Diverse Event App Development Services

SemiDot provides different types of event app development services that are beneficial for enterprises to restructure their operations. Our top-quality solutions are the reason why our clients believe in us.

Top Technologies to Make Your Event Techy

Our developers integrate emerging technologies like AR, VR, and others for event planning app development to empower the app. Our delivered event applications are helpful to increase networking at all events.


Blockchain Integrated Apps

Our provided event apps are integrated with Blockchain technology that provides help in verifying the attendee’s details for the event to make it clearer and protected for the event planners. These Blockchain-strengthened event management systems also help in streamlining the activities of event organizations. You must have these apps to provide smarter and better experience for the event attendees. We can say that Blockchain technology has crucial role in renovating the event management sector.


IBeacon Integrated Apps

We integrate our mobile event app development solutions with beacon devices set up at the location. It helps the attendees with real-time updates and navigation in the event. Visitors at event can install iBeacon integrated apps into their smartphones to send out the signals via Bluetooth for analyzing, navigating, attendee location, and attendee messaging. The interconnectivity of all the visitor’s phones provided by iBeacon technology leads to the better event promotion and sessions.


IoT Integrated Apps

Our developed applications are strengthened with NFC and BLE technologies. It connects the visitors along with providing the chance to take benefits from the targeted marketing. It keeps every attendee linked and useful to send personalized notifications to keep them updated. Smart data collected by these IoT integrated apps are much beneficial to make informed decisions and lead automatic alerts to visitors. Let all the event’s attendees boost up the events check-ins, use prompt badge printing and session tracking.


AR/VR Integrated Apps

In the event planning app development solution process, we integrate AR/VR that helps the app users to enjoy the whole event from their places. It also enhances the app user’s engagement. These amazing AR/VR-enabled applications provide a virtual experience to user with the comfort of their homes. There are various benefits such as visitor routing & navigation, allowing virtual networking & gamify the attendees experiences at events, you can provide to visitors through AR/VR-integrated apps.

Features of Event Management App

  • Event Creation
  • Booking & Listing
  • Sales Management
  • Exhibition Accounts
  • Guests Management
  • Sponsors Catalogue
  • Event Search Bar
  • In-Built Event Calendar
  • Real-Time GPS
  • Multi-Language
  • Chatbot Support
  • Push Notifications
  • Image Sharing Option
  • Ticket Booking Management
  • Messaging Services
  • Report & Analytics
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Event Data Management
  • Manage Attendees Details
  • Event Booking
  • Social Media Integration
  • Promo Codes Offering
  • Client’s Feedbacks
  • Custom Schedule & Bookmark

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Benefits of Our Event Management Apps

From managing, scheduling, implementing the event to make each visitor satisfy with the arrangements, there are so many benefits, event organizers can have with our provided mobile event app development solutions.

Advanced Management

Our developed solutions facilitate users to see all the event related things right in front of them just by a single click. In simple words, our event management solutions will help you to cope up with the several events.


Being an event management software company, we provide solutions for businesses to handle a lot of members in a single team; all attendees of the event, people you want to invite and many operations.

Generate Events

Our skilled event app developers deliver such event management apps that help you to create events and develop interactive pages. We build apps to keep records of sales and you can see them on the display.

Better Organization

With our provided apps, now you don’t need to move between different apps to do different tasks relevant to events. You can store the entire event’s data within a single app and can see it anytime.

Detailed Analytics

Our created online event management software development solutions that help to access complete data & analytics along with event management. These are also useful to get amazing event outline.


Our delivered event management apps have a customization feature so that you can make it according to your demand and requirements. You can also have sufficient elements as per your event category.

Who Can Get Benefit with Our Event App?

Our delivered event app development services provide benefits to not only one, but numerous sectors. These also help you to organize the event in a better way.

Societies And Associations
Pharmaceutical Organizations
Event Managers
Event Managers
Business Entrepreneurs
Business Entrepreneurs
Education Institutes
Education Institutes
Communal Offices
Communal Offices

Why Choose SemiDot InfoTech for Event Management Software Development?

SemiDot is a well-known event software development company that provides digital solutions for event organizers to manage all their operations and fulfill their particular needs.

Capitalizing Reservation

We are a leading event app development company that delivers event management software solutions including ticketing and booking services. It leads to enhanced revenue and brand visibility. We also include a smooth reservation interface for users to reduce the possibility of late withdrawals.

In-built Calendar

Our developers integrate calendar features at the time of the event management app development process for arranging, booking, and reserving tickets or seats of the passengers. This in-built calendar helps the businesses to have an outline of all the booking and reservations done by visitors.

24*7 Customer Support

Being a top event management software development company, we have a dedicated team of designers and developers who not only help the clients at the time of project development but also help them after the project completion by providing 24*7 flexible customer support.

Inexpensive Services

We build event management solutions at a reasonable price. Our event app development cost is affordable for everyone in comparison to any other development firm. We provide in-expensive solutions with advanced features and smooth functionalities to businesses worldwide.

Real-time Analytics

Our event planning app development solutions are helpful to provide a straight view regarding booked tickets, event visitors, and different time slots that are available. It also benefits entrepreneurs in their ticket booking venture. Users can also check the real-time or current status of the event.

On-time Project Delivery

Our dedicated developers are very particular regarding their projects and deliver them to clients at the pre-decided time as client satisfaction is always our priority. They develop projects with all the necessary aspects and features to accomplish the client’s expectations and needs.

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To take the confusion out of the air, we decided to make a short list of the most popular FAQs by our clients.

The overall cost of the event app development solution will range between $15,000 and $50,000. But there are some factors such as technology stack, set of features, app complexity, and location that can affect the actual cost.

Our provided event app development solutions are integrated with various features but some specific ones must be included, such as venue details, event listings, in-app purchase, contact option, download ticket option, map, seat booking option, ratings & reviews, and contact option.

SemiDot InfoTech is a top-notch mobile event management app development company that provides accessible solutions integrated with next-gen technologies, safe infrastructure, extensive support, and many more.
First, our skilled event app developers do some market research and analysis, and then develop innovative mobile app solutions with the help of the latest tools and technologies. We prioritize the client’s requirements while developing the solutions and deliver them without any error.
Along with the event management app development, we provide beneficial IT solutions such as lead conversion web and mobile app, online branding IT solutions, IT solutions for trading, e-commerce solutions, and many others.
We take 4 to 6 months for event management website development but time can also extend depending upon the complexity, functionality, and requirements. 

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