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why AI is the future?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all about making machines smarter. Traditionally programming languages allow machines to act in a certain way as programmed however AI can step up and allow machines to make smart decisions. AI is spreading its wings in our day to day life through voice assistants like SIRI, Google now to self-driving cars. While AI outwits humans in almost every cognitive task, the long term goal for AI is to be major problem solver and maybe replace humans in critical tasks so that they can be performed perfectly all the time.

Industries that are using AI right now

Advantages of AI

  • Artificial intelligence can help humans in reducing errors as once properly programmed you can expect the same output every time without the intervention of human errors which sometimes crawls in. A program generally has the same output no matter how many times you run it.
  • Robots and Drones can easily explore hostile environments like space or ocean floors and can provide deeper insight about these environment as they can last longer and flawlessly execute their programming.
  • AI can assist humans in daily tasks through voice assistants etc. or can drive cars for us in near future. In fact some cities are already trying out the self-driven cars with a reasonable amount of success.
  • AI can help in lot in repetitive jobs as humans can do errors in these due to monotonous nature of work, AI is already assisting human beings in mass level production and medical fields as they can even perform surgeries in near future.


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