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SemiDot Infotech intensifies telemedicine to level up the healthcare infrastructure. Our Experts offer healthcare mobile application development services utterly for connecting patients to healthcare providers safely.

Leading Healthcare Mobility Solutions

The Healthcare industry is getting a transformation with all new upgraded technologies. Our Mobile medical app developers are also offering ultra-modern and affordable healthcare app solutions integrating with the latest technologies.


AI-powered Healthcare Solutions

AI-enabled healthcare solutions are beneficial for clinical decision-making and used to detect diseases and decrease errors in patient tests effectively. It provides a smooth experience to patients and makes their healthcare journey efficient by guessing their health concerns before they take place. Sometimes, the AI potential is also used to advance medical data analytics, automate and predict procedures like ICU transfers, clinical workflows, and others in healthcare.


IoT Integrated Solutions

We provide IoT mobile health app development services that help in, right from tissue monitoring to vital sign awareness. IoMT (Internet of medical things) is progressing at every stage and its solutions are used to get real-time notifications and smart alerts and to control the humidity and environment temperature. Apart from it, IoMT apps provide benefits to families, patients, hospitals, physicians, and others in terms of monitoring blood pressures & heart rate.


Healthcare Wearable

Healthcare wearable like Google fit integration and iOS health kit is proof of technology advancement. These assets are used to remotely observe the patient’s body data through sensors to avoid unwanted health issues and downfalls. It is also useful for real-time daily routine monitoring and check pulse, BP, heart rate, and so on. Patients can wear these smart electronic devices with micro-controllers close to their skin’s surface to get accurate detection of any risk.


Blockchain Solutions for Hospital

Our app developers are taking a step further by providing Blockchain mobile healthcare app development services for protecting medical record access by any third party. Blockchain solutions also improve the interaction between doctor and patient and defend the integrity of pharmaceutical products. It allows patients individually to share their medical data with someone else via a shareable private key. It also helps in making the HIT more collaborative and interoperable.

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Features Included in Healthcare Tech Solutions

Right from automating all the processes to monitor patient’s health, our innovative healthcare IT solutions have ultra-modern features to help the patients and hospital management.

Cost Management

Our Healthcare software developers provide the feature of maintaining the details of hospital resources along with hospital bills in hospital software. It is necessary to manage the overall cost that gets affected by irregular maintenance.

Medicine Alerts

This feature is essential for patients who often forget to take their medicines on time. It records the medicine name, time, and dose to be taken and sends a reminder to the patient at the exact time to make their health routine easier.

Payment Gateway

Being a top-notch medical app development company, we provide excellent payment gateway integration services. While booking doctor appointments from the medical app, users can pay via different payment gateways.

Analytics & Insights

We ensure to add this feature in our mobile healthcare software development services to track the patient’s health. It is helpful to predict health issues as per the recorded data, and manage the disease by care & early diagnosis.

Automated Process

Our mhealth app developers integrate this feature to strengthen the health providers to monitor the patients and offer services like improved patient management, better efficiency, faster billing, and recovery of patient’s data.

Integrated Email & SMS

Integration of SMS & Email enables patients to respond via text that is automatically directed to a particular email address. These text and email services are also useful to inform patients about vaccinations, appointments, and so on.

Wearable Devices

Being the best healthcare software development agency, we focus on providing wearable device connectivity such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and others within our solutions for remote monitoring of patient’s health.

Notifications & Alerts

As a leading healthcare app development company, we provide this feature in healthcare apps to inform the patients about their upcoming appointments or related medical details via sending a notification or alert tone.

Online Appointment

With online appointments, patients can find the doctor and can book their appointment in the most convenient way. It also takes the patient’s additional information so that doctor can get prepared before the patient arrives.


Our experienced medical app developers always build solutions that are abide by the HIPAA/HITECH act, following the standards of sensitive data protection. We are also stick to the certified medical-industrial standards.


We incorporate Interoperability in our healthcare applications that directly refer to the latest technologies adoption for patient care via enabling data sharing to accomplish the purpose of conveying personalized care.

Health Management

Population health management feature is used to integrate the information across all digital healthcare systems and collect the patient’s data for analysis. The purpose is to predict diseases and managing them before they occur.

