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Decentralized Application Services

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finacial daps


Financial Dapps can assist international money transfer with the power of decentralized blockchain.

crypto clone

Crypto Kitties Clone

Crypto kitties game built over Ethereum is the most successful implementation of Dapps till now.

decentlization gaming

Decentralized Gaming

The Gaming industry can take advantage of Dapps by keeping achievements over the blockchain marketplace.

wallet integration

Wallet Browser Integration

Many popular cryptocurrecncy wallets like Metamask are browser integrated as applications.

mobile integration

Dapps Mobile Integration

Dapps market is now shifting its focus to the smartphone market as most action is happening in this domain.

support blockchain

Support for Private Blockchain

We can develop a private blockchain for you as per your organization's requirements and needs.

Features of Dapps
  • dao dapps
  • Tamperproof dapps
  • fault torrent dapps
    Features of
  • anti Censorship dapps
    Above Censorship
  • Increased trustability
  • fair distribuation
    Well defined Roles


For tailored app development, immense research is done by our top Dapps developers.

Can I run Dapps on a private blockchain?

You can run Dapps on a private blockchain, but first, you are going to need a private blockchain. We excel in creating a blockchain for different business niches and can build specific Dapps which work on your private blockchain.

What will be the cost to Hire Dapps developers?

Dapps can offer anything from being able to take in 100 users to a million users, it depends on your business requirements. Mostly the ones which are built for a lesser number of the user comes at less price and those with more scalability comes with a higher price.

What tools and technologies you use during Dapps development?

Various languages are being tested for making new world Dapps, but Solidity still remains the finest. There have been new tools being developed almost every other day. We currently work on different platforms and technologies including Tendermint, BLockstack, and Parity, and Truffle for developing Dapps.

Why choose Semidot for blockchain Dapps development?

Our expert blockchain developers have been working in blockchain since its inception in 2009, their experience in blockchain technology is incomparably high compared to the competition. Choose Semidot for blockchain Dapps development to get a custom decentralized app tailor-made for your requirements.

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