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Big Data is all about using data smartly. It refers to the massive amount of data and is rapidly becoming every business's best resource. Big data was ignored in the past, as it was nearly impossible to be computed and filtered, to make real sense. With the advancement in AI and machine learning, Big Data's uses became more prominent in recent days and it has become one of the hottest technologies in the world. The primary issue which most businesses face is handling the data, or we should say big data. Managing a large amount of data is the most challenging task for them.

SemiDot is one of the top-rated Big Data development companies in the US. We are the pioneers of machine learning, and AI has already worked upon the biggest databases in the world. Whether you are looking to integrate your data into analytics-ready systems or build a scalable big data solution from scratch, our experienced team of big data developers will help you in maximizing the return on your investment. We at SemiDot believe, data is not something which you can work, but something from which you can learn. Our big data services cover almost everything your business needs. Our big data software development team includes some of the top-notch big data developers that have solutions to all your problems.

Our Big Data Services

As a leading big data development company, we offer a wide range of scalable big data services across multiple industries

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Need for Big Data solutions?

Investing in big data solutions opens many opportunities for your business. Big Data development will not only help make your business outshine amongst your competitors but will also help in increasing your ROI. Now companies understand the need to manage and restore their old data, and big data solutions make their task easy.

Marketing Trends

Big data solutions help businesses to get a better overview of the latest market trends, which help them understand their users.

Easy Data Compiling

Almost all kinds of data, whether it is structured or unstructured, can be queried through a common front-end interface.

Easy Searching

Using big data solutions, searching can be done in a very speedy way through an easy to use user interface, which can save time.

Easy Storage

Big data development allows businesses to store terabytes of substantial information in distributed file systems like Hadoop.

Data Science

We use complex algorithms and statistical concepts, to gain deep insights from large datasets, to ensure maximum growth.


Valuable insights can be collected from the data, so you can leverage them and ensure acontinual growth of your business over time.

Our Recent Works

Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Industries We Serve

We have extended our Big data development services to a myriad of industries, a few of them are mentioned below:

What makes semidot the right choice for big data solutions

At SemiDot, we follow the best practices of coding and never lose our values and ethics, this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Technical Knowledge

Our big data services mainly focus on developing advance solutions using cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best-in-class big data services at the most competitive prices so that your business can get an optimal return on investment.

Custom Solutions

We have a team of skilled developers having expertise in developing custom big data solutions per your business requirements.

Latest Technologies

Our big data developers are well acquainted with the latest technologies to provide you with the unique solution.


At SemiDot, we make sure to prioritize our client's requirements. If you require an NDA, we have no problems with signing one.

Post-delivery Support

We offer three months of free support and maintenance services to our clients to ensure that they face no issues with the app in future.


For tailored app development, extensive research is done by our top big data developers.

Most big data development companies have one thing in common; they have a complete team of top big data developers. There is much difference when it comes to many minds working at big data and just one mind working on the complex technology. However, choosing a big data company is always a better option, but you may select anyone depending on the complexity of your business.

Major big data service providers offer 4 vital services. They include, big data strategy consulting, big data infrastructure set up, big data development, and big data analytics. All these services are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to big data, and there's so much more if you dig deeper into it.

At SemiDot, we ensure we keep things real with you. We house a dedicated team of big data developers, who are experienced with intricate algorithms and can mould your big data, according to your business requirements. Our experts are very well acquainted with the latest technologies, and aware of the latest market trends, which will help your business to stay ahead of its competitors.

The hourly cost of hiring big data developers depends on your business niche, and of course, the kind of data to be processed. In big data, it is all about how deep you want to dive, and with the right developers, you can achieve any details, filtered just how you want.

We have been working in Big Data since its early phase, so we have worked and developed a plethora of solutions for pretty much all business types. You can check them out in our portfolio section for a comprehensive review, some of our clients required an NDA, we respect that, and that's why we cannot list all the solutions that we have created using Big Data technologies.

Yes, big data solutions are of definite help in scaling up your business. It helps you in managing and storing an extensive pool of data which can be beneficial for grabbing the new business opportunities. It helps in understanding the latest market trend and your consumer's behaviour, which will surely take you ahead of your competitors.

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