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Reasons to considerCross platform mobile app development

The low development cost and early market entry are two of the most important facts associated with Cross platform app development. The Cross platform apps we create, are so close to Native, your users won’t even notice the slightest bit of difference, neither in performance nor in optimization.

Cross platforms apps could be everything you want them to be if the developer is capable of using Cross platform app development technologies to the fullest. Moreover, since there is just one app, if made through Cross platform frameworks, the maintenance and testing cost reduces significantly too. Because of all these reasons, the majority of the mobile apps we create for small to medium scale businesses are now Cross platform mobile apps.

Almost every single time, the time to build Cross platform apps, and the cost to build them, were both significantly lower than developing the same app through Native app development. React Native and Flutter are two of the hottest Cross platform app development technologies, and mostly our top choice when considering Cross platform app development technologies. Like we pointed out above, it works for almost every business, but as your requirements would be unique, we would only decide which app development technology would fit your business when you send in your requirements.

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With years of experience in creating various different mobile apps, we ensure your business requirements fit perfectly in the app we create.

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Why Cross platform mobile development

Why Cross platform mobile development?

Cross platform mobile apps are convenient to build and costs much lower when compared to Native apps. You will fulfill all your requirements at a lower cost while compromising at nothing at all. The updates and maintenance also feel like a breeze, when you choose Cross platform app development.

Huge platform

Millions of users look for apps on the AppStore and the Play Store, presence on both is a but a must.

New world necessity

A single app that works on both popular OS, cuts down the time to market entry by a huge margin.


Pre-made libraries are available to create engaging and smoother Cross platform apps.

Comprehensive solution

Cross platform apps make more of an all in one solution when compared to other solutions.

User satisfaction

With the feel being extremely close to Native apps, be assured your users would love your Cross platform app.


A potential to be used by millions of users makes Cross platform apps a very cost-effective solution.

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Industries We Serve

We have an experience of creating Cross platform apps for various industries, you can find a few of them below.

What makes SemiDot the right choice for Cross platform app development

With us, clients are the most important, our team understands that well, you will be treated as prime by everyone in our company.

Cross platform app prototypes

Providing you a top-quality cross-platform prototype will be our first priority, if that’s a part of your requirements.

NDA per your requirements

An NDA might be a necessity for you, we will make arrangements to put that in contract, in case you need one.

Least turnaround time

Least development time for all the apps we create, has always been our USP, it will be the same for your app.

Exclusive Cross platform apps

We can create and implement a Cross platform app that will fit all your business needs, per your requirements.

Post-delivery support

Our app development packages include 3 months of free maintenance and support with every Cross platform app.


Version control is important for both app platforms, it is the only way your app will stay on top of competitor’s.

Dedicated Project manager

We deploy a project manager for every Cross platform app development project, to ensure top quality.

Top security measures

Both the admin panel and the apps are thoroughly checked before delivery, for all sorts of security threats.

High-performance apps

Your customers will get the performance they wished for, with our intricately developed Cross platform apps.


The most asked questions are often the most confusing, let’s clear the air by answering some of them.

While choosing among hybrid, cross-platform, or native apps, you can go for native apps anytime. Though it would cost you higher, it is worth it. Native applications hold improved UI capabilities including preset libraries & customizable interface elements. These are fast & responsive as native apps are developed only for one specific platform. On the other hand, hybrid apps are also cost-effective and consume lease development time.
A different approach is followed per the business requirements, since no two businesses would require an absolutely similar application. The requirement gathering is what helps us get clarity over the businesses’ requirement, and then we proceed to decide the technology which would best suit. Our generalized Cross platform app development process is: Requirement gathering -> Feasibility testing -> Making a Wireframe -> Designing ~ Development -> Testing -> Delivery.

We excel in Flutter, React Native, and PhoneGap for starters, but we have a wing dedicated specially for research on emerging Cross platform mobile development technologies, to always let us stay one step ahead in the Cross platform app development game. The technologies are continually updating and changing, you can trust us over always choosing the best Cross platform tools and technologies for your app.

Yes, we will be fully assisting you in getting it approved by Apple and Google and uploading your app on the respective. Even after uploading your app, our 3 months free support will cover everything that goes through in the app, if there are bugs, we will resolve them, if you took our app development in phases package, we will do the above mentioned steps for every app version we create.

Cross platform app development isn’t a buzzword anymore, it is a need for all small to medium scale businesses. Above all, Cross platform apps have proved to have a higher and faster RoI compared to every other mobile development technology, which matters a lot for small and blooming medium scale businesses.

Our experience speaks for itself through our wide portfolio of Cross platform apps that we worked upon. Our top priority is fulfilling all your business requirements, we take pride in telling you that not a single client of ours’ have ever been dissatisfied with how we served them. You can trust us to use the latest Cross platform app development trends, and always use the latest tools and technologies for developing your app.

This is one of the reasons we created the app development in phases package, it has been hugely popular amongst our clients. You get to decide everything you may want to amend later; we will create the components of the Cross platform in a way that they can be reused, saving a ton of time and money. Apart from this package, we will absolutely help you if you choose to amend your app later, we offer a 90 days free maintenance service, which is extendable per your choice.

Our Cross platform developers are especially skilled to test the apps in all the ways a hacker tries to break it. Thanks to many of our developers being hired from the world’s top hackathons, we can assure you no loose ends would be left in your app. As an addition to creating a robust app, we also completely secure the backend you would use at your office, for maximum end to end security and reliability.

The first step would be to select the platform you are targeting, the most popular ones are iOS and Android. If you are looking for presence on both, and are on a budget, there is nothing better than a Cross platform app. But it may be too difficult to tell you what would be best for your business unless we thoroughly check your business requirements. Send in your requirements and we can consult you about the mobile development technology which would be the best fit.

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