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With limited time on most businesses sleeve, only a well experienced React Native developer can take up the job of creating Cross platform apps for both iOS and Android in the least possible time. When you hire React Native app developers from SemiDot, you don’t only get development expertise, but along with it, you get our expertise in creating some of the finest React Native apps in many business niches and industries.

With React Native’s code reusability, and Native components like no other, you can expect your apps to be on both platform in half the time, and ace even competitor’s Native Android and Native iOS apps. When you send in your requirements our teams of analysts and developers would go through your requirements and would then suggest the technology which would suit your project best.

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Our top React Native app developers will get your app running in no time, these are our most demanded services in the field of mobile app development.

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Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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THE BEST CHOICE FOR HIRING React Native developers

Our experience of building Cross Platform React Native apps of various sizes for various businesses, along with the expertise of our developers and business analysts, makes us a top choice.


With so many cross platform app development technologies to choose from, our analysts would consult you with the ones that will suit you best.

Experienced Programmers

Our React Native programmers will make your app in the least time and cost, to ensure an early market entry and a win-win situation for your app.


Every React Native app that we develop is thoroughly tested, be it for security threats, bugs, or for future infiltration possibilities, we will take care of it all.

Free support

We offer free support for every React Native app that we create, for 3 months, beginning from the date of delivery, all bugs and errors will be resolved for free.


An NDA had been heavily demanded, and we have had no problems with signing any. Just mention it in your requirements, and we will plan accordingly.


We give you the widest options to choose from when it comes to the app development technology, this way you will be certain it will be the best.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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Work Process

We follow Agile Development Methodology for Quality and Quick Turnaround.


Here is a list of most frequently asked questions over the years, answered in the simplest way possible.

Before hiring any mobile app developer, you should know what each of the development paths offers, and after that, what each of the development technology offers. Now, when you have at least decided that you either want a cross or a hybrid app, you can come down to choosing React Native or any other technology. The top things to know before hiring React Native developers is how well they work on the apps, for that checking portfolio might be a really good option.

There are fundamental differences between the two, even though technology like React Native is capable of developing both of them. Cross platform apps are the ones whose components are built natively, and they use the device’s browser engine to render it and call the APIs, while Hybrid apps are made to run on a browser itself and have no native components whatsoever. 

We create all the types of mobile apps there are, Native iOS and Android apps, Cross Platform apps, and Hybrid apps. We have separate teams for various technologies for all these mobile app types, this includes teams of different technologies for different mobile app types. Our React Native app development services have Cross platform and Hybrid apps on offer, we will ensure we build them in the least time and cost.

We offer all development services related to mobile apps and websites, along with integrating and exploring the emerging technology development space. We offer the best quality Cross platform and Hybrid apps built through React Native in the least possible time and cost, ensuring maximum RoI for each of our clients. If you are looking forward to taking your business online, we could do so in the least time and cost, compared to anyone else in the field.

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