them to take part in the trade.

  • Traceability

    NFTs are liquid because of their highly traceable features. Get access to the liquidity pool of marketplaces.

  • New Project

    Crypto wallet providers are eyeing every new project arriving in the NFT marketplace. Enjoy smooth trade.

  • Tracking

    You can track the owner of any asset and avoid third-party verification requirements.

  • Governance Attributes

    Users can vote on upgrades of the platform developed by a Governance attribute.

Benefits of NFT Development

NFT marketplace development services are rewarding to both creators and investors. Here are some benefits:

  • Multi-chain NFT
  • NFT Staking
  • NFT Launchpad
  • NFT Liquidity
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Smart Contract
    Audited NFT
  • NFT Lending
  • Bidding & Auction
  • IPFS NFT Storage
  • Lazy Minting

Our Recent Works

Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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NFT Development on Various Blockchain Networks

SemiDot Infotech is an NFT development company, have a blockchain team with expertise in NFT development over the Ethereum standard for satisfying the requirement. Ethereum is the leading blockchain platform that gives a push to the NFT market with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. The NFT development service by SemiDot Infotech is a powerful tool for the industry-ready effort and lets you put the product on the NFT marketplace as it is delivered. Also, the NFT trade over Ethereum could be P2P where service fees can be eliminated with no need for any platform.

Our experienced team provides NFT token development services overall leading blockchain platforms. We at SemiDot Infotech develop Binance Smart Chain keeping the most upbeat market standards at the highest priority. Binance network is perfectly built for high quality and optimized pricing. The NFT platform development with Binance is extremely interoperable. Binance leverages amazing benefits such as EVM compatibility, proof of Stake authority, and cross-chain transfers. Binance smart chain NFTs are compatible with the upcoming requirements.

Solana blockchain development by SemiDot delivers a rapid transactional experience for different blockchain development. For accelerated and more active participation of validators, Solana NFT development services are the right fit. The platform is growing faster because of less gas fees, a highly composable marketplace, and smooth/high-speed transactions. The NFT development solutions at SemiDot Infotech fulfill the market requirement and build a great scalable asset for the future. Our developers create NFT as a market-ready product that can be listed on the NFT platforms.

Matic network originally known as the Polygon is the open-source blockchain protocol that offers amazing interchain scalability solutions. The blockchain is intentionally developed to bring scalability and adaptability along with security, interoperability, and liquidity. SemiDot team is experienced in working with leading platforms that can function like a protocol and complete multichain network. Polygon is used for infrastructure development and scaling with Ethereum. It lowers the barrier for non-crypto users and facilitates social engagement between users and creators. Build your NFT with SemiDot Infotech and list them directly on the marketplace.

Cardano is a popular decentralized blockchain technology with a higher output than its competitive Blockchains. The evidence-based blockchain supports customers and the requirements. The technology is considered the next-generation blockchain, where smart contracts competitively beat their counterparts in outperforming the advanced features. The experts in SemiDot Infotech have experience in building straightway applications, ready to be launched on marketplaces. Cardano NFT Marketplace development ensures the secured protocol with stringent security measures. The Cardano blockchain sustainability is maintained by the incentive technology where the participant receives the reward.

NFT Development Tech Stack

SemiDot Infotech is a leading NFT marketplace development company. We are highly innovative & work with advanced technologies.

Ethereum Ethereum
Tezos Tezos
Wax Wax
Cortana Cortana
Hyperledger Hyperledger
Multichain Multichain
Filecoin Filecoin
MongoDB MongoDB
CouchDB CouchDB
ERC-721 ERC-721
ERC-1155 ERC-1155
dGoods dGoods
TRC-721 TRC-721
BEP-20 BEP-20
Vue.js Vue.js
Angular Angular
React React
Kafka Kafka
VanillaJs VanillaJs
Truffle Truffle
Solidity Solidity
Golang Golang
C++ C++
Python Python
Php Php
IBM Bluemix IBM Bluemix
Kaleido Kaleido Insights

NFT Use Cases

We offer NFT development services in multiple domains. Let’s explore our forte:

Crypto Collectibles

Crypto collectibles are unique items that can be sold or bought on the blockchain. The blockchain crypto-collectibles are easy to verify the ownership and record the transaction.


NFT marketplace development is leveraging the games with in-game avatars, skins, and other collectibles. Enjoy the rich gaming with proof of authenticity.


Virtual investment and properties have become the popular talk of the industry. Still, in the development stage, the Metaverse is building a stable ground for NFT tokens.

Software License Management

Ensure the attestation of ownership over the software licenses. Mint NFT for your software distribution and represent each license with an NFT for an improved level of ownership.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Trading and transferring the ownership of the token is quick and easy. Convert the asset into an NFT and take hold of asset lifecycle management.

