Translation Solutions

Our on-demand translation solutions boast features through which both the translators and customers can get most of the app with minimum hassle.

Feature rich panels for users and translators

We created 3 different panels with customer centric features

  • Translator Management
  • User management
  • User verification
  • Translator verification
  • Separate billing calculation
  • Filter based categorization
  • Control over match algorithm
  • Event management
  • Easy profile creation
  • Profile management
  • Connectivity with admin
  • Review facility
  • Map integration
  • Payment information
  • Availability settings
  • Scheduling
  • Easy registration
  • Choice from a list of translators
  • Live tracking on map
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Payment and billing
  • Multiple filters
  • Profile management
  • Event scheduling

What to expect from a Translation App?

Our translation app solutions come with features that would both ease the tasks, while maintaining an intricate and inviting UI/UX, for every type of user.

Multi-Language support

The multi-language support in the app we make for you has over 100 languages to choose from, one for every user.

Multi-time zone support

Translation service needs multi-time zone support, to ensure the user and translator can match their availability.

Maps integration

Map integration in translator’s and user’s panel, to guide the translator to the user’s location accurately, and on time.

Simple interface

The app we create for you would be completely user-focused and easy to use, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Sharing Documents

Cloud storage and document verification on the go, through integrated databases, is one of the specialties of our apps.

Video Streaming

Video streaming capabilities to ensure that the users can make the most of the translation service by easing communication.

Bug reporting

Our shake to give feedback about any app crash or error is state of the art, bugs will be taken on priority and solved.

Notifications / Invitations

Push notifications are a must in on-demand apps, as they are time-sensitive in all aspect, they ensure maximum viability.

In-app video calling

The convenient way to mask details of the users and the translators, in-app video call and message facility is included.


On-demand translation apps generate and require a lot of metrics and data to be perfected, admin can export it directly.

Easy CMS integration

We will make an exclusive CMS for admin to deploy anything they want in the app, and to fetch all metrics at ease.

Billing and salary calculation

Admin will have access to hours of usage and billing, from both user’s and translator’s end, to make calculations.


An optimized app can be created for every platform you want to target, optimized for that each of the OS.

Rating Track Algorithm

This algorithm ensures the most compatible translators and users are matched, based on multiple filters and ratings.

Custom favorite list

Users get to create their personal favorites list of translators, and the algorithm would match them on priority.

Advance booking

Users can book translators in advance, and the app would send them push-notifications when the event triggers.

Why Choose SemiDot for Translation App Development Services

Our vivid portfolio in the field helped us design one of a kind ready-made translation solutions, they can be customized just per the client’s requirements.

Innovative Designs

The UI/UX of the app is designed by our industry-leading designers, ensuring the app will be loved by all your users.

Effective Communication

We assign a dedicated project manager for customization, he/she will ensure everything is done just per your requirements.

On-Time Delivery

Our agile model enables getting the app ready per your requirements, in the least possible time, ensuring early market entry.


The thing which is special about our white label solutions is, they are built to be customized just per the users’ requirements.

Flexible Hiring Models

We offer six distinct hiring models for you to choose from, they vary on so many levels, we are certain you will find a perfect fit.


If you require an NDA, you can let us know in the contact form, or directly tell the BA, and we will take care of the rest.

Engagement and Hiring Model

Myriad of engagement and hiring models, to ensure you can make the most of the money you spend while ensuring top quality app development.

Engagement and Hiring Model


Our developers work at your office, you get to see everything that is being done, and can customize the app the way you want.


The pricing we can offer with this model is unmatched, all thanks to the demographics of India, all your work will be done at our office.


This is a hybrid of the offsite and onsite model, this way, we can ensure the client’s peace of mind, and lowest development cost.

Fixed Price

Everything will be delivered to you in milestones, with this model, we can offer you subsidized pricing, and maximum comfort.

Dedicated Hiring

Hire dedicated developers to customize your solution, or for them to create a new translation solution, all per your requirements.

Hourly Basis

Resources charged on per hour basis, only for the components they work upon in your translation app, assuring the lowest cost.

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