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SemiDot Infotech provides mobility solutions for travel and hospitality businesses. Our developed solutions promise faster & easier operations, smooth planning, and many more benefits.

Top Technologies for Travel & Hospitality Sector

Being a prominent custom software development company, we develop and design compatible hospitality solutions. We integrate advanced technologies into them and provide updated solutions to cope up with the latest trends.



Our developers integrate Blockchain into travel & hospitality web development solutions with the purpose of stable and safe transactions. It facilitates global payments and works as an open-access distributed ledger in the hospitality sector. Blockchain integrated solutions are able to record all the dealings in an open leader that delivers direct payment to vendors. The main motive of these solutions is to reduce the cost of third-party and motivating direct providers to customer interaction.



We are a well-known travel website development company that uses Artificial intelligence to develop solutions as it provides better planning and resource management. It is also used in improved analytics, chatbot assistant, and others. We can say that AI-driven hospitality solutions are used to provide in-person customer services. Alongside the customer service improvements via chatbots, these solutions provide better use of data analytics. It has completely transformed the travel and hospitality industry and their way of operations.



Our tourism software development solutions integrate AR/VR to provide customers with a virtual tour to improve their experience. It also works as a vibrant marketing tool for travel agencies and hotels to get new customers. Isn’t it great, when customers use their mobile devices to easily find out the existing services in a particular hotel? It delivers them a ‘better than ever’ experience and it adds more profit and a large customer base to the hotel’s account.



We have dedicated travel software developers who have specialization in providing solutions integrated with beacon technology. It helps customers with their travel planning, check-in process, and offers them discounts as well. Beacons have the great value & ability to source consumer’s data from their activities, physical locations, personal interests, and time spent, these all provide vast opportunities to target a useful customer base with customized and contextual experience to ensure maximum business growth in minimum time.



IoT technology integrated into hotel software development solutions makes a great combination. It is beneficial in optimizing the customer experience and reducing overall costs. It facilitates the guests with the process of unlocking rooms with their gadgets. In short, it enables customers to have a seamless visit and hotels can also connect themselves with the guests through their personal gadgets. In hospitality sectors, IoT provides a network of machines & devices interrelated via the internet to optimize expenses.

Features to Include in Travel & Hospitality Software Development

  • Sign-Up or Login
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • User Management
  • Manage Complaints
  • Currency Converter
  • Filters & Search Bar
  • Geo-Location
  • Review & Ratings
  • Report & Analytics
  • Service Integration
  • Chatbot Support
  • Weather Prediction
  • Digital Documents Collector
  • SOS Services
  • CMS
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Agent Management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Price Evaluation
  • Language Interpreter
  • Create Travel Itinerary
  • Hot Deals
  • Virtual Tour Guide

Travel software solutions are helping businesses to smoothen their management process.

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Benefits of Our Solutions for Travel & Hospitality Business

Being a hospitality software development company, we build solutions to increase your brand reputation, providing customers a unique experience, speeding up the operations, boosting sales, and many others.

Reputation Management

Brand reputation plays a vital role in increasing customer base. With our efficient travel & hospitality solutions, it will be easy for your marketing team to modify the people’s perspective towards your business and positively influencing them.

Customer Services

We deliver appropriate mobility solutions for hospitality & travel that will cater to all the needs of your customers 24*7. It will also increase your potential customers by providing them high-quality customer services that lead to ultimate satisfaction.

In-expensive Marketing

Days, when you were required to have a big budget and lots of resources to sell your services; are no longer exist. Now you can market your products cost-efficiently to get a better reach of audience, and other benefits via your website or mobile app.

Easy Business Management

With our custom hospitality software development services, it is easier to handle business operations such as documentation, billing & invoices, offer hot deals to attract customers, room management, improved customer services, and so on.

Decrease Operational Cost

Technology embracement into the travel & hospitality solutions has decreased the general operational cost. Optimization of staff training, labor scheduling, inefficiencies identification, and process automation are also helpful in this.

Better Customer Support

Our travel and hospitality web development services facilitate customers round the clock and provide flexible support. It makes the communication between guests and authorities easier that leads to solutions of their queries.

Who Can Get Benefit with Our Travel & Hospitality App?

Being a top travel & hospitality software development company, we develop hospitality solutions that facilitate different sectors and organizations by understanding all types of needs.

Tour operators
Tour operators
Travel Planners
Travel Planners & Management Firms
Motels, Inns & Hotels
Transport Industry
Transport Industry
Travel Food
Travel Food & Restaurants
Government & Tourism
Government & Tourism Ministry
Holiday Rental Homes
Holiday Rental Homes
Hiking & Trekking
Hiking & Trekking Agencies

Why Choose Us for Travel & Hospitality App Development?

Hire SemiDot Infotech to have premium-quality travel & hospitality software development services. Be it hotel booking app development, portal development, travel websites, or other services; our expert developers fulfill all kinds of needs.

Committed Development Team

We have a skilled and experienced team of travel software developers and designers who use all their expertise, knowledge, and years of experience to build outstanding solutions for our valuable clients.

Fast Project Delivery

We deliver all the projects on time or before the time but never make our clients wait for long. Besides that, our developed solutions are always up to the mark with needed features as per your needs.

Services Worldwide

We provide advanced web & mobile app development for hospitality services to clients overseas. Our dedicated team always offers the best services, with dedicated & reliable resources.

NDA Compliant

SemiDot InfoTech believes in providing confidentiality & trust to the clients in terms of project details; hence we sign NDA and follow all the PCI/DSS compliant to encrypt the significant data of clients.

Customized Solutions

Every business has its requirements according to its targeted user base; therefore, we offer them customized solutions compatible to streamline the processes and enhance the progression.

Competitive Cost

We provide feature-rich travel & hotel booking app development solutions at a reasonable cost. Our company has low development cost due to fewer expenses in IT operations.

Flexible Support & Maintenance

We never leave your side even after the development procedure. We provide 24*7 flexible & convenient support and also, maintenance services to our clients so that they will never face any issues.

Consistent Quality

Whatever solution we provide, whether it is travel or restaurant management software solutions, we never compromise with the quality results and serve valuable and excellent products and services.

Latest Tools & Technologies

Our experienced developer’s team always keeps themselves up-to-date with the modern tools & technologies, be it blockchain, AR, VR, etc. We provide our clients highly advanced solutions.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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To take the confusion out of the air, we decided to make a short list of the most popular FAQs by our clients.

The overall cost to develop a travel or hotel booking app will be around $20,000 to $50,000 with its core features. Although, multiple factors can affect this price, such as location, developers, features, technologies, app platform, and others.
We have skilled hospitality software developers who are experts in providing different kinds of solutions including hotel management software, booking software, travel portals, payment management systems, CRMs, document management systems, and many more.
Of course, it is beneficial if you go for hotel booking software development as it will provide you with advanced growth and make the whole booking process easier for your customers. you can manage all the hotel operations through it along with the revenue management.
All the hotel management software solutions, be it websites or app provide a lot of perks that boost the business growth. These benefits include all contractors at one place, customer behavior analytics, increased user support & engagement, enhanced customer loyalty, and many others.
However, there are so many features to integrate into travel & hospitality software solutions but some of the specifics are- currency conversion, hotel & flight booking system, in-built payment gateways, contact option, easy sign-up, and call option.
It is completely based upon the long-term goals, needs of your business, and what type of user base you want to target? If you go for native apps, you will have restricted users, but if you go for hybrid apps, it will help you to reach out to more and more audiences.

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