Taxi App Development Company

Taxi App Development Company

We are a top taxi booking app development company that provides both readymade and custom on-demand taxi solutions for businesses. We design, develop & deploy efficient custom taxi booking app solutions for iOS & Android platforms.

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Taxi App development Solutions

We provide different taxi app development solutions for individuals and similar industries. Our team of taxi app developers & designers provides customized, white-label & readymade taxi app solutions built with multiple features.

To deliver optimum experience for users and drivers

We created 3 different panels with customer centric features

  • Driver Management
  • User management
  • User verification
  • Driver verification
  • Fare calculation
  • Live location access
  • Wallet & payment gateway integration
  • Chat management
  • Fleet management
  • Schedule and edit rides
  • Easy profile creation
  • Profile management
  • Connectivity with passengers
  • Review facility
  • Map integration
  • Payment information
  • Car condition setting
  • Availability setting
  • Easy registration
  • Choice from a list of fleets
  • Live tracking on map
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Panic mode for emergency
  • Payment options
  • Fair breakup
  • Multiple filters

Features you will get

All our Taxi app solutions comes loaded with features, they will ensure maximum ease of use, while ensuring maximum manageability.

Multi-Language support

The multi-language support feature in the taxi app solution we develop for you has more than 60 different languages to choose from, one for every user from a different region.

Multi-time zone support

Our developers integrate multi-time zone feature into Taxi booking app development services to ensure that the users always see the ride according to their time zone.

GPS integration

Each of our developed on-demand taxi app solutions is equipped with the useful location-based feature that is automatic GPS to give commuters on-the-spot live updates.

Simple interface

In our taxi app development services, we provide a simple and interactive user interface that makes the cab booking process easier for users. Our app is completely user-centric.

Sharing Documents

Integration of cloud storage and on-the-go document verification through integrated databases is one of the specialties of our apps that make the apps completely unique.

Audio Streaming

We have an audio streaming feature incorporated with our apps that allow to directly connect the app to a screen and speakers of the car of the driver for entertainment purpose.

Bug reporting

In taxi booking app development services, we include this feature so that whenever a user gives us feedback about any app crash or error, it will be solved with the utmost priority.


Real-time or push notifications are used to integrate into taxi apps as they are time-sensitive in every aspect. We ensure to keep users informed about offers and their bookings.

In-app calling

In-app calling feature integration is used to mask the phone numbers of either the user or the driver. It is the reason why in-app call and message facilities are included in our apps.


On-demand applications generate a lot of metrics and data, it would be a total waste if quality data analysts do not use it. We integrate popular analytics platforms to manage the data.

Easy CMS

Our team of taxi app developers will make an exclusive CMS for you to deploy anything you want in the app, and to fetch all metrics with ease. It will help to connect with the users more.

Payment Integration

Payments are essential for any Uber-like taxi app to ensure a smooth flow of services, we integrate and build custom wallets. We ensure money security and fast payment via it.


A highly optimized app would be built for each platform that you wish to target. Our team design, develop, and deploy optimized taxi booking app solutions for cross-platform.

Rating Track Algorithm

Our team integrates the rating track algorithm into our taxi booking app solutions to ensure the most compatible users and drivers are matched based on filters and ratings.

No internet booking

With our efficient taxi booking app, users would be able to book a taxi, even when there is no internet, through SMS and coordinates. It is a kind of facility that every user wants to have.

Advance booking

Users can book the taxi in advance if they wish to. Our advanced algorithm will take care of how everything would be managed? It will relax them from the hustle of the end moment.

Our Recent Works

Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Why Choose SemiDot for Taxi App Development Services

With the help of our taxi app developers, we can build an Uber like app for less than a fifth of what it usually costs, thanks to the demographics of our India office.

Innovative Designs

Our team of proficient UI/UX designers creates immersive, attractive, and engaging apps, customized the way you want. It is done so that users can feel more connected to the app.

Effective Communication

As a top-notch taxi booking app development company, we assign a dedicated project manager for every project; he will be sharing all the updates directly with the client.

On-Time Delivery

You can stay assured about the timely delivery of the project. We make clients assure as we use a one-of-a-kind Hybrid Agile model that facilitates us to provide on-time project delivery.


We can implement everything into taxi booking app solutions you wish for, we can make an Uber app clone or something different from that, all depending on the client’s requirements.

Flexible Hiring Models

We offer various distinct engagement & hiring models for you to choose from, they vary a lot to make it work for everyone. Clients can choose among them based on pricing and needs.


Our team is highly professional in keeping everything confidential. You can have an NDA signed, just how you require it. NDA ensures to keep every client and project’s data secure.

Engagement and Hiring Model

We offer various hiring and engagement models, to keep the prices and the development time in check while fulfilling all your requirements.

Engagement and Hiring Model


Every customization, or if you want the app to build from scratch, will be done right in front of your eyes, at your head office.


You have to option to simply outsource the project to us in India, we will ensure the prices are kept to the minimum for everything.


This is the best of both worlds engagement model that we offer, both peace of mind and the low development costs can be achieved easily.

Fixed Price

Both the time of delivery and cost to develop will be fixed at the beginning, so there would be complete peace of mind for you.

Dedicated Hiring

Hire dedicated taxi app developers to customize our white label solutions, or to get a custom Uber like taxi app developed, all per your choice.

Hourly Basis

Hire taxi app developers charged on per hour basis, for components they work for in your taxi app, complete transparency and lowest costs assured.

Discuss Your Project with Our Specialists

We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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Most popular questions by our clients, we decided to make a list for easing things at all ends.

Our taxi app developers are able to provide the clients different types of apps as well that include limousine services, car rentals, fleet management, corporate taxi business, air taxi and many others.

There are various benefits businesses can get through taxi booking app development that comprise accelerating the ROI, lesser the operational costs, automation processes, enhancing driver efficiency, customer satisfaction, real-time connectivity, and many more.

When you hire taxi app developers from SemiDot, you will always get a quality solution with useful components. These key components include simple sign-up process, scheduling rides, payment modes, push notifications, ride history, rating system and reviews.

Our developed taxi booking apps are beneficial for large-scale businesses to small-scale businesses as well. If you have a small business, this app will provide you better services to the customers and huge chances to expand your business. It will also permit you to automate each process rather than doing it manually.

Of course. It is a part of our app development services. Right from developing the taxi app to deploy it on such stores from where your targeted customers can download it easily, we take care of everything.

We are a leading taxi app development company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and security. We develop apps compliant with the coding standards to prevent from data breaches anyway. We also provide source code encryption, data security provision on servers, and also, make sure the code is bug-free and clean.

The complete cost of having taxi app development services is highly flexible and competitive. We can’t provide an exact estimation but overall, the taxi app development would cost you around $5000 to $25,000. This cost differs due to the app customization with required features, tech stack, and more. Different customized solutions have different costs as per their specific requirements.

Global Recognition

We have worked with some globally recognized brands and created perfectly scaled web and mobile apps for them.

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