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AI has completely changed the world. AI development services have gained pace and became quite popular among the masses. They are now being used in many industries like automotive, construction, web development, etc. AI has helped change how businesses work and have played a part in making lives simpler.

SemiDot, being one of the leading AI development companies, helps companies to harness the potential of AI by developing unique web and mobile apps. Our AI experts help turn your vision into reality by using their expertise in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. We have worked for both small-scale and large-scale businesses, who were looking to implement AI solutions into their products. We help develop software solutions that make things easy and help businesses sustain on their own.

We are one of the top-rated AI development companies in the US, and across the globe, offering the advanced set of business automation tools that let you have a refined approach towards the growing business demands. With our master AI solutions, we help in creating intelligent systems that can imitate the human thought process and assist you in the automation of your business processes. Our AI experts are determined to provide you with the best services that make your business stand out from the pool of competitors.

Our AI Development Services

With our years of experience and expertise in AI development, we help businesses stand out from the crowd, and shine brighter than their competitors.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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Why AI Development

Why AI Development?

AI, being the futuristic approach, automates your business's operations to reduce efforts and increase efficiency. Having AI development solutions for your business will not only make it stand out but will increase your ROI. In today's world AI is not a want anymore but has become a necessity for the successful growth of your business.


Machines work continuously without taking any break hence, providing fast and reliable results.


AI solutions work with greater efficiency and precision, leaving no room for mistakes.

Reduces Manpower

AI helps businesses to automate their operations, hence reducing the need for manpower.

Reduces Operation Cost

As automation reduces manpower, it also reduces the operational cost of your business.

Futuristic approach

AI works on algorithms that can predict future opportunities, helping you to make effective decisions.


AI solutions and security go hand in hand, they are the best to keep all your trade secrets.

Our Recent Works

Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Let’s take this growing relationship to the next level.

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Our AI web development and mobile development services are focused on choosing the most suitable parameters of AI software development. Our AI developers use the most efficient and latest technologies to meet your business requirements.

PyTorch PyTorch
Nvidia Caffe Nvidia Caffe
Caffe2 Caffe2
Chainer Chainer
Theano Theano
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
Core ML Core ML
Kurento’s computer vision module Kurento’s computer vision module
Tensorlfow Tensorlfow
Apache MXNet Apache MXNet
Accord.NET Accord.NET
OpenNN OpenNN
Neuroph Neuroph
Sonnet Sonnet
Scikit-learn Scikit-learn
Tensor2Tensor Tensor2Tensor
tf-slim tf-slim

Industries We Serve

We have extended our development services to many vertical of industries, a few of them are mentioned below:


AI requires expertise beyond normal technologies, for its sophisticated nature, that’s exactly where the experience of our developers fit in.


At SemiDot, we keep our clients above all. If our clients want to sign an NDA, we do not have any problems with that.

Least Turnaround Time

Our AI developers have years of experience in creating advanced AI solutions, all within the stipulated timeframe.

Post-delivery Support

We offer 90 days of maintenance and support services to our clients, that too, without charging anything extra.

Dedicated Project Manager

We assign a dedicated project manager to ensure all work is being done according to global standards and with the best quality.

High-performance Solutions

Our high-performance AI solutions help make the functioning of your business easy and reduces the risks involved.

Exclusive Technologies

We have a dedicated team of AI experts, working on the most advanced technologies to offer unique AI solutions for your business.


For tailored app development, immense research is done by our top AI developers.

Since our inception, we humans have strived to make our lives easier and better. We believe, AI will be the epitome of comfort and will better our lives in every way. It will help automate everything which will reduce the time and effort to do any task.
The best AI development companies believe in taking risks, we at SemiDot embrace new technologies to the fullest, no matter the risks involved. We have a dedicated team of AI experts having expertise in working in multiple domains, and have successfully delivered quite a number of projects, and ensured high quality in each of them.
AI is in the early development phase right now; we are sure every single business will benefit from it once it’s in full-fledged development mode. No matter what your business niche is, AI will surely have something to make your business operations smoother. It will help automate the whole process and will make your business operation much easier.
The cost to hire an AI developer will matter on a lot of things considering the vast scale of things AI aids. At SemiDot, we aim to deliver the best services in the most cost-effective manner. To get a clearer idea, you can request a quote here, and we will get back to you with a blueprint.
AI has made our lives much simpler, and so has been the case with businesses. AI development solutions have eased out the operational processes and have also helped businesses to reduce their operational cost, and of course, increase its efficiency and productivity.
At SemiDot, you can hire AI developers having years of expertise in developing a one of a kind AI solution within the timeframe and with the best quality. We understand your business requirements and offer you a solution that is just right for the successful growth and expansion of your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept of having machines that think and work just like actual humans. In other words, performing tasks like reasoning, planning, learning, and understanding language even in the absence of a real human. While no one is expecting parity with human intelligence today or shortly, AI has a significant application in our day to day lives. The brain behind AI is a technology called machine learning, which is designed to make our jobs more comfortable and more productive.

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