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Reasons to considerMobility enterprise solutions for your business

The businesses and their working models have been changing every day, the BYOD is becoming more and more popular, especially in the wake of the gig economy. Things like workspace optimization and data fetch speed are important, but what’s most important while creating mobile enterprise solutions is the fact that it must be usable by both the employees and the management.

At Semidot Infotech, we understand your need to have enterprise mobility solutions and how it can transform your business. We are a top-rated enterprise mobility solution company that has expertise in creating innovative solutions and offer end-to-end enterprise mobility services to businesses of all kinds, irrespective of their size and scale. We follow a client-centric approach and strive to deliver the best results within the estimated time frame. Also, we believe in delivering solutions that are bugs-free and high in performance.

We have a dedicated development team for enterprise mobility solutions who have immense expertise in the latest technologies and techniques to create a customized solution that can fit all your requirements just perfectly. Also, our team believes in complete transparency and keeps you updated on everything that's going in your project. Our team strives to create a solution that not only works smoothly but brings efficiency and productivity into your business.

Our Enterprise Mobility Services

Our enterprise mobility solution will aim at easing things for both, your company, and the employees, we will make sure you can make things truly mobile when we create a solution for your enterprise, while keeping the development time lowest.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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Need for Enterprise mobility applications

Need for Enterprise mobility applications?

Enterprise mobility applications take work from office, to the palm of our hands, it makes things truly portable for both the management and the employees.

Great customer interaction

A much more available mobile device would result in customer interaction on many levels in the organization.

Improved RoI

An improvement in employees' and organization’s productivity will surely lead to an improved RoI over time.

One app for all

No matter the device or the employee, the enterprise mobility solution we create, will work for all.

Reduced operations cost

One app for all employees can reduce the both, app development cost and time.

New possibilities

Being free from the limitations of office infrastructure, employees are mostly more and more productive.

Future proof

Portability is taking over, and if not now, every enterprise would have to mandatorily adopt it anyway.

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Industries We Serve

We have created mobile enterprise solutions for various business types, a few of the industries are listed below.

WHAT MAKES SEMIDOT THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR Enterprise mobility solutions

Our experience certainly is the key to it, apart from that it’s our team of developers who work hard to make timely deliveries.

Wide portfolio

Our enterprise solutions development teams are well versed in working on multiple projects.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive price compared to the competitors and develop robust enterprise solutions.

Custom Solutions

We customize everything keeping your enterprise in mind, for the solution we would create for you.

Employee-centric Apps

We make enterprise solutions with both management and employees in mind and keep them simple.


NDAs could be a requirement and we understand that just let us know and we will make arrangements.

Free Post-delivery maintenance

Till 3 months post project delivery, everything regarding maintenance and support will be covered.


Enterprise mobility solutions could get really confusing for most people, here are the most asked question.

It’s hard to predict the cost of making an enterprise solution, as there are too many verticals to look into. Enterprise solutions are something which we can’t go ahead and give an estimate to, it simply costs according to the features and size of your enterprise, also the devices you want compatible with your system. But worry not, once you send in our requirements, we will give you an estimate within 24 hours.

Yes, we have done that for a lot of our clients, there are apps made, databases upgraded, and much more to it, but a lot of you previously developed enterprise project will be reused while building your enterprise mobility solution. We will make sure we completely optimize the process for migration and ensure maximum components are reduced, for reduced cost and time.

When one considers a company a top enterprise development company, a lot of factors come into play. For us, it is certainly our vivid experience in the enterprise development field, but surely, the developers are the ones who truly deserve applause for it. We strive to make our clients happy by creating the most significant and feature-rich mobile enterprise solutions, to satisfy both their management and their employees.

There is no practical limit to it, but we would need the scale of your organization to ensure the things are optimized enough, to be used by X number of users at any given time. We will ensure your systems are always up and running, and have special maintenance plans, which revolve around the same, they have especially demanded enterprise mobile solutions due to their importance in daily life.

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