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Reasons to consider Ruby on Rails development services

Ruby on Rails is a framework based on the iconic Ruby, it is mostly used for building web applications. While Ruby on Rails development services are mostly preferred for web applications of big scale, we know how to make it worth for small businesses too. Ruby on Rails has more than a million advantages and that is the top reason why it's the base for Shopify, SoundCloud, and many more. ROR web development offers massive implementation options, for millions of users who would be using the application. Our top Ruby on Rails developers ensure that they implement your idea just the way you imagined, however, if there is something up for improvement, they make sure to tell you about it.

When RoR was launched people speculated it to be the greatest front-end development framework, and it hasn't let anyone down. People mostly know the basics of RoR, and they tend to ignore the depths it goes to. Being the top-rated ROR development company, and with our extensive experience of working on different domains using RoR, we build the most optimized web app for your business.

At SemiDot, our team of highly skilled RoR developers can help scale the app depending on your requirements and business niche. We believe in transparency, we are the apt Ruby on Rails development company for startups and enterprises in the sectors of SaaS, Fintech, Healthcare, Travel, ecommerce and many more.

Our Ruby on Rails Development Services

As a leading Ruby on Rails web development company, we offer several advanced development services across multiple industries

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Need for RoR Development solutions?

RoR has opened a world of new possibilities for businesses of all scales and niches, and the websites and web apps have only been better than before. Our RoR developers will ensure than everything falls right into place, and the solution we create for you, perfectly fits your business requirement.

Huge platform

Websites will never get old and web apps are catching pace, they are a must, to take your business forward.

New world necessity

Web apps are but a necessity, the finest way to do it is through quality RoR web app development services.


If the web app is built right, no other mobile web platform can be compared to its RoI and possibilities.

Comprehensive solution

Ruby and Rails together create a comprehensive solution, unlike any other web or web app framework.

User satisfaction

Why people love apps developed using RoR is the feel and usability, associated with web apps.


A potential to be used by millions of users on the internet, makes RoR web apps a really cost effective solution.

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Industries We Serve

We have extended our RoR development solutions to a number of businesses, a few of which are listed below:


In SemiDot Infotech, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will guide for best practices depending on the niche of your business.

Technical Knowledge

Our RoR development services mainly focus on creating advanced solutions using cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best-in-class RoR web app solutions at affordable prices so that your business can get an optimal ROI.

Custom Solutions

With precise knowledge of Ruby on Rails development framework, we give you custom RoR web app development services.

Easy Migration

Our expert developers help clients migrate or deploy their RoR web applications to the latest version of this platform.


If you require an NDA, we have no problems with signing one, as in SemiDot, we keep our client’s requirements at the top.

Post-delivery Support

To avoid any post-development issue, we offer three months of free support and maintenance services to our clients.


For tailored app development, immense research is done by our top RoR developers. Here are a few questions which are frequently asked by our clients:

Yes, Ruby on Rails can be used to develop both a simple website, and even a large-scale web application development. ROR can scale very easily and can handle a large user base simultaneously. You can hire RoR developer, having expertise in RoR web app development, to get your dream website developed.

Ruby is a programming language whereas Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that is built over Ruby. When developing with ROR, you can use its built-in libraries to your advantage. RoR is based on the MVC architecture, which means data is isolated from user interface and gives you different views of data.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails have almost similar features, as Ruby is a programming language whereas Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that is built over Ruby. However, when developing with ROR, you can take advantage of its pre-built libraries. That's why most developers prefer ROR as it reduces app development time.

It depends, if you are planning to develop a large-scale application and you want your users to have a good experience, then invariably, you must engage with a Ruby on Rails development company. Also, in a company, you get a whole team of designers, developers, and testers in one place. You do not have to look out for talents separately, which could save a lot of time and money.

Essentially, pure Ruby developers can work with Ruby on Rails, but it's not the other way around. Some developers who learn Rails directly find it hard to solve complex Ruby problems. If you are looking for RoR website development, you can hire RoR developer or a developer having expertise in working with Ruby.

This is a tough one, all these technologies work differently and used to solve different purposes. Based on your business requirements and the type of website you want; you may use any of these technologies for robust and scalable web development.

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