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why React JS for front-end Applications?

React is a flexible JavaScript library for building creative user interfaces. It’s basically a view layer and can work with other JS as well. React JS solves some of the age old problems for front-end programmers by providing a flexible view layer which can render over server side as well. It is very fast and scalable and enjoys a big and active developer community. React JS is on the rise and it’s the best time to integrate it in your web applications.

Advantages of React JS

  • In React JS, it’s easy to know how a component is rendered, you can just analyze the render function.
  • React JS seamlessly integrates with tools like Jest and its very QA friendly.
  • Due to its concise coding, it’s easy to analyze and maintain.
  • React JS provides the flexibility of rendering over the server-side as well.
  • Basically React JS is just a view layer so it can seamlessly be integrated with other popular JS like Angular, Node etc.

React JSToolkit

Below are our current toolkit for React JS which materialises your ideas into a reality.
Beside these, Project managers and QA are involved throughout the span of the project.