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But we mix different technologies to deliver great results

JavaScript is a scripting language, it eases up the server of all irrelevant load. JavaScript basically eases up things for everyone on both the client and the server-side by saving necessary bandwidth. JavaScript is predominantly the most iconic dynamic language that has ever existed, the things you can do with JavaScript will greatly impact UI/UX.

  • BLE Device Integration
    React JS
  • Android TV
    Node JS
  • Android Launcher apps
    Angular JS
  • Android TV
    Vue JS
  • Android Launcher apps
    Ember JS

The creators of iconic websites have now switched to React JS for their web solutions, be it Facebook or be it Instagram. While it works for beginners, it also allows much-advanced users to take it beyond its capacity. This is what makes React JS an incredible solution for web applications and websites.

  • Java
  • Android Nougat
    Twitter Bootstrap
  • Android Wear
    Adobe XD
  • AndroidView Animation
    Google material design
  • BLE Device Integration

Angular JS offers much more customization and options compared to the other JS frameworks and coupled with a great knowledge of HTML and CSS, it can work wonders. It offers extensive flexibility while maintaining the speed and optimization of your web project while adding a layer of exclusivity to the project’s UI/UX and the feel-good factor.

  • Java
  • Android Nougat
  • Android Wear
    Twitter Bootstrap
  • Android Wear
    Google material design

Nodejs has made dynamic web apps much easier and scalable. We take business criteria into consideration first, it could be different and so would be the dynamics, so we first make a blueprint for your app before deciding upon the technology to use. Nodejs offers many more customizations and options compared to the other JS frameworks.

  • AndroidView Animation
  • BLE Device Integration
    Adobe XD
  • Android TV
    Twitter Bootstrap
  • Android Launcher apps
    Google material design
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Why Choose semidot for
Custom Front end Development?

Customer Satisfaction Rate
Semidot Infotech One stop for all your technical requirements
Exclusive app prototypes
Design is the most basic and yet important part of the process, we give you a full requirement specific prototype before moving ahead with development.
NDA as per your requirements
We understand your demand for an NDA and would have no worries complying with the same, we have a special contract which is NDA complaint.
Least turn around time
Our developers and designers follow guidelines about time strictly, and with their extensive experience, we ensure we deliver your project is delivered on time.
Exclusive UI/UX
We can create and implement everything that fits, the experience is something that counts for exclusive projects and design is one thing that will convert visitors.
Post-delivery support
But for our clients’ satisfaction, we still provide a complimentary 3-month maintenance package, which includes everything for the app, any bug, any error, will be corrected by our team, free of cost.
Extremely User-friendly
Users want one thing only, and it’s their ease of use. No matter how flimsy or simple your app is, the most important feature for every app is that the users love using it, and we make sure, they do.

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For tailored app development, immense research is done by our top ICO developers.

Which type of websites do you build?

We build all types of dynamic and static websites and mobile apps as per clients’ requirements. It depends on your business niche, the type of website you would require for your business.

What is the basic difference between UI and UX?

UX is something that users see and while, while UI is something that the users interact with while working on your website or visiting it for leisure.

How do you differentiate a good Front end design?

A Good Front end design is one which allows the user to indulge in it easily, and without any sort of force, be it an external or an internal force.

What is the cost to develop a good UI/UX designer/developer?

The cost to hire a good designer and developer comes down to their experience and expertise in the particular niche you are looking forward to working your project in.

What do you suggest, Node or Angular or React?

With expertise in all of them, we suggest the use of each is necessary at different points of development and designing for a perfect result.

How much time does it take to create a good design?

Once you send in your requirements and we do an analysis for it, we will offer you a free consultation and give you a fixed timeline for the complete development of your project.

Does your Front end development company offer after delivery support?

Yes, we offer 6-month free support for our project development and 3-month free maintenance and support for the design of the website and mobile app.

I just have an idea, can you help?

Bringing ideas to life and implementing them for your business is what we are experts at. Just send in your requirements for a free quote and time to completion.

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