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Flutter, Google's UI toolkit, is one of the most popular technologies these days to create outstanding native-looking apps for both mobile and desktops. It is known for its extraordinary capabilities when it comes to cross-platform app development. Flutter is immensely loved by developers all over the world to create highly scalable, robust, and interactive apps that offer native user experience. With its Hot Reload feature, Flutter offers an agile app development process. Unlike other cross-platform apps, Flutter is based on layered architecture, which facilitates developers to create fully customized apps for your mobiles and desktops, based on your business requirements.

SemiDot is a renowned Flutter app development company, known to create, involving apps, for a variety of businesses. We have a dedicated team of accredited Flutter app developers who have been working in this industry for more than a decade now. With a large variety of libraries and modules available, our Flutter developers have created a large number of functional and feature-rich apps for both small-scale and large-scale businesses. Seeing so many benefits, this UI kit offers, the demand for Flutter app development services is quite high in the market.

We have a highly focused team of experts who are determined to offer high-quality Flutter app development services to take your business a step forward. If you are planning to expand your business via apps, hire Flutter app developers now.

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In our years of experience of creating both cross platform and Native mobile apps, Flutter is a one of a kind technology, which can be used for developing all scales of apps.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire SemiDot Infotech, you get a reliable partner for all your software development needs.

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Why Flutter application development

Why Flutter application development?

Flutter has proved its mettle in more than one ways, the most important ones are, its elaborate cross platform app development interface, and its beautiful UI components. Flutter is a beautiful way of creating an app that works on both platforms, saving a lot of time and money when compared to Native apps.

Huge platform

Cross platform apps can work on both the App Store and the Play Store, combining presence on both.

New world necessity

Faster app development is a big necessity, made possible with ease using Flutter app development services.


The beautiful components and UI of apps made by Flutter make them much more engaging.

Comprehensive solution

Apps made using Flutter makes more of an all in one solution, when compared to other mobile solutions.

User satisfaction

The reason why people love apps developed using Flutter is the native feel associated with them.


Both the cost and time to develop an app are reduced if you use Flutter, as you would need to code less.

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Some of the esteemed projects we worked upon, to give you a glimpse of the way we work.

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Industries We Serve

Our Flutter app developers’ expertise extends to many popular industries, you can find a few of them below.

What makes SemiDot the right choice for Flutter app development

Understanding the clients’ requirements is the very basic step towards developing a great Flutter app, along with our experience playing a key element in it.

Exclusive prototypes

Creating app prototypes for both Android and iOS is something that we excel in doing, in the app development space.

NDA as per your requirements

NDA isn’t a worry, if you need one, you get one. We have signed a lot in the past and have no problems with signing one.

Least turnaround time

Along with the advantages of Flutter app development services, our development strategy will be focused on reducing app development time.

Exclusive Cross platform apps

We can create and implement a Flutter app that fits all your business needs, customized just the way you require.

Post-delivery support

Our app development packages include three months of free maintenance services with every Cross platform app.


Our app development packages include 3 months of free maintenance with every Flutter app that we develop.


Questions are integral to every new partnership, here are the most popular ones.

When we consider Cross platform development technologies, there are a lot of technologies available, choosing the right one is one of the most important factors. A lot of factors come into play when tagging a company, a top Flutter app development company, per our clients, it was our approach towards their project, the right choice of development technology, and the expertise of our team, that they loved the most about us.

Yes, it is certainly possible to modify the application after development. Since we have already created it, we assure you the time, and cost to do that, would be a bare minimum. If you are certain that you will need to modify it after launch, we have an app development in phases package, in which components are made to be reusable.

Flutter is a growing and emerging technology, the core experts like ours have seen everything that has changed to Flutter since it’s inception. Overall, it does matter to hire Flutter developers who are experts in Cross platform app development, as it can get really complicated when you are planning to get a scalable app developed.

Yes, we will analyze the project details, and help you with the scaling part too. We know how Flutter has gained popularity recently, but only after evaluating your project, we can tell the best technology that would be suited to your project’s app development in particular.

Our expert flutter app developers would get your app ready in no time, and you will be paying the lowest rates for this, compared to our competitors. Quality work and lowest prices are our motto, we will ensure you leave much more satisfied and enthusiastic about the future of your project once you start working with us.

The cost to develop a Flutter app varies on a lot of factors, and it is really out of the scope of FAQs. To get a custom estimate per your business requirement, you can send them in, and we will let you know the estimated cost in less than 24 hours. This service is completely free of cost, and you need not worry about anything at all, while availing it.

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