Top-rated Android application development services

Why to go for Andorid development?

Android is a mobile operating system by Google which is world’s most popular app platform. Android is the market leader in app industry and has over 2 million apps over playstore. Apps can give a significant advantage to your product as more and more users are using hand-held device to access the internet. Android benefits from a massive user base and apps are generally more successful over android due to wider customer base they have. Android is an open source platform built on Linux. Since its open source, its easier to learn and integrate and enjoys massive support community. Semidot is a one of the leading android application development company.

Advantages of Android

  • Android apps are cheaper to develop thanks to free distribution of its Software Development Kit (SDK). With low cost of development, android application developers can use their remaining funds for marketing and other services.
  • Android apps can be freely transferred to other users through other platforms like Amazon or third party app stores.
  • Since Android is the market leader by number of devices, android apps reachability is generally wider than its competitors.
  • Android apps can be customized to particular business needs as the platform is very flexible and provides minimal restrictions from the operating system.
  • Google playstore is generally liberal compared to its competitors when it comes to app approval. Uploading an android app is generally a hassle free process.


Below are our current toolkit for Android which materialises your ideas into a reality.
Beside these, Project managers and QA are involved throughout the span of the project.