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Our vision isn’t all about treating the clients right, a major part of it also focuses on how we treat our employees, and ensure both our clients, and our team, always remain satisfied to the peak. What makes us different is the balance of work and enjoyment we ensure, along with our resolve to promote learning and exposure for all our employees.

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People behind bringing SemiDot to life

The team which made the company what it is today has to certainly be the three co-founders. They have always taken things like client and employee satisfaction on priority and gave their 100% to create what we see, as one of the top mobile and web development agencies in the world.

Rohan Singh

Rohan Singh

SemiDot CEO

“Also known as Sid, this guy knows no limits, he is the also head of the operations and knows how to build a brand.”

Ashish Goswami

Ashish Goswami

SemiDot CTO

“If there is any sort of technical wall anyone of us hits, he is the first person to reach out to, in the entire company.”

Building trust and ensuring learning, across the company and operations.

We believe in providing clients with utmost pleasure for outsourcing their projects to us, while we keep our team as happy as they wouldn’t have imagined, working could be.

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Reasons to join us

We strive to give employees the working pleasure they seek, we make sure we make amends in our management as per the feedback of our employees.

Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is what it is all about for an employee, we ensure our managers plan the tasks in a way that this balance is never disturbed. We will make sure the work allocated to you is per your capacity, so you never feel overloaded with work. Our team leaders make sure there are always more than required employees so that there is always more workforce and less workload.


Growth is ensured when you join SemiDot, we make sure you get promotions based on your actual performance, leaving everything aside. The promotions will be based on an evaluation from your direct manager, and a thorough evaluation by the HR, this way each employee gets the appraisals they deserve, along with regular promotions and added perks.


No matter the level of experience at which you join, there will always be an opportunity to go further and beyond. We completely promote learning, in each way possible, no matter the position or team you join in at. We as the company prioritizes on projects has substance on technology or improving life or others part, these are the project where our team gains most experience.


Just like we ensure a work-life balance for our employees, we ensure they can relax and party every now and then. We hold various parties over a year, there would be day outings, vacations, boozy weekend every 15 days, and so much more. We ensure there is something for everyone, at the celebrations we hold in our company, to keep all of our employees happy.

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