End-to-End Fintech Software Development Services

SemiDot Infotech provides leading-edge fintech software development services to help people to modify the way they pay, purchase, & invest, and understanding how the financial sector works?

Trending Technologies integrated with Fintech Apps

SemiDot Infotech has expert finance & banking app developers who excel in providing fintech solutions integrated with progressive technologies. We provide these solutions to get a better ROI and decreased market time along with the digital transformation of services.



We integrate Blockchain in our developed fintech app solutions to provide smooth, safe, and trustworthy financial services at a high level. Our developers build extremely low-priced solutions that improve settlement efficiency and decrease the spam and fraud risk. These blockchain-integrated solutions are effective in times of environmental crises to do most of the fund’s transactions within countries in less time with the help of a decentralized financial network.



Being a well-known mobile banking app development company, we integrate chatbots to help the banks to save their operational cost and provide real-time customer satisfaction. It is helpful in decision-making and accelerates the processes. Chatbots have eradicated the long queues of people as they get their work done via consulting with an expert without comprising their safety. 85% of the customers prefer the chatbot services despite stepping out from their home.


AI and BI

Our financial software developers deliver solutions with AI and BI for banks, so that they can have quick and correct detailed data analytics. It detects frauds and predicts the market situation while increasing customer satisfaction. Financial organizations implement these solutions for predicting the company value through market multiples, financial analysis data points, growth predictions, economic indicators, and all. These AI-enabled fintech solutions use compute vision to boost intelligent automation for image processing & recognition, and object detection.

Big Data

Big Data

We provide financial software development services combined with big data technology and customized business analytics solutions. These both provide help in managing the risk, fraud prevention, and fast filling of governing compliances. Despite that, big data solutions are helpful for financial sectors to generate a digital log of analysed potential bugs, customer’s banking activities, and deliver smooth support. Data management & forecasting are also easier with these products or services depending on the customer’s spending behaviour individually.

Imposing Features of Our Developed Fintech Solutions

  • Secure Sign-Up & Login
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Payment Arrangement
  • Virtual Card Addition
  • Add Loyalty Programs
  • Data Analytics
  • Security & Compliance
  • Banking Lead Controlling
  • Mobile CRM
  • Real-Time Money Transfer
  • Notifications/Alert
  • Link Bank Accounts
  • AI Personalization
  • Robo-Advisor
  • KYC Platforms
  • Data Analytics
  • Instant Cash Transfer
  • Managing Portfolio
  • Loan & Tax Calculator
  • 2D & 3D Report Tax Options
  • Bill & Invoices
  • Geolocation Tracking
  • OCR Integration
  • Chatbot Services

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Major Benefits of Our Fintech Software Solution

Being a prominent banking & financial software development company, we ensure to add cutting-edge technologies in our built solutions to stay ahead in both evolution and quality. The financial sector is getting a lot of benefits from our delivered solutions.

Performance Optimization

We provide amazing financial software development services that are beneficial for business performance optimization by providing better cash management and payment process automation. Our provided fintech solutions also help in profitable growth and optimized outcomes.

Reduce Operational Cost

Decreased operational costs in the financial sector are the result of our built fintech solutions combined with AI and business intelligence. Operational cost reduction is possible with the automated administrative procedures and strategic approaches execution in the banking sector.

Enhanced Productivity

We are a renowned Fintech app development company that delivers efficient & effective solutions with improved digital services to increase productivity. These services provide a better customer experience for productivity enhancement and maximizing profit.

New Customer Acquisition

Our Fintech app development services improve customer engagement that led to customer acquisition & retention. From stock-trading apps to Robo-advisors, we are providing strategies into each solution to retain the existing customers and getting new ones too.

Paperless Work

Be it automated bill and invoice processes, or cash management, our provided fintech solutions have covered all the elements that decrease the manual working as well as implement the paperless work. Paperless banking is now possible with digitization and remote services.

Improved Sales

Being a top-notch financial software company, we provide new opportunities and user-friendly processes into our solutions to improve sales. Impressive and responsive UX and fast & secure operations help in attracting the customers and enhancing their loyalty.

Who Can Get Benefit with Our Fintech App Solution?

SemiDot InfoTech provides impressive and efficient fintech web design & development solutions with rich features that are compatible with the present economic conditions and provide amazing benefits to multiple organizations.

Accounting Company
Accounting Company
Money Lenders
Money Lenders
Insurance Firms
Insurance Firms
Stock Brokers
Stock Brokers
Large-Scale Enterprises
Esteemed Clients
Esteemed Clients
Small-To-Midsized Businesses

What makes us the Best Financial Software Development Company?

We are known as a leading financial software development company that has a partnership with large-sized and small businesses worldwide. Our fintech software developers always provide quality fintech solutions with amazing UI/UX and innovative technologies for mobile and web.

Agile Development Approach

Our skilled fintech developers use the agile approach as it provides support to the entire team to handle impulsiveness and increment via iterative work strokes and pragmatic responses and reviews.

FinTech Expertise Team

You can hire fintech app developers from us to have efficient solutions with the best technology stack that evolves consistently, are adaptable to the rapid market fluctuations, and business goals.

Remittance & Payments

We have fintech developers who excel in providing apps that are helpful to make payments as well as a remittance. Through it, it is very easy for you to transfer the funds within the country or internationally.


Being a prominent fintech development company, we provide a collaborative and unified environment to our developers for IT operations so that they can deliver high-quality solutions.

Security & Scalability

Our expert developers have rich experience in developing scalable, safe, and robust fintech solutions that help the entire financial sector for the increased revenue, and customer-focused procedures.

Bug-free Sprints

Being a top fintech software development company, we never compromise in providing excellent creations without any error to our clients. We test the built solution properly and then hand it over to you.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your fintech software development needs.

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To take the confusion out of the air, we decided to make a short list of the most popular FAQs by our clients.

Gradually, the banking and financial sector is becoming the most valued and ground-breaking sector for the economy. We can envision that soon the collaboration of fintech apps with the most advanced technologies like AI, AR, Blockchain, and others will offer an unlimited experience to all their customers.
Yes, you should. Start-ups need to integrate their finance business with the mobile app to get a large base of end-users. With the help of an effective solution built by a top Finance App Development Company, you can improve in sales, market planning, customer services, user engagement, revenue, and many more.
The cost to create the best-in-class finance or banking app with basic features will range between $30,000 and $50,000. If you want to have a complex functionality app with advanced features, then you will have cost variation. The overall cost will be also dependent upon included features, app type, and functionality.
Being a banking software development company, we provide efficient and top-class banking & finance solutions with lots of advantages. Some of it does include personalized services, lower prices, fast accessibility, high speed, and more security.
The time consumed in developing a fintech app entirely depends upon the team composition and app complexity. It may take time of three to five months or sometimes, six to seven or six to nine months. It relies upon the situations and states around it.
Be it banking or money transfer app development services, we include major programming languages like Python, Java, and .Net. Our smart contract developers use solidity languages, whereas, in blockchain projects, we mostly prefer Java, Go, Python, Scala, C++, and Ruby.

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