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Benefits to Get from Healthcare Software Solutions

Being a well-known healthcare mobile app development company, we offer the best possible healthcare services across diverse areas within the industry so that every healthcare provider and patient can get benefit from it.

Improved Clinical Accuracy

Healthcare apps provide clinical accuracy at a better level that comprises accurate diagnostic performance, receiving and processing patient feedback, medical record accuracy, and others.

Great Patient Experience

Patients get a better experience via online scheduling, appointment reminders, & confirmations as these make their life easier. We use patient satisfaction to a balanced extent, not as a driver for results.

Patient Documentation

Being a prominent medical software development company, we assure that the patient documentation covers the patient’s diagnosis, their medical history, given treatment & care, and many other things accurately.

Paperless Work Process

Paperless work operations enable hospitals, patients, and others to keep all records online to save space, money, and easily transfer the data. It takes less time to maintain the data and boost the security.

Better Productivity

Our mhealth app developers provide healthcare apps that are helpful to raise productivity at hospitals with less effort. It identifies more chances to regulate healthcare spending growth and patient outcomes.

Clinical Care Results

Improved results imitate the impact of the healthcare services on the patient’s health status. It includes three aspects to get improved outcomes that are- quality services, ease, and treatment environment.

Diverse Areas Who Get Benefits with Our healthcare Solutions

Being a top healthcare app development company, SemiDot Infotech aims to provide healthcare IT solutions not only for hospitals but for entire medical staff, doctors, patients, and many others.

Healthcare Institutions
Healthcare Institutions
Life Science Organizations
Life Science Organizations
Individual Doctors
Individual Doctors & Practitioners
Hospitals & Clinics
Hospitals & Clinics
Patient Care
Patient Care
Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical Stores
Medical Stores
Health Insurance
Health Insurance Companies


At our company, we focus on delivering you premium-quality healthcare app solutions to make your business the leading one in the healthcare industry. Our developers provide the essence of uniqueness in the developed ideas and elaborate it with the related features.

Mobile UX Proficiency

While providing mhealth app development services, we ensure to include impressive UX to provide you with responsive and multi-screen solutions that are also easy to use.

Healthcare Domain Understanding

We have experts who have years of experience to develop EHR, hospital & healthcare systems. These systems operate the complete organization and help in daily processes.

Experience in Big Data & BI

Our healthcare app developers have expertise and adeptness in big data & BI and they use it to get back heterogeneous data to custom dashboards available to healthcare providers.

Data Security & Privacy

We are a top healthcare development service provider who ensures full data security and compliance with the industry norms and standards including FDA, HIPAA, and many others.

Full Transparency and Reliability

Client satisfaction and get their trust is our priority and our experts make sure by following heath data privacy norms and executing biometric authentication, SSO, and other things.

Dedicated Working Environment

Being a healthcare application development company, we provide a well-protected and friendly environment to our developers for their productivity and proficiency enhancement.

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To take the confusion out of the air, we decided to make a short list of the most popular FAQs by our clients.

Cost estimation for mobile healthcare app development depends upon various components like app complexity, platforms, features, and many others. However, rough cost estimation will range between $20,000-$1,00,000, but it can vary based on these components.

There are various benefits to get from mobile healthcare software development that provides solutions for real-time and on-demand patient care, enhanced cost efficiency and time, and establish a direct connection between stakeholders.

SemiDot is renowned as a top custom healthcare software development company with an efficient and skilled team of designers and developers. We believe in quality services and have delivered over 300 healthcare apps that are successfully providing services to the healthcare industry.

There are several things to consider while designing and developing a mobile health app. We design the app including responsive and interactive UI/UX designs to help the medical staff to connect better. Our tech-advanced solutions have smooth functioning and the latest features that are beneficial to decrease efforts by healthcare providers.

Our efficient team of healthcare app developers builds all kinds of applications comprising ERP, CRM, patient care, hospital, mhealth, health monitoring, appointment booking, surgery, and many others to provide different services in the healthcare industry.

Skilled developers at our firm comprise cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and chatbots within the built healthcare software solutions to make things easier for patients and healthcare professionals.

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