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As a leading eCommerce development company, SemiDot Infotech has acquired both experience and expertise in providing diverse solutions across different domains. We stand second to none when it comes to eCommerce development solutions. We have a professional team to complete the process of creating robust eCommerce websites and apps right from making the market strategy, custom UX, integrations, development, testing, launching, support & migration. There are various eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce which we prefer when it comes to creating an eCommerce solution.

Our developed solutions are all the way created with the integration of appropriate technologies to provide benefits such as enhanced ROI, managing the processes, better customer experience & engagement, fewer abandoned shopping carts, & using multi-touch user engagement programs. Being a prominent eCommerce app development company, we have always prioritized developing secure, high-performing & feature-packed apps to meet the clients’ demands. SemiDot offers scalable eCommerce solutions that tend to be a perfect fit for start-ups, mid & large-sized businesses, and even MNCs. With this, nothing can stop your eCommerce business to evolve at a rapid pace.

End-to-End eCommerce Development Services

SemiDot tends to provide efficient eCommerce development services with the right features & functionalities to fulfill the significant requirements of clients across the globe. If you are looking for an eCommerce development company, come to us to get a wide array of services.

Our Developed Diverse eCommerce Platform Solutions

SemiDot has expertise in providing diverse kinds of cutting-edge eCommerce development solutions that enable the enterprise to get better results consistently. With these solutions, we help our clients to have a long-term success map supported by the integration of the right tech stack.

B2B Solutions

Being a leading eCommerce website development company, we hold years of experience to create B2B eCommerce marketplaces. From full-featured websites to customized ones, we tend to individualize shoppers’ experience, set up the cooperation between buyers & firms, and more.

B2C Solutions

While developing B2C solutions, we are likely to focus on interactive UI & right customization while identifying the business objective. It is to gain knowledge about potential customers & reasons for traffic fluctuations. It will help to enhance the scalability & conversions.

Online Marketplace Solutions

Experts at SemiDot have expertise in crafting custom online marketplaces helpful for eCommerce businesses to expand their boundaries & market segments. Our built solutions are advantageous when it comes to managing complex online store projects & easy processing of different catalogs.


Scalable & intuitive Progressive Web Apps are a vital part of eCommerce web development services. It is used to target both web & mobile users engineered with simple UI/UX for better customer engagement. We deliver fully-featured PWAs built with a ready-made PWA studio & necessary tooling.

Multi-Vendor Solutions

These solutions help to bring multiple vendors under one roof and provide them the opportunity to sell different products. SemiDot has a specialty in developing multi-vendor marketplaces including features like admin dashboard, ads management, auto-sync inventory, bulk product uploading, microsites management, business badges organization, and so on.

eCommerce Aggregators

Our firm is looking forward to delivering you with eCommerce aggregator solutions as these will let you host and deal with multiple brands easily. Being a top eCommerce development company, we help brands to promote their services & products in real-time via these aggregators.

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Modern Technology Integration to Get Improved Ecommerce Solutions

At SemiDot, our experienced development team integrates the latest technologies seamlessly to deliver competent eCommerce solutions to clients worldwide. With every firm that tries to vie users’ attention, we also help you to get the tech advantages to provide a unique experience and to stand apart from the competitors.


Get assistance to redefine the user experience with AI-empowered virtual assistants & instant chatbots crafted by our eCommerce developers. With the help of AI and ML, businesses can reap the benefits of real-time UI personalization, NLP-supported voice-controlled shopping assistants, computer vision-strengthened product search, and more.

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Leverage our offered eCommerce development services including augmented and virtual reality to provide customers with an amazing 360-degree virtual tour of an outlet. It is possible via a dedicated AR app helpful for people to make informed decisions, and get reduced return rates with amazing virtual try-on experiences, social media filters, & smarter searches.

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IoT has always helped the eCommerce market, be it a brick-and-mortar outlet or an online store. With the blend of our expertise in eCommerce development and knowledge of IoT, experts at SemiDot deliver bespoke eCommerce solutions with features like personalized discounts, instant customer support, payment gateways, & so on to increase sales.

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two basic terms that hold the future. Cryptocurrencies are said to be beneficial for reducing or alleviating transaction fees. Blockchain-based eCommerce solutions will provide users an anonymous shopping option for enhanced privacy, and secure transaction processes along with tamper-proof architecture.

