White-label video conferencing

SemiDot Infotech stands thrilled to announce its Whitelabel video conferencing solutions. In a world where collaboration is crucial, our platform allows effortless communication. Designed to your specifications, it will perform branding consistently and provide dependability. With our intuitive UI, joining for meetings, consultations, or events is simple. Let us be your reliable partner in the world of digital communications. With SemiDot Infotech, experience the conferencing of the future.

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White-label video conferencing
Why Whitelabel Video Conferencing Solution?

Why Opt for Our Whitelabel Video Conferencing Solution?

SemiDot Infotech’s Whitelabel video conferencing system fits your exact requirements and demands. In contrast to the transparent conferencing tools, our white-label solution will help you preserve your unique brand and professional image in every interaction. With custom-made branding options, you can make sure your organization’s identity stands out. And creates an unbroken experience for both internal team meetings and buyer-focused encounters. Whether you have a small startup or a multinational corporation, our platform is adjustable to your necessities, ensuring a dependable and secure space for all your virtual connections.

Our Whitelabel video conferencing solution goes beyond the functionality for people to just communicate online. It is a prelude to the amplified socializing and work ethic. Teams can interact naturally using tools like screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and real-time chatting. SemiDot Infotech’s Whitelabel video conferencing is your investment in the success and efficiency of your organization’s communication strategy. Allowing your team to work better together, irrespective of the physical barriers.

Key Advantages of Whitelabel video conferencing

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Important Features of White Label Video Conferencing

Developers API

Create a smooth integration with our developer API. Bringing your business improved features and individually developed products that fit your current software stack. Make user experience a high priority through our developer tool and integrate applications based on your unique features.


We offer secure and reliable video meetings that promote collaboration and teamwork both for businesses and individuals. Improve your workflows through a flexible work-from-anywhere solution that enables flawless communication and productivity in any location.


Our online webinar platform gives you hands-on experience and allows you to be the one in charge of implementing live sessions. It also helps you organize on-demand sessions that meet your business needs. Acquire the ability to effectively teach using creative webinar styles and strategies.


Add your style to the environment with branding options, where you can customize meeting rooms with your background and logo. Discover endless ways of customization where the virtual office space is built as a unique platform for every client’s business.


Take control of your meetings with the Backstage feature which, enables you to manage your panelists effortlessly. Hosts can move panelists between the Main Stage and Backstage as they wish, which enables carrying out several presentations and discussions simultaneously with the minimum loss of effect.

Download Participants List

Hosts can download a complete list that has information such as display names, entry and exit times, and login devices, allowing them to comprehensively evaluate the post-meeting details and follow up.


Run your speech with a smooth and confident tone along with the Teleprompter feature. Hosts can use a scrolling timer and prompts to speed up the pace of the session and engage audiences well for discussion and presentations.


To Manage and schedule pre-recorded meetings we offer an easy playback option. Hosts can download the recorded files which can be locally stored or in the cloud storage for up to 7 days. This ensures availability & security, and the hosts can opt to upgrade as per their needs.

Streaming to Facebook/YouTube

Expand your reach and actively engage with a larger population on the top streaming media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, & LinkedIn. Engage your audiences with a robust message and bring them together through hassle-free streaming.

Live Captioning

Ensure equality and improve accessibility via the live captioning feature. The hosts would make real-time transcripts in either English or Hindi available to all participants. This raises the bar of their understanding and communication with no disparity in the context of language competence.

Meeting Room Configuration

Flexibly adjust each meeting room to any of your specific requirements with a wide range of custom settings. Hosts can build up environment hierarchies specific to each virtual meeting room, helping to support operations and create high productivity for every engagement.

Multiple Panelists

Maximize collaborations with panels and expert groups, providing them with unlimited panels. Hosts can produce private room ID codes & easily change participants to panelists during meetings and bring different opinions and ideas to the table.

Why choose Semidot Infotech for White Label Video Conferencing?

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To provide clarity for any potential questions our clients may have, we have compiled a list of some FAQs and given corresponding answers for them.

Yes, you can use your White Label Video Conferencing on your Mobile, Tablet, Laptop/Desktop.

Yes, There is a mute feature for a host in two ways:

  • Take your mouse over the gear wheel on the tile of the speaker and you will see Mute everyone else, that keeps that tile unmuted but will mute everyone.
  • Click on the Gear at the bottom of the screen and you will see the Mute Everyone option.
If you are on mobile, you have a tile view and speaker focus view. If you have good Internet, you should be able to see good-quality video and audio. In case you have an issue, try to see the quality of the Internet and reconnect with the app. NOTE: Ensure you have an updated app.
You can schedule a meeting through the web app or the Mobile App. After downloading the app you can see the schedule option on the screen
Currently it allows Conference, Webinar, Sensitive meeting mode, and much more to follow.
In sensitive meeting mode only pre-registered participants can be a part of the meeting.
Hosts can record the HD audio/video meeting locally on their system.
Yes, you can upload any file when you schedule the meeting.
Yes, you can Record, Listen, and Download the sound by Echo Test.
After the meeting ends Host can download the complete list of all the participants present in the meeting. also, this list is available in the host dashboard under the history section.
The host can set up background & logo for virtual meeting rooms, it also helps in virtual corporate branding. It makes the corporate meeting experience more structured and professional. While following the corporate branding requirement it is also beneficial for events where sponsors' logo has to be shown to participants
We offer no limitation for hosting the meetings/ webinars however it is up to the host to manage the number of participants who can simultaneously have access to microphone and video. Many factors could determine the limit like the internet quality available to hosts and participants & the devices used by the users etc. However, there is no technical limitation to accommodate as many users as required for the meeting.

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