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AR is the next big thing. Bridging the gap between the real and virtual world, Augmented Reality app development is setting an innovative force across various industries like gaming, healthcare, tourism, machine modeling, etc. AR development combined with AI, will be the tool for the future as AR will be a part of most businesses to reduce the time and cost of their operations.

At SemiDot, we help businesses reinvent their brand with AR development services and allow users to experience their products virtually in the real world. As one of the leading AR Development Company in the US, and across the globe, our AR solutions aim at developing appealing AR apps for both Android and iOS platforms, that elevate the user experience to an all-new level.

We have a team of highly-experienced AR developers that work with different SDKs to create high-performance apps, that are compatible with all devices. We have provided AR app development services to multiple industries, irrespective of the type of businesses, our AR apps are highly interactive, engaging, secure, robust, and profitable. Our AR solutions are designed in a way to change the perspective with which the users see the world, blurring the lines between the virtual world and the real one.

Our AR Development Services

As a leading AR app development company, we offer a wide range of scalable and advanced services across multiple industries

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Need for AR Development solutions?

Investing in AR solutions opens many opportunities for your business. AR app development will not only help make your business outshine amongst your competitors but will also, help in increasing your ROI. These solutions are gaining popularity in the gaming field, and various other industry verticals, due to their myriad benefits.


By integrating AR solutions into your marketing strategy, you can make your business reach to more and more users.

Customer Engagement

Our AR developers create apps that increase user engagement rates and offer the users an interactive experience.


Using robust AR technology to create lifelike experiences for training and maintenance can be an added advantage.


Augmented Reality solutions help businesses to offer personalized content to their users, based on their specific requirements.

Easy Understanding

AR is one of the most effective ways to make users understand your product by showing them a clear picture of it.


AR solutions can now also be used to generate detailed analytics, to understand user behavior, in the long term.

Our Recent Works

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Industries We Serve

We have extended our AR development solutions to a myriad of businesses, a few of them are mentioned below:


Understanding the clients’ requirements is the very basic step towards developing a great cryptocurrency exchange, along with our developers playing a key role in it.

Technical Knowledge

Our AR services mainly focus on developing advanced solutions, by using cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best-in-class AR solutions at the most competitive prices so that your business can get optimal return on investment.

Custom Solutions

We are known to develop custom Augmented Reality solutions for your Android app, iOS app, and all sorts of wearable devices.

User-centric Apps

Our AR developers have expertise in developing user-centric apps and ensure that they deliver the most engaging user experiences.


At SemiDot, we make sure to prioritize our client's requirements. If you require an NDA, we have no problems with signing one.

Post-delivery Support

We offer three months of free support and maintenance services to our clients to ensure that they face no issues with the app in future.


For tailored app development, immense research is done by our top AR developers.

AR has advanced well in mobiles, but there’s so much more to it. AR will soon be implemented in glasses and lenses. The world is slowly realizing the need for AR, and we believe the day when we just wear a lens and see a whole new reality, isn’t far at all.

The time required to develop an app using AR development services depends on the scale of the app you choose, and of course the elements you want it to have. Developing an app using AR requires intricate designing and precision; it may take a bit more time, but it is certainly going to be worth it.

AR development solutions focus on bringing fantasy to the real world, creating a mixed reality. On the other hand, VR development solutions focus on building and enhancing apps for a virtual world, a world which offers the mix of both realities. Both development solutions are poles apart and create a sandwich that we call mixed reality.

A game using augmented reality development services can be developed in less amount, but if you require an extensive indulgent game, you might have to push the budget a bit. It is all speculation until you send us your requirements, you can contact us, and we will send you with a free proposal quote.

There is no rule of thumb as such. But if your app occupies a larger space than usual, then you might consider using cloud-based AR development services, otherwise, you may go for device-based AR development solutions. Cloud-based AR apps offer proper integration to make the app effective and easy to use for the user.

Every AR development company uses different technologies. AR solutions on a range of technologies like Unity, Unreal Engine, Wikitude, Scenekit, and many more. Also, there are various types of AR available like marker, markerless and beacon. Based on your requirements and the type of app you want for your business; you can choose the most suitable technology.

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