Logistics & Transportation Software Solutions

At SemiDot, we offer different kinds of logistics & transportation software solutions following the latest technologies & tools for a broad range of working processes relevant to the logistics and transportation business.

Leading Tech Solutions in Transport & Logistics Industry

Transport & logistic industry is changing rapidly, hence it always needs up-to-date logistics & transportation software development services to stay ahead in the competitive market.


IoT Tech Solutions

Being a top logistics software development company, we develop IoT integrated solutions for providing benefits like threat detection & prevention, real-time traceability, and others. These solutions are mostly used for reducing operational costs and efficiency betterment. Our World-class IoT integrated transportation & logistics solutions bring reliability and greater efficiency to your value chain. Along with refining the service quality, we provide IoT solutions for better protection and decreased cost via finding smarter ways to do the tasks.


Blockchain Tech Solutions

Blockchain integrated solutions are beneficial to enable competent business progressions into the organizations along with easy documentation management on a public distributed ledger. Custom clearance & approvals are also faster with the use of smart contracts. Blockchain-enabled solutions help the logistic & transport firms to be more efficient through a public ledger system as it records the movements of every shipping container. These used public ledgers alleviate clerical & bottlenecks errors and provide transparent end-to-end tracking.

Big Data

Cloud Tech Solutions

Cloud-based solutions are best when it is about providing more security, easy access from anywhere, and many more features. Solutions built by a top logistics & transportation software company provide faster & full control on every element of the business actions. Real-time shipment monitoring & visibility are the main advantages of cloud-based solutions and these also have a broad range of international and domestic modes comprising parcel, over-the-road, air, rail, and ocean with fast & easy execution.


AI/BI Tech Solutions

All kinds of organizations are adopting AI/BI integrated solutions for their logistic & supply chain processes to understand diverse datasets and in predictive data analysis. Most importantly, it also automates accounting-related work to not compromising with security. Even, these AI-enabled solutions in the transportation market are estimated to reach $1.21 Billion in 2017 and $10.30 Billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 17.87%. Our industry-specific BI solutions flexibly meet the customer’s expectations and their future requirements.


RFID Tech Solutions

RFID-integrated logistics & transportation software development solutions enable businesses to go for automated inventory tracking and they don’t need any resources to manage operations. It also provides correct data and high-quality data protection. RFID-based solutions provide efficiency to businesses that are helpful in actual and accurate supply chain & logistics management and ensure business growth. Some of its provided great benefits are- container tracking, safety & package security, package monitoring, employee management, and many more.

Features of Transport & Logistics App Development Solutions

  • Scheduling & Booking
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Assignment Tracking
  • Real-Time GPS
  • Fare Estimation
  • Path Optimization
  • Traffic Updates
  • SMS/Email Integration
  • Invoices or Billing
  • Ride History
  • Vehicle Management
  • Fuel Assessment
  • Track Resources
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Programmed Order Scheduler
  • Analytics & Reports
  • On-Time Delivery Status
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Controller
  • Logistical Packaging
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Chat Support
  • Log Reports
  • Fleet Management

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Benefits of Our Transport & Logistics App Solutions

Businesses need to stand out in the competitive market and make their well-established position among customers. Our built Logistics app development services & solutions will help you by providing amazing benefits.

Performance Analysis

As a top Logistics app development company, we know logistics & transportation companies require high-visibility, hence we provide app solutions for functional assessment. Performance gap reduction, efficient business decisions, and others are some more benefits of it.

Real-time Data & Analytics

By using our built websites, software solutions, and mobile apps, the logistic & transport industry can upgrade their supply chain management system with real-time stats and collected information. In this, drivers can update the app if they are running late or reaching early.

Operational Productivity

Improve the operational efficiency of your business by making your team able to access the data in real-time, handle shipping documents, manage the costs, and many more things via our developed technology-driven transportation and logistics management solutions efficiently.