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Latest Technology Stack to Integrate into an eCommerce Solution

Our expert team of eCommerce developers brings your idea to life with customized and approachable functionality & features. With the right use of core technologies and tools, we try to make every solution worth using and according to the client’s requirements.

Front-end Programming

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Angular.js
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Next.js

Back-end Programming

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Node.js

Mobile Programming

  • Android
  • iOS
  • React Native
  • Flutter

Software Technology

  • Magento Open Source
  • Magento Commerce Cloud
  • Adobe Commerce
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Magento B2B
  • Magento Order Management

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Adyen
  • BlueSnap


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • DigitalOcean
  • Google Cloud
  • Rockspace

Back-office Technologies

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Acumatica
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Zendesk

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Ecommerce Website Development for your business

Hire Dedicated eCommerce Developers

At SemiDot, we will help you to accomplish your business objectives by providing the assistance of an expert team. You can hire both eCommerce web developers and app developers from us to get the appropriate solutions that will help you to turn your ideas into realism. We have adroit developers who very well know how to build next-gen solutions while combining the research-based perceptions to maintain the relationship between the brand & customers.

Both eCommerce website developers & app developers in our company have rich knowledge and experience with a creative vision. Thus, we are capable to offer a next-level experience when it is about users, shoppers, or getting better revenue. To provide you with a solid eCommerce solution, our developers go through your requirements first, analyze the viable obstructions, and identify & outline the scope to develop an eCommerce website or app for you.


The reason we were chosen as eCommerce development by our clients, is because we put their requirements above everything else.

Technical Knowledge

Our team of developers focuses on developing high-level solutions using advanced technologies and the latest trends.

Competitive Pricing

The services we offer are combined with competitive prices so that your business can get an optimal return on investment.

Custom Solutions

Our team has years of expertise in developing efficient custom eCommerce solutions according to the client’s requirements.

User-centric Apps

Our eCommerce developers have expertise in developing user-centric apps that give the most engaging user experiences.


At SemiDot, we respect and value the privacy of our clients and take all measures to keep things private and confidential.

Post-delivery Support

We offer three months of free support services to our clients and make sure that your e-store functions perfectly well.


For tailored app and website development, immense research is done by our top ecommerce developers.

Yes, dedicated team of eCommerce developers at SemiDot has the expertise to provide efficient eCommerce website development services. It depends on the line of products clients want to offer and the market they want to target, our development team will provide the exact outcome client wants to have.

Yes, hiring a developer for your project will surely benefit your project. Developers have expertise in developing these web and app solutions, so they can offer you the best options, to choose from, related to the type of app, or even the platform, on which you should get your app developed. You can also get a custom e-store developed for your business.

No. At SemiDot, our team understands that every business is different and has different needs. We aim to make your e-store unique and engaging to offer a unique ecommerce shopping experience to the user. Our designing and developing team will strive hard to create a unique look and feel for your online store.

No, there will not be any constraint on the number of users or products with the solution we will develop. There can be unlimited products or users, but you will need to upgrade the hosting service accordingly. You can hire eCommerce developers who have expertise in developing such solutions.

Being a versatile eCommerce development company, our team has expertise in integrating any shipping/payment gateway, as long as it provides valid API and compatible with the technology you choose for development. More than one shipping/payment gateways can also be integrated into a single store.

The security of your e-store is our main focus. We take every measure to add security features to your website and app. Our team put encryptions to assure that your buyer's data is protected. We have further security audit services for finding loopholes and filling those gaps.

There is no exact cost of eCommerce website development. Being a top e-commerce website development company, we have delivered diverse projects with different costs. The final cost depends on a lot of factors such as chosen platform, features, development team, etc. The overall process takes 6 to 10 weeks and sometimes, more than that. It all depends on the requirements.

Yes, testing is comprised when we provide you with the final price structure. Though, it depends on the client as well if he/she wants, they can hire expert QA from outside.

SemiDot Infotech is a leading eCommerce portal development company that has adroit eCommerce web developers with rich experience and next-level expertise, hence we only suggest you the best for your eCommerce website! When it is about eCommerce website platforms, mostly it depends on the target audiences and business needs. You can go for Magento which holds the future.

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