Trading Marketplace

NFT marketplaces are the high-trending places for trading the digital arts, virtual lands, software licenses, and all possible collectibles converted into an NFT.


Cryptopunks are a hot commodity and are constantly looking for growth in value over time. You can tokenize your punk on the desired blockchain network.


Photographs are a unique asset. Ensure the authenticity and royalty with Proof of Ownership of your photograph with the NFT which provides the creator proof of authenticity.


Set up auctions at the NFT marketplaces and let creators win the price of their effort. The Creator can set the base price above which the highest bid may succeed to purchase.


Like many celebrities today, artists can trade their artwork on the NFT platform without worried about copyright issues and content theft.


Tokenize your music creation or the audio clips and list them on the NFT marketplace. NFT minting platform development has enabled the creators to convert Music to NFTs.


Earlier memes creation are just for entertainment purpose and was entirely free. With memes, now you can create NFT and certify the authenticity of the artwork.


Earn the skyrocketing value for the NFT on videos. The Creator economy has given huge rise to more revenue-generating opportunities and plentiful benefits.


Domain NFT token development is the new entrant in the market that came from NFT website development. The domain contains both investors' and customers' interests, which gave a huge rise to domain NFT.

Real Estate

The audience can bid on the property through marketplaces. List the virtual lands on the marketplaces through tokenization and enjoy the trade without hassle.

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What makes SemiDot Infotech the right choice for NFT development services?

SemiDot Infotech is a top NFT development company that ensures the customized token offers an innovative platform to meet the specific demand of your business. We deliver crypto-based secure business solutions that can help you build independent non-fungible tokens within a short time duration.

Reliable Platform

We provide reliable NFT platform development solutions for secure trading and exchange. Enjoy the innovative way of ownership handling.

24/7 Support

Our NFT token developers are there to support you 24*7 after providing NFT development solutions. Our prowess lies in our confidence in building seamless solutions.


You get extremely secure and reliable tokenization of collectibles. The information is secure and cannot be hacked.


SemiDot Infotech offers custom non-fungible token development service for a specific request, where your business gets enough air to breathe.


With custom NFT marketplace solutions, you can integrate third-party wallets. Selling, trading, and exchanging are easy and fun with reliable NFT.


With NFT, you get ownership of the product that is publicly verifiable. As an event manager, you can create or maintain scarcity.


Here is a list of some FAQs in reference to your queries about our NFT marketplace development services.

NFTs i.e. Non-Fungible Tokens are crypto-enabled tokens that offer a unique identity for provable ownership over any physical or digital asset. NFTs include all digital artworks comprising music, video, songs, paintings, and social media tweets.

NFT token offers ownership of the item similar to cryptographed coins. It ensures the attested ownership over the digital asset. The difference is that NFTs are non-interchangeable and cannot be broken into parts.

Creating or minting an NFT on any platform can cost between $1 to $150. However, it is highly scalable in features and cost. Always be specific to your requirements to get the best estimate of your project cost.

Yes, you can encash Ethereum by selling it.

Fungible tokens of the ERC-20 type are similar to currency notes. These are not unique and are interchangeable. Instead, NFTs of the ERC-721 type secure a unique asset and are not interchangeable. Unlike Crypto, non-fungible tokens don’t possess any financial value. The NFTs are minted for the items that have certain financial value, for example, property, art, or any asset.

Yes, you can create your NFT by choosing the suitable NFT platform and connecting the payment wallet. SemiDot Infotech can help you create your own NFT that you can sell on multiple platforms.

You need to hire NFT developers for your different projects. An NFT developer possesses a deep knowledge of NFT development and different services such as NFT marketplace development, software license management, and other NFT apps. You can leverage their expertise for different business requirements.

NFT marketplace development is not a short-term task. There is a need for advanced functionality to accomplish NFT marketplace development project. To develop a NFT marketplace, deadlines are often elongated owing to iterations. However, SemiDot Infotech ensures there is a no-false promise. Also, we adhere strictly to deadlines.

NFTs creators can gain passive income by setting the terms for each sell of NFT. In other terms, NFT creators receive royalty wherever NFT changes hands. To know more, you can consult with SemiDot's tech-consultant team and get required guidance.

Yes, SemiDot Infotech ensures a profitable business opportunity with reliable and engaging white-label NFT solutions. White-Label NFT marketplace allows investors to build revenue without expenditure.

With the rapidly growing craze of NFT and Blockchain platforms, NFT development companies offer a wide range of white label NFT platforms. They are- NFT auction, NFT lending platforms, NFT listing, and NFT launchpad.

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