Easy Order Management

SemiDot InfoTech is a reliable logistic & transportation app development company, provides solutions combined with an order management system to handle all the orders comprising information such as order entry, order details, inventory, operation, & after-sales services.

Manage Tracking

Whether it is consignment, vehicle, or company resources, businesses can track these all with the help of our provided transportation software development services & solutions. Scheduling optimization & automated routing features in the solution help to increase productivity.

Reduced Time & Cost

Our created Online logistics management app development solutions are beneficial to drivers for finding out the short routes to save fuel expenditures. Along with it, there are also other benefits like function simplification, efficient operations, and decrement in the overall costs.

Who Can Get Benefit with Our Transport & Logistics Solutions?

Our Logistics & Transportation Software Solutions differ as per the sub-outlets of the transport & logistics business so that these solutions can make their reach to the large base of audiences.

Parcel & Courier Companies
Logistic Firms
Logistic Firms
Shipping Service
Fleet & Shipping Service Firms
Cab Rental
Cab Rental
Transport Firms
Transport Firms
E-Commerce Sector
Food Industry
Food & Beverage Industry
Supply Chain Company
Supply Chain Company

Why Choose SemiDot for Transport & Logistic App Development?

Being a leading transport and logistics app development company, we assure to provide quality solutions at a reasonable cost in comparison to other firms. Our skilled transport & logistic app developers provide the following services to the clients.

Expert Team & Quick Delivery

We have a smart Fleet management app development team that works dedicatedly to provide you with quality results ontime. Our team ensures you hand over the finest custom Logistics app development solutions to help you in running the business.

Cost Management

We provide Fleet maintenance software development solutions at a competitive price with the best quality. To manage the complete budget, we discuss things with clients and work accordingly. We consider predictions and element distribution for it.

Effective Communication

Our developers are capable of communicating with the clients to know what they prefer as it is necessary to understand the client’s business requirements. We make our clients comfortable enough to tell us about their needs with no language barrier.

Flexible Technical Support

SemiDot is a top transportation software development company that believes in customer satisfaction for years. Hence, we provide 24*7 support to our valuable clients, whenever they are having any issue related to the project even after the delivery.

Advanced Technologies

Our knowledgeable developers’ team builds logistics management solutions integrated with the latest technologies such as AR, VR, AI, blockchain, IoT, and others. These solutions are efficient when it comes to having a competitive advantage in the market.

Suitable Engagement Models

Different clients have different requirements and budgets. Therefore, we provide flexible engagement models for them so that they can choose accordingly. Our team is also supportive and patient when clients describe any of their problems or give suggestions.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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To take the confusion out of the air, we decided to make a short list of the most popular FAQs by our clients.

Being a top-notch logistics & transportation software development company, we have rich experience in providing diverse logistics and transportation development solutions that are integrated with the latest technologies to fulfill user’s demands. These solutions are public transport, car rental & taxi-hailing, traffic management, parking management, on-demand logistics, fleet management, fuel management, and others.
Of course, if you want fast growth and business expansion, then you must go for transportation & logistics mobile app development solutions. In this technological era, it is necessary to cope up with the latest trends that are why we provide technology-driven solutions to logistic & transportation businesses to identify the user requirements in-depth and acquire the business objectives.
By having Custom logistics software development services, businesses can get a lot of benefits such as adapting the way to collect data, easy & fast digital transactions, fascinating activities, augmented vehicle control, impressive UI applications, and many others.
No, we discuss everything with our clients first before starting the project and then, tell them the exact pricing as per that. Apart from that, our dedicated team works hard to complete the project within the limited budget and time.
Yes, we do. Our team of designers and developers has the experience to handle international clients according to their time zone. We manage our working hours as per the convenient time for the clients.
We are a leading transport and logistics app development company; hence provide full data security & confidentiality about the project. For this, we sign an NDA so that you can trust us in order to project privacy